…She wants to bring back fox hunting




This makes my flesh creep. It won’t happen in Scotland, at least not under the current government.

But don’t you think this one of the things that, now that it is banned, you wonder why on earth it was ever allowed?


A bit like royalty and aristos.  If we got rid of them, it would be out of the question to bring them back. I think we should hunt THEM with dogs…see how they like it.


Just how could you?



48 thoughts on “TALLY BLOODY HO!”

  1. Tris
    Hunting the poor and vulnerable is obviously not enough for the Tories and the Murdo Fraser’s of the world. It is a disgusting and horrific act, it will lose them votes and shows many of them for what they are. Cameron thought about it and bottled it once he found out that many Tories would vote against, that might still be the case as it would be a free vote, but I suppose Labour might abstain on a Tory vote, they usually do. Charles Windsor probably told them to do it as his kids can’t hunt elephants any more for the bad publicity.


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    1. Apparently she’s always been for it.

      Another thing that doesn’t sit well with being a devoted Christian she says she is.

      I hope it bites her on the backside.

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    1. Don’t they dip their fingers in teh foxes’ blood and mark each others’ faces with it?

      Something sick like that.

      It actually makes me feel physically nauseous.

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  2. Fox Hunt, a new knockabout comedy of errors starring Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt. Due to a hilarious mix-up at the labour exchange the hapless duo end up working as cabinet ministers. It’s their job to steer the UK through a difficult period of legislative overhaul but they haven’t a clue what they’re doing! They win they day by dredging up the idea of bringing back fox hunting after a charming foreigner yelled “foxing hunt” at them. Coming soon to a cinema near you.

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  3. I never really got all the horse riding and fox chasing thing,followed by a good olde dismemberment of the subject by the hounds.
    Probably not much different from the thrashing,fagging activities encouraged in the schools of the empire and much aspired to by those who wannabe.
    We should encourage the new Tory councillors in working class areas to arrange for a weekly hunt through the estates to let the voters see what it is that they have voted for.
    Tally Ho!

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  4. I believe in devolution, thus I respect England’s rights to legislate as it wishes on fox hunting laws.

    Pity the SNP don’t and have made a point of interfering in English only issues, while demanding zero interference in Scottish issues.


    Meanwhile we’ve just learned about the collapsing literacy rates in Scotland. This is what happens when you have a Scottish gov’t obsessed with which flag flies over Glasgow city chambers rather than governing for our kids futures.

    We really need to boot out the SNP shower.

    First the PISA scores collapsed. Then unfilled teaching vacancies revealed. Now literacy rates heading downward.The SNP have failed our kids.

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    1. to say, for any reason, that Psychopaths on horses with a pack of dogs. hunting an innocent animal an ripping it to shreds is acceptable just because other blood thirsty psychopaths, who happen to live in england, vote for it is stupid enough.. It also shows the level of mentaility us non-psychopaths are dealing wth. To then bring the SNP rant into it?? Have a word with yersel pal

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    2. Dean never disappoints, a walking talking Tory Boy, complete with a Louis Vuitton wallet full of fifties a Dunhill lighter and an empathy bypass.

      It is indeed, a pity that one country in this raddled old union of ours interferes in the legislation of another; take the Scotland Bill (the clue is in the name, Dean) where 120 amendments to it were lodged by MPs from Scotland. Voted down by English MPs who didn’t even attend the debate…

      The Times Educational Supplement published an article, “Is PISA Fundamentally Flawed?” by William Stewart. In the article many and varied academics questioned its validity. Who brought in the test? Michal fucking Gove…

      Seems using any means possible to “prove” SNP BAD is OK with Dean.

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    3. Happily elsewhere in OUR united kingdom as that woman keeps calling it, education is flourishing. Indeed so good is it that universities can charge the highest fees in the world, and schools are achieving those results by sending out monthly begging letters to the parents.

      I have to say I’d very much prefer that we had absolutely nothing to do with English legislation, and that is now the case wih the speaker deciding what items Scottish MPs can vote on. However, it is regrettable that the Conservatives want to hold on to so much of Scottish legislation, presumably in order to justify paying Fluffy and his aristo colleague such a lot of money.

      Thr English really need to boot these Tories out. Failed education, failed health, failed environment. In fact can anyone think of something they have succeeded with.

      Oh yes, foreign relations. Holding hands with Trump; embracing Netanyahu, chummy with Salman and doing business with Erdogan.


    4. Note however that when literacy standards were declining(as they have seemingly been doing for the last 40 years) under a Tory government, it was all the fault of the teachers – and most Scottish teachers will be well aware that that would be the case again if Ruth D were FM.

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      1. It’s an interesting point that we could argue that education all over the Uk has declined. As you say literacy has declined, arithmetical skills have declined… and it is always the fault of the teachers, until they can pin it on the SNP, in which case, of course the teachers become downtrodden poor souls at the mercy of these fiendish political masters.


  5. Dean,

    By your ‘logic’ as Scotland is a minor part of the Greater Britannia, who’s to say that May’s loved of murdering foxes won’t be a reserved power in the New Britain 2.0?

    She want’s a blank cheque, and fools seem only too happy to hand it to her.

    I trust Tories about as much as folk in the Soviet Union trusted Beria.

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  6. Just to add, the folk that have utterly lost the plot are the Tories.

    Spitfires and Hurricanes are in the past. This is not 1940.

    A peaceful EU, there has not been one military attack by one member on another since the Iron and Steel Community was set up, is a pretty precious thing.

    Y’know, for personal survival, etc, etc.

    For most big wars have been started by Europeans, though the Japanese are not entirely free from blame.

    And the brain dead Theresa, I think that that is a reasonable definition of Ms May, suddenly has in her cabinet, folk that want to go to war with Spain? Returning to the ‘brain dead’ analogy, why are these lunatics still in her cabinet? Why is an idiotic Prime Minister triangulating between lunatics? Why is she not sacking them?

    Do share.

    And that subriquet, ‘European’ includes your beloved Brits. Biggest fools on the planet.

    ‘The War of Jenkins Ear’ ring a bell?

    It doesn’t for Jenkins.

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      1. Or a deaf ear 🙂

        “They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot
        With a pink hotel *, a boutique
        And a swinging hot spot

        Don’t it always seem to go
        That you don’t know what you’ve got
        Till it’s gone
        They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot

        They took all the trees
        Put ’em in a tree museum *
        And they charged the people
        A dollar and a half just to see ’em

        Don’t it always seem to go
        That you don’t know what you’ve got
        Till it’s gone
        They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot

        Hey farmer farmer
        Put away that DDT * now
        Give me spots on my apples
        But leave me the birds and the bees

        Don’t it always seem to go
        That you don’t know what you’ve got
        Till it’s gone
        They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot

        Late last night
        I heard the screen door slam
        And a big yellow taxi
        Took away my old man

        Don’t it always seem to go
        That you don’t know what you’ve got
        Till it’s gone
        They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot

        They paved paradise
        And put up a parking lot”

        That is the Tories. And our good friend Dean.

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    1. Douglas: LOL, poor old Jenkins.

      I have to say that I don’t often agree with Cameron, but he warned before the referendum of the possible consequences of Brexit.

      I didn’t think that Britain leaving would cause a war, but if the domino effect that some predicted had come, or still comes to pass, I can see that war would be an inevitable part of the future.


    1. I am saying, in a semi-civilized manner, that I think Dean has a lot of that learning stuff to do. At the moment, he and two thick short planks have a lot in common.


      1. To be fair to Dean, he has experimented with other parties.

        He was associated with Labour, and labour for independence and then the Liberals before going back to the Tories.

        We never persuaded him to give the SNP or Greens a go though.


  7. Maybe fox hunting is just a symptom of a larger English disease. I’ve always thought that any objective analysis of history, with particular attention to the British empire, the remaking of the map of the world after WWI, and more generally the history of two world wars, leads inescapably to the conclusion that very nearly every problem in the world today is the fault of the English (or the British if you prefer.) This seems to me literally true, and not simply a metaphor about the days of empire, although I suppose that modern political correctness probably requires that even the most ardent SNP supporter of an independent Scotland for example would have to be careful to proclaim that he doesn’t actually hate the English people. But I would ask why not, since history seems to show conclusively that the English are in fact a bloody, violent, domineering people whose sole interest for much of history has been to conquer, rape and pillage the world and its peoples. For centuries, what the English didn’t consume or destroy among the world’s resources, they stole for the British Museum.

    I don’t know why Americans don’t seem to genuinely hate the English, given our revolutionary history. And why don’t the Welsh and the Scots have the same visceral hatred for England that the Irish generally do? I only know a few people of relatively recent Irish descent, but pretty much every one of them hates the English with a passion.

    I also have a few Canadian friends who will jabber endlessly about how Canada is a democratic republic, and they say they just LOVE the “Queen of Canada.” I point out to them that monarchy is an abomination and that they are in denial about it. That the price they paid for not joining the revolution is to still be enslaved by the English monarchy, never having enjoyed the satisfaction of shooting a lot of their soldiers before putting them in boats and telling them not to return.

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    1. Errata: When referring to the Canadian government, I of course meant to say “democratic monarchy” rather than “democratic republic.”

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    2. Well, in honesty and without a single bit of political correctness, I can say that I don’t hate the English.

      The ills of many of the countries of the world can be laid at the feet of Europeans. I suspect that the Brits may have been slightly ahead of the French in this, but there were others too. The Belgians, for example, small though they were, managed to make the crimes of the Brits (or French) look small by comparison. King Leopold was evil incarnate.

      There are few places where Europeans haven’t poked their ignorant noses and ruined the life of the indigenous population. Clearly they left some good things behind in some places. They built railways the better to plunder the countries. They taught the locals corruption, which has stood them in good stead in today’s word. Of course they taught them English, and no one can argue that that is an asset in a world dominated by the English speaking USA.

      Were the English worse than the rest? I don’t really know.Probably not. They, like all European, were utterly assured of their superiority over everyone else. So sure they knew better. Clearly of course, they rarely did.

      So all over the world there are wars and dissatisfaction left behind by the Brits and the French. (For sure the Scots and the Welsh were involved in all this.)

      Of course in recent years the Americans have added their inexpertise to the mix, having virtually taken over UK foreign policy in return for letting the Brits pretend that they still matter at least a little.

      Most ordinary English people seem to me to be pretty much similar to other Europeans. (I lived in England as a child for 12 years.) It’s the ruling classes in England that are repugnant. Not the ordinary Joe. The system stinks. And none of them have any interest in having it changed, because it suits them very nicely to live in the 19th century. (Except for Jacob Rees Mogg, who lives contentedly in the 18th century and stands up when he hears God Save the Queen, even if he is in the bath. Now there’s a thought!!!)

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      1. I don’t hate the English and I think it’s wrong to judge the past using the standards of the present, regardless of how repugnant it all seems now. I also don’t see the point in getting into who did what in yesteryear. It’s what is happening now that counts and how we can make the best of it.

        Our quest for independence must be based on having our own identity and culture and our right to self determination in a democracy. Let’s not get caught up in what the greedy bastards did behind us, let’s concentrate on the greedy bastards in front of us.


  8. “I don’t know why Americans don’t seem to genuinely hate the English, given our revolutionary history. And why don’t the Welsh and the Scots have the same visceral hatred for England that the Irish generally do? I only know a few people of relatively recent Irish descent, but pretty much every one of them hates the English with a passion.”

    I don’t, exactly hate the English with a passion, I do, however hate Westminster.

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    1. Good comments! I guess I have a less forgiving nature. Holding a historical grudge for at least a thousand years works better for me. As for a generally more forgiving American view than mine, what can I say? The Americans are simply by nature a humble peaceful people. 😉

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      1. Yes dc, or as we would say, I’m pulling your leg……LOL.

        The Canadian colonials learned to get along with King and Parliament, and are still quite happy with their monarchy. On the other hand, the Americans to the south addressed their differences with Britain by shooting at the King’s army. A more typical American approach to things. 😉

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  9. Danny,

    Point taken. Quite why the Canadians are so subservient, I do not know.

    Wasn’t your White House turned a shade black at one point in time?

    Though, being serious, breaking away from the rump UK was a great thing to do.

    Your direction of travel since then has been a tad suspect. You could have been better.

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    1. @ DC……Many thanks. I appreciate your comments. Yes, the British army blackened the White House considerably when they burned the place in 1814 (along with most other public buildings in Washington including the Capitol.) When the entire interior of the White House (with its rotten wooden framing) was gutted and rebuilt with steel framing in 1949-52, only the original stone walls were retained…….including some inconspicuous blackened areas which (back to the rebuilding of 1815-17) have never been painted white in order to preserve some of the historic scorch marks of the fire. 🙂


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