Sometimes, when you hear about some of the things this woman does and says, and you wonder how she gets through a morning, never mind a whole day.


If I were PM and I felt the need to make an allegation of corruption about the SNP, or any other party,  I’d make absolutely certain that I had documentary evidence to hand, so that the moment the claim was contested, I could provide said evidence to back up my allegations.

The fact that the Tories seem unable to provide a shred of evidence and that Nicola Sturgeon (a lawyer) has refuted the claim, suggests to me that it is false.

How silly was that? Still, as they say, a lie can travel a thousand miles before the truth has got its boots on, and she has a compliant media to ensure that that happens.

And this is the person who, if we don’t wise up VERY soon and vote her out, will be leading negotiations on the most important change in our lives in 40 years. And worse, she will be up against intelligent, educated trained people who actually know what they are talking about. What chance does she have with Davis, Johnson, and the disgraced ex-defence minister, Fox?


CPS confirms: UK electoral law unenforcable. While labour movement accounts for every penny, billionaires can buy any election they want.



Incidentally, “all the major parties and the Scottish nationalists (sic)”? OK, obviously to the English prime minister, the SNP is not a major party, it doesn’t stand in her country so it has no representatives at all there. But in OUR united kingdom (an expression of which she is overly fond), it is the third largest party in parliament so May would have been correct, by English standards, to say “BOTH the major parties and the Scottish Nationalists”, but not “ALL the major parties…”

Just a small point but either she thought she was being clever (not something I’d immediately associate with her, and if she was trying it,  it failed and came out as snide and stupid), or she is so England-centric that she doesn’t really see anything much past Surrey. Either is possible.




  1. Not too surprised by the CPS’ decision. Of course she’s Anglocentric, she’s a Tory.
    The Tory election manifesto has been leaked too, it’s entitled:
    “Wrong and Fable”.

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    1. Nor me, Jim. I expected it. But it is so brazen. How many police forces thought it was viable, and yet the CPS said no.?

      Was there a threat somewhere to cut funding?

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      1. Check the 2015 to 2017 Birthday and New Year honours lists.

        1 member of CPS made a Knight Commander of the Bath Order
        2 members of CPS made Commanders of the British Empire
        3 members of CPS made Members of the British Empire

        It stinks. It all stinks to high heaven.

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      2. Well, to be fair, the guy who got made a Bath Night Commander is Keir Starmer. If that name seems familiar, it’s because he became a MP in 2015 and is currently serving as Labour’s shadow Brexit minister.

        So really, we should be looking at his successor(and the current incumbent) as the Director of Public Prosecutions. That person is currently Alison Saunders, CB. That means she’s a Companion of the Bath and no doubt will get bumped up soon enough.

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  2. Could not be done without the compliance of HM press and broadcaster.
    I often wonder if the right wing media in England came first or does it truly represent the views of the electorate?
    Chicken and egg.
    Fake news from a fake PM,leader of a fake democratic political party in a fake country,except the real effects will be felt here in Scotland where their fake economic policies continue to bite.
    Those in Scotland who put red white and blue before principles are responsible for much of this fantasy politics because,without their support,much of this nonsense would not be possible.

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    1. Your first sentence says it all bringiton. The main news item on all the print and broadcast media this morning should be, ” Prime Minister tells an outright lie”.
      Some hope. Just imagine the furore if Nicola, not that she ever would, came out with a similar unfounded allegation. The M.S.M would be all over it like a rash, demanding that she resign, and never letting us forget it, ever.
      As for the ” no prosecutions” decision by the C.P.S, did any of us on this side of the fence really expect any other outcome? Oh, the token sacrificial lamb, I believe the Tory in South Thanet, may eventually fall, but that will only happen, if ever, long after the forthcoming General Election.
      We started campaigning last weekend and so far the results have been positive, but what will it take to convince more of the electorate that we have been played for fools for hundreds of years by a Westminster establishment determined to hold us fast, not because they love us, but because we are a cash-cow they cannot afford to lose, especially with the looming economic disaster of Brexit.


    2. It’s weird.

      I’m trying to think of one positive thing to say about her, and I’m lost.

      I just can’t think of one quality. She was a useless home secretary who failed at almost everything she did; she switched overnight from saying that leaving the EU would be a disaster to that it was the best thing ever. She’s a dreadful public speaker. She made a fool of herself with the orange-faced Idiot. She is an utterly charisma-free zone. Her staff don’t seem to like her. Her policies to pay for Brexit seem to be, “hurt the poor”.

      But Dacre and the Daily Mail like her, and for as long as she can out Ukip Ukip, the Daily Diana does too.

      So, they seem to form public opinion a least among the elderly.

      Once again we have to implore the young to get out and vote.


  3. Obviously we have had suspicions about the Electoral Commission in Scotland before now. But this is just par for the course nowadays. The BBC is a state propagandist. The Electoral Commission is toothless. The UK is run as just a corrupt oligarchy as we have been told Russia is. Its fine for a politician to lie, a Party Manifesto is a work of fiction, and the UK is a mere pastiche of a democracy.

    The greatest shame is that so very many people buy into this. Decades of manipulation and “conditioning” have brought us here. You cannot trust anything that anyone in authority says. But I’m afraid I doubt the sheeple here will ever vote to fix this. We are in for perhaps 2 decades of poor government, classic “British” economic incompetence, continued emigration from Scotland, and my own country going down with the ship – having smashed the liferafts in 2014.

    Maybe we should just give up. Our efforts might be better aimed at personal enrichment, every man for himself, and forget trying to make Scotland a better place.

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    1. Not on your life david. I’m far nearer the end of my life than the beginning, and I for one a’int giving up. I will campaign to my last for an independent Scotland, not for me, but for my great-grandchildren, so at least they will be able to live their lives in an independent country.

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      1. Me too Alex. It is not for us, it is for our children and grandchildren that we fight this battle.

        Absolutely agree with your sentiments.

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    2. Well, I agree with what you say, but I won’t give up because I can’t imagine being beaten by someone as 3rd rate as Theresa May. Being bettered by someone clever would be irritating. By someone stupid, just humiliating.

      I don;t think we should allow ourselves to be humiliated by her.

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      1. That Theresa May is a tad third rate is a given. I won’t give up as long as you keep writing here. Your supporters are heading towards the 2000.

        Best wishes.

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  4. With regards to the CPS fawning at the feet of the Tories Tris you may find this interesting.

    You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

    I’ve just posted this over on Wings but think it is equally relevant here.

    I know the F.M. is not a candidate and Feartie McFearite made her comments about the SNP and not an individual but perhaps a certain Patrick McLoughlin’s comments still hold water.

    “People should be aware that making false claims about a candidate’s personal character and conduct is an electoral offence, as well as being defamatory.”

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    1. Yes. I guess the courts would look at it in the same way that they did with Liar Carmichael. Technically he didn’t break the law, but as the judges said, he was clearly a liar and a cheat and so he could pay his own costs.

      She’s such an incompetent stupid person. I fear for us all if she is reelected.


  5. Just a wee point.
    Wasnt Snackbeard Aka Fluffy.
    Also under investigation.

    If so shouldn’t Police Scotland be the investigating body.

    Then the procurator fiscal dept would make the decision whether to go for prosecution.

    Pretty sure, but have seen nothing since the original allegations.

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    1. I’m not sure what happened to Fluffy. I’d not think that Mayhem would have any influence with the PF.

      Maybe he’s still squirming. It would be funny if he was the only one to cop it. But I have a feeling the case against him was dubious… I mean I don’t think anyone important supported his reelection. Maybe Rape Clause Ruth…


  6. Oh! Mad mental rape clause Ruth! That Ruth Davidson, whom the Scottish electorate, are going to gather behind as an act of feminism and solidarity with women everywhere.

    That Ruth Davidson?

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  7. SNP rebuked by our fishermen, spinning desperately as they see their NE hegemony crumbling. Scotland is fighting back against SNP misrule.

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      1. A Scotland which no longer suffers the hypocrisy of the likes of Weir, who stand for election on a party platform which would bring us back into the CFP all the while signing pledges in his constituency promising the opposite.

        We need honest politics, and a focus on the real issues. For that we need to remove the SNPs obsessive antics over separation. They’ve failed on education, healthcare, policing, farm payments (now they want the state to replace parents as ‘state guardians’). Enough. Time to reject the nats, and put fishermen, school kids, parents, Scots people & their needs first ahead of reckless and uncertain separation addictions.

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        1. Ha ha ha … honest politics?

          From the lying cheating Tories?

          So when are we going to get the £350 million a week into our health services?


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