a kez
Anyone know if she’s supporting Corbyn this week?
Goodness me, they must be perfect.
Yep, well, that’s what we thought, Ken, but Mrs May knows better.
Funny how the elderly readership of the Mail hark back to the good old days when they were young. The Tories are going to grant them their wish…rickets anyone?
Nothing about the bins, or education, or roads or libraries or housing…?
A tory win
And 22.5% is, as we all know, a resounding win.
EASTER fox hunts, EASTER killing and tearing to pieces by hounds.  EASTER!!
We’ve not had a “Strong and Stable” all of this post. Has anyone read the rest of Mein Kampf?
Your choice.
Doesn’t hurt to remind them sometimes.
Proud record.
Are we president
Bless her. There she is with all these ordinary people, being strong and stable all over the place.



33 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. And yet this utterly incompetent woman will be returned with a bigger majority. I guess sit helps when msm are on your side and you control the BBC. It helps that the biggest country by population is either true blue or pretty servile. And of course the Scottish Tories will win here – they could even get up to 10 seats which is obviously a majority out of 59. Sigh.

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    1. Oh no no no. They are openly talking ( up ) of getting 13 or 15 seats. Anything less than that will clearly be a shock defeat. So don’t you belittle Ruth Harrison’s chances. 15 out of 59 seats, why that’s 25.4% of them. And as you will see if you Google the 2015 election results, David Cameron managed to get 36.9% of the 66.4% turnout – which was only 24.5% of the electorate. So 25.4% of the seats will obviously be a notional victory and prove that Scotland doesn’t want independence, and that Ruth can just take over Bute House right away.

      They set the bar at 15. Its up to them to loup it.

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      1. Lately, I’ve been trying to emphasise that the Tories can’t even claim to fully represent the Leave vote in percentage terms, never mind absolute numbers.

        Leave – 1,018,322 – 38% of turnout.
        Tories – 478,073 – 25% of turnout.

        They had 500-525,000 at Holyrood last year and 434,000 at the previous general election. I’ll eat some kind of headgear if they rise past 600k in June. For a sense of proportion, Labour got 700,000 votes in 2015!

        The tricky thing is that the SNP will probably not get near 1,450,000 this time.

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        1. Truth is that you can’t go on being re-elected year and year after yeah.. and The SNP has been in power in Scotland for 10 years. That’s pretty spectacular for a party against which the system was rigged.

          How that affects independence, I’m not sure. There are many labour voters who are for indy; there are Greens; there are even a few Tories/Liberals who are for it.


    2. If we could manage to get the 18-25s out to vote, it would make all the difference though. She might only get a couple of seats, although clearly, that would be a fantastic win.


  2. That would seem to fit with what I reckon.
    1. Every claim made by a Tory means the opposite is true.
    2. Everything a Tory accuses someone else of is what they are doing themselves.
    3. Any screaming headline by a tabloid means the opposite is true.
    4. Only stories which can be twisted to denigrateScotland and the SNP will get airtime on the BBC.

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  3. Agree with getting the youth vote out.. Through the letterbox this morning came the Tory double page spread full of the mooth and the resa and a whole pile of headlines stuck in for effect..
    Brings to mind the press previews on sky and the beeb,
    Choose the news with the correct skews,
    and foist it on the masses with biased views..
    Wish we could counter this with an even more hard hitting anti-tory message, getting it to every house in Scotland, the postie brought the one this morning so I guess it is a question of finance, however we have numbers on the ground that I’m sure would give a big effort on this.
    Or how about one of those parody music videos, like the Queen- ‘I want o break free’ one the yes movement did in 2014, except this time, The Whae? We canny get ‘con’ned again.. Thatcher imagery morphing into May… Bejesus I’m scaring masel noo..

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    1. It’s frightening.

      Every young person we meet, we should be telling. If you don;t vote, you get what your grandparents voted for. Now you may love them very much, but would you let them choose you clothes, hairstyle, music, furniture?


      Then why let them choose your government?

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  4. the choice is clear …..transparently not

    committed to the living wage well there you go problem solved
    and of course the snp would do a lot more on the living wage
    but being forcibly stopped by the wicked denizens (not the cuddly
    snpMPs) of Westmonster.


      1. tris best you read yer own postings then
        At the bottom of the snp list of alternative facts
        It states ,committed to the living wage ,
        Still it’s asking a lot to expect snp placemen
        to fact check the literature given to them by
        Their snp masters.

        And I notice how the nats gang up on me attack
        Me as deranged not caring if this vicious attack
        Causes me so much emotional stress I could throw
        Messef under a passing Bentley

        I’m too grand for death by passing bus

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        1. Well, the SNP is committed to a living wage. I don;t see your issue.

          Now, Niko. I need you to promise me that you won;t throw yourself under Munguin’s Bentley. You have no idea how much sleep he would lose (and how, therefore I would suffer) if you did… and in doing so occasioned any damage to his vehicle.

          So I appreciate it’s a bit of a big ask… but, a bus would really be more convenient…

          Nah… I’m only joking. If you really feel you need to, just do it. Munguin can always get another Bentley.


  5. Part of her majority are the Irish MPs. Given the Remain vote in NI and the effects of a hard border, how much would she have been able to rely on them?

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  6. Theresa May can win this election on English votes alone. I had a marginal idea that Jeremy Corbyn could pull back this hard right, near fascist vote in England. Sadly it seems that that is impossible.

    So England will win this election, bar an unexpected disaster for Theresa May. I am no Christian, or person of any religious persuasion, but sometimes you just need to pray…..

    We have to be prepared to fight, politically speaking, to remove her foul politics from our country.

    I would be interested if others agreed with me that the SNP and Green manifestos should make this election a referendum election? In the sense that if they won the majority of seats they would have a mandate for another election. Personally, I don’t think that that would be too hard to do. I also think we might win it.

    I know that that is disagreeable to some nationalists, but this is about a genuine parting of the ways.

    Scotland and England have very, very, little in common.

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    1. I definately think that the Greens and SNP should put a referendum in their manifestos.

      Let’s be honest, if people don;t want a referendum, then they can vote for the Tories and all that that will mean for them.

      Some hard to understand stuff though. Everywhere Corbyn goes, tens of thousands turn out to see him. Everywhere May goes a few dozen people turn out, mostly shouting abuse.

      May refuses to involve herself with ordinary people. Corbyn is right there with Joe and Jo.

      I’ve never met anyone who said they like May. I’ve met many who think Corbyn is a great guy, sadly misguided on the Scottish question.

      Why is that fearful inrticulate incompetent in front?


  7. Rephrase that before the Unionists, who are completely free of racism, because they are Unionists, are allowed to make the trivial point that my row is with Conservatives and Westminster,
    though the percentage of English voters that vote Conservative is not a particularily convincing argument to the contrary.

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  8. Trying to catch up between leafleting and canvassing, and I don’t like what I would term as defeatist talk about how many, or how few seats the tories might get in the forthcoming General Election.
    O.K, so maybe folk are just being what they would say is taking a pragmatic stance, or possibly preparing themselves for the possibility that the S.N.P may not get as many seats as they did in 2015.
    Fair enough, but locally we are determined that they won’t get within a country mile of taking our seat. Sure, we are finding a few former Labour voters switching to them, no, me neither, but too few to make any difference.
    So chins up, just over three weeks to go in what is an entirely unnecessary election, but one we are going to win, and win decisively.

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