Eilean Donan suffers a catastrophic drought…

…or maybe the tide just went out for a bit?

adaily mail

The Daily Mail informs us that food prices are likely to rocket because of the drought. Or at least that is how they will explain how much more food is costing thanks to the value of sterling against the Euro and the Dollar.

Of course, the prolonged dry weather has presented farmers with problems and yes, it is probable that more food will have to be imported (at a greater cost because of the poor value of the pound).

However, the dear old Daily Mail gets it seriously wrong when it comes to Eilean Donan Castle which they use to illustrate how bad the drought is, using one photograph purporting to have been taken last July, and one taken this year. Oh, intrepid Daily Mail photographer venturing THAT far north.

But all is not as it seems.

You see…(taken from Wikipedia) “Eilean Donan (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Donnain) is a small tidal island where three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland. A picturesque castle that frequently appears in photographs, film and television dominates the island, which lies about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the village of Dornie. Since the castle’s restoration in the early 20th century, a footbridge has connected the island to the mainland”.

The clues are in “tidal island” and “sea lochs”.

So, dear old Daily Mail, unhappily, twice a day, every day, for as long as anyone can remember and before, the castle has suffered a drought… and happily, twice and day, every day, for as long as anyone can remember and yes, even before, water has been restored.

Ya set of roasters.

39 thoughts on “Eilean Donan suffers a catastrophic drought…”

  1. Awe bless.

    They obviously have never encountered such a thing as a TIDE before.

    This must be quite a shock for those Muppets that sit in their Ivory tower in London constant;y putting Scotland down.

    I can see tomorrow’s headline now … ” Scots are too stupid to control their tidal lochs.” LOL

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    1. They shovel out any old garbage without doing a simple check.

      Prices are going up because of the drought. It is nothing at all in any way, shape or form to do with Brexit.

      Got that?

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  2. If you meet a ever meet a random Malaysian, and show him/her a picture of Eileen Donan Castle, he/she would most likely say he/she has seen the castle before. One would think a professional organisation in the UK would have known better.

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    1. And probably a random Australian, Icelander or Chilean, too. It’s kinda known all over the world. But not in London, it seems. Oh well, I guess we are talking about the Daily Mail here.


  3. With most profound apologies to Longfellow:

    The tide rises, the tide falls,

    Mail hack; from the pub crawls,

    Editor says – research the drought,

    Hack obeys – although with a pout,

    Google searches – breaks a nail,

    Curses and swears – does it in Braille,

    The tide rises, the tide falls,

    Much the same, the Mail prints balls.

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    1. They should stick to being hacks though because a career in the navy is definitely out.

      I saw the twice daily drought at Burntisland beach today. Do you think it’s worth an article in the Fife Free Press?

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  4. A few years ago this level of ‘news’ creation might have been considered just a bit ridiculous and funny but the Referendums have taught, me at least, there is a deadly ignorance in the newspapers, and among most politicians.
    The lazy or deliberately misinforming journalism that fed the Brexit Ref leading to disastrous consequences, was matched by the lazy and mis-informing non-debates in Westminster among the politicians. Apart from the SNP MP’s arguments the whole process drifted through Parliament, then a year after the vote ‘opposition’ MPs demand debate, demand a say, demand a vote before the final ‘deal’, and all because they were going through their days with their heads up their arses, paying no attention. They are not going to get any of their asks. They rubber-stamped too much of the preceding actions.
    This is deadly ignorance in two ways: the economy and lives of people in Britain are going to be directly and physically affected. Increasing hunger, suicide and family disruption due to financial wrecking, work based depression.
    The second deadly effect is partly from the recent past and the next debacles that will involve wars. I’m now certain that the decisions to go to war will be on the same level of ignorance and disregard as happened with Brexit. There are no great brains and deep thinkers at work in 10 Downing Street, just opportunist politicians.
    These are backed by a Westminster, near empty when the lives of thousands are about to be ruined, packed to the doors when MP’s pay rises are being decided.
    We can do better.

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    1. Bang on post.
      It’s scary how stupid most of them are, and it is terrifying that Downing Street is peopled by such incompetents, and liars.

      The press is forth rate. In this particular case, did no one know, or did they think that none of their readers would know? Is it an acknowledgement that prices will go up and it is far better to blame the weather than Brexit?

      I’m astounded at the vacuousness of the prime minister, her ministers and of parliament.

      I’ve never been a huge fan of Britain, but we used to be better than this.


  5. tris and other ne’er do wells(conan etc )
    I see the Torygraph and Der Sturmer have provided
    a unbiased Economic analysis of the Communist

    The Daily Mail and the Telegraph claimed their analysis of Labour’s spending plans revealed it would cost £93bn, or £4,000 per family, though the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has put the overall figure at £55bn.


    One is exceedingly grateful for having our eyes opened by these bastions
    of the free press well apart from the paywall…
    why what would happen without guidance from our msm
    ( conan speaks Freedom perhaps ! he spake! )

    a QUOTE From Marx seems appropriate hear !

    “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well I have others.”

    ― Groucho Marx

    Well known but indubitably true for Tory scum

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    1. “And Theresa came to them and spake unto them, saying, All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and in that bit north of it called Scotland.”

      “Go ye then and teach them to obey all things Tory I command thee, for I shall be with thee, lo unto even the end of the decade.”

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    2. I wonder what the Tory manifesto will cost, Niko.

      You know, they inherited a debt of somewhere aroun £800 billion, and they have more than doubled it in 7 years. It’s heading relentlessly for £2 trillion.

      And yet they have sold everything that was worth anything, and cut everything that was decent.

      They have warned that Brexit will be so expensive that they will have to cut more. So probably in another 7 years’ time, when they will still be in power the debt will be £4 trillion?

      I think Groucho was a bit more fun than Karl.


    1. LOL. True Mike.

      SNP policies causing floods… Well, why not? UKIP wanted to blame the floods in Somerset on the Tories’ equal marriage act.

      Only a matter of time…


  6. I’m just surprised that the Mail didn’t try to blame the lack of water on the SNP or claim it as another ‘blow for Sturgeon’.

    The words fascist and faeces are pretty similar in appearance and meaning.

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    1. Lanark

      snpBAD created drought umm ! I like your thinking
      vote Tory and rain will fall freely upon Scotland.
      Mind they will then privatise it and make vast profits
      from the thirsty parched Scots……If allowed

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  7. A wee bitty O/T, but talking about Lochs, yesterday evening I sat down to have a meal and switched on the telly to find the quiz show ‘Pointless’ doing a series of questions related to words with different meanings and spellings BUT SOUNDING THE SAME. The question I came in on was “a word which in Gaelic or Scottish means Lake, and a word for a mechanism which secures a window or door”. Well, of course, as we all know the words are ‘Loch’ and ‘Lock’ which as every self-respecting Scottish person knows are both pronounced LOCK! The telly nearly went out the window (again), but I switched channels instead as I am old, and need alternative entertainment options when the weather’s dodgy.

    Ignorance, I suppose, is bliss, but when you’re producing a TV programme you really should know better.

    Some years ago, I used to visit a website which catered for a lifelong hobby and people from all over the world contributed. There were always interesting and informative contributions and friendly banter. There was, like most sites, an off-topic section and it so happened there was a serious drought in southern England. You won’t be surprised to know that a number of contributors thought it quite acceptable to just build pipelines from Scotland south to supply the water needed as ‘they have plenty up there’. No question of checking with the natives first, just move in and take. Is it ignorance or an entitlement thing?

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    1. I saw that too, same reaction.
      They’d love to steal our water, they’ve already stole our oil, and our fishing grounds are going to be hawked to the lowest bidder; again.

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    2. Corker. Lock, loch… too, two, to… etc
      It has recently been proposed again that Scotland should supply water for England. I seem to recall that Wales supplies, or used to supply, the Midlands.

      But in Scotland water is a common commodity. We own it, through our government owned company. In England it is a free for all private enterprise.

      I seriously don;t see them getting it for free so that they can make a profit out of it.


    1. Bless them.

      Mind it seem a little unreasonable to concentrate of their lack of understanding of matters watery.

      They don’t seem to know much about economics or anything else, either though to be fair.


    1. I tried to take the tour and nothing happened. 😦

      I’m not sure though, I don;t know if they will have a trade deal with you after they become all alone in the world. Unloved and insignificant.


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