41 thoughts on “ARE YOU PROUD TO BE BRITISH?”

  1. Tris

    This truly is becoming a scary third world country. What kind of decent country has to live like this. Opposition politicians and the media should be screaming about this everyday but they are not, it has become the norm and unbelievably people in Scotland are voting Tory scumbags, some people have no shame.

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    1. I’d love someone to get hold of May and grill her on this kind of thing.

      We know mistakes happen, but they should happen infrequently. This woman has had a mix up with child credits and now she is sanctioned for missing an appointment when her kid is in a hospital with a life-threatening illness.

      For heaven’s sake. What kind of people are we to allow this?

      Why did this happen, Theresa? Are you content that it has happened? What are you going to do to stop it happening again? Or is this woman going to be targetted every few months with your ‘operation hate the poor’? How does “strong and stable government” (a phrase used by Hitler in “Mein Kampf” to describe his regime) prevent this kind of horror?

      Still, we have nukes, so everything is fine.

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  2. We really live in a trashy country that is becoming more like a 3rd world one given the gaps between rich and poor, and the diminishing public sector replaced by private business living off public money. The government in Edinburgh has shielded us from much of the damage being done in England, but this can’t continue indefinitely. If the Conservatives win in June and if we do not vote for independence, much worse awaits us. Westminster took revenge for the nearness of the vote in the last Independence Referendum and the impudence of 45% of Scots. Can we imagine the degree of revenge they will wreak if the next Independence Referendum chooses No? Shudder.

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    1. It’s starting to be really serious.

      And more cuts are on the way.

      Clearly cut don;t actually do anything for the economy as it seems to get worse and worse. But the Tories now are doing what Churchill wouldn’t have dared to in 1950. Dismantling the welfare state.

      As you say, Edinburgh has shielded us for the worst excesses, but as the screw tightens to pay for a messed up Brexit, and make the rich even richer (apparently the VERY VERY rich will profit from Brexit) life is just going to get worse and worse.

      If we are stupid enough to stay with the UK,w e’ll deserve all that is coming to us.

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  3. We fully expect the nasty party to behave in a nasty way but what about Labour voters who have decided to support them?
    They are the real disgrace,selling out their “principles”,if they ever had any,for a red white and blue flag.
    A vote for the Tories is a vote for the end of the welfare state and any pretence of a caring society.
    Those who have benefitted most from having a society in the first place and social policies which support people in time of need,should have a very hard look in the mirror and see what sort of people they have become.
    A complete disgrace.

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    1. Well some people think that a red while and blue flag will keep them warm when it’s cold and fed when they are hungry.

      They appear to want strong and stable mayhem.

      Mr May will force Cameron’s Big Society on us. It will be “help the poorer or step across their corpses”.


    2. I was out of internet range over the weekend and one of the guys there, a good friend, got pretty irate with me when I suggested that labour unionists would defect to the Tories rather than risk independence. That will never happen he stated quite vehemently. He is a highly educated professional person but he just cannot see the case for independence. He’s also a very good cook.

      Humble pie was his dish of the day when we got the Sunday papers though. He had never thought it possible and I think it kind of nudged him our way a bit.

      To be in a situation where people are so afraid of an outcome, in this case Independence, that they will completely prostitute their principles is very concerning. It suggests that some of the unionist side is starting to feel cornered and I fear the possible consequences of this.

      I don’t think it’s too stating the bleeding obvious to suggest that this could spill onto the streets at some point and it would take very little retaliation from our side for it to get very messy indeed. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

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      1. Well, I hope it won;t come to that too, Greig12.

        We’ve fought a long and hard battle and never a riot, never any violence.

        It would he horrific if it started now. But people do feel REALLY strongly about the hideous way the UK is going. And some are desperately frightened of what unbridled Tory rule would do for those who aren’t “such as those”.

        Add to the mix the nutters on the hard right… Britain First, BNP, OO, UKIP, parts of the Tory Party…

        The things start to go horribly wrong with Brexit and they introduce yet more austerity for us, and not for them…

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    1. I suppose it was bound to happen.

      Those who can afford it will get good health care. Those who can’t won’t.

      We are protected just now, but Jeremy is going hell for leather at destroying the ENHS. I doubt while we are tied to the great empire, we won;t be able to rsist it forever.


    1. Oh yes. When we were in it, most stuff was blamed on the EU. Now everything will definitely be their fault.

      Treating Britain shamelessly, not bending over to make our Brexit experience the best thing since Henry VIII.


  4. Nothing about me is British,I’m Scottish and European it is a total embarrassment to be associated with British in any of its nazi forms

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  5. In answer to your question. No.

    The poor are getting kicked while the rich line their pockets on the backs of the less fortunate.

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  6. Third world countries are treating their poor better than we are being treated here and I agree with all the comments made here Mayhem will cause exactly that with even more venom towards Scotland TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR US

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    1. Let’s hope we pull it off this time.

      We need to get out before all the constraints of the EU have gone adn we’re left to the none too tender mercies of Mayhem and her motley crew of hard right nutjobs UKIP, BNP and OO rejects…


  7. I am sorry Tris but I can no longer hold back any longer. I have come close in the past to letting rip, sweary words and all, but managed to restrain myself … somewhat. However not any more. I am sick to the back teeth of Feartie McfeckinFeartie and Scaredie McfeckinScaredie going on about Strong and feckin Stable and NO 2nd Referendum.

    Well Tris they can both take their Strong and feckin Stable and stickin where the sun don’t feckin shine and when they’re finished repeat the exercise with their NO 2nd referendum shite!

    Thanks to Feartie McfeckinFearite we have:

    Sanction where people are DYING!
    Sanctions where people are STARVING!
    upwards of 900 disabled people are LOSING their disability vehicles a WEEK
    Scaredie McfeckinScaredie pushes Fearie McfeckinFeartie’s RAPE CLAUSE
    law abiding immigrants are DEPORTED
    homelessness is on the RISE
    food bank numbers are on the RISE
    numbers of people using food banks are on the RISE
    number of suicides are on the RISE
    E.U. nationals are under threat of DEPORTATION thanks to Feartie McfeckinFearite and her BREXIT
    UK nationals living in Europe are at their wits end not knowing where they will be after BREXIT
    threat of bombing SYRIA without passing vote in WM
    NO money for Women’s PENSIONS
    NO money for SOCIAL CARE
    NO money for SOCIAL HOUSING
    CUTS in Corporation Tax
    NO expense spared to renovate largest council house in London
    PAY RISE for numptie humptie bumbtie in largest council house in London
    PLENTY money for Middle East WARS
    PLENTY money for TRIDENT

    There are plenty more but I’ve had enough Tris so I’ll just leave these here.

    rant over!

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      1. Ask your mate Dean. I’ve been giving him some food for thought. I don’t think he goes in for TRUTH much. Likes to live in a phantom tory fairyland where only good things happen and tories are wonderful people with a social conscience.

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    1. I agree with that. It’s the only good thing Britain did was fighting Adolf (although they keep it quiet that the Russians did most of the fighting and Hitler himself didn’t want to fight Britain because he admired the Empire).

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    2. Yes. They did that with the help of many …most especially the Soviets… only to get a hard right wing government whose only policy seems to be taken from Hitler’s handbook.

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  8. Oh, by the way, I had these charmers canvassing at my door last night. Short exchange went as follows –

    Tory-‘are you aware of the election next month? ‘

    Me – yes

    Tory – have you made up your mind on how you are going to vote?

    Me – yes

    Tory – are you going to vote for the Conservatives?

    Me – No

    At this point the previously polite man’s smile vanished and he said with a growl,’ So you support independence then’ and marched off. I called after him that I did.
    Strangely he didn’t think I was Labour or LibDem.

    I wish now I had said that I wouldn’t vote for them because I have a shred of humanity. (And support independence).

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    1. Ha ha ha ha.

      I wish they would come here. I’d invite them in for a coffee and ask them to explain ALL their horrific policies.

      But they won’t. Not sure they even have a candidate. But if they do (s)he won’t risk coming here. It’s not Tory friendly territory, and the YES stickers, Scottish flags and SNP posters will discourage any stray Tory.


    2. If they come my way and they ask if I shall vote Tory, I’ll say that it will depend on their policies. I’ll ask what they plan for Scotland. . Do they intend to privatise NHS as in England. Will they continue to stop people coming to Scotland though we need them etc. Extremely unlikely that they’ll convince me but should be fun. I’ll keep them talking as long as possible..
      Better take the SNP poster down from the window first

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  9. We have truly sunk to the level of Idi Amin. The “United” Kingdom, by any measurement of ethics, has sunk to a banana republic, and will probably do so in living standards too, if we remain part of it.

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