Conan sent me this… It’s Monty, looking at Monty, erm, looking at Monty.
Gerry was up at Stonehaven this weekend and sent these two pics.
Dunno about anywhere else, but we have had fantastic weather these last few days…




  1. I do love Conan’s dog.

    And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a metal lighthouse.

    The beach picture and reference to fine weather brought to mind European-minded Scotland and the issue of nude beaches. European debauchery is famous of course, but are there any in Scotland? Somehow I can’t imagine the Church of Scotland allowing it. There are some in America if you know where to look. In crazy left wing California of course, but other states too. (I can’t imagine nude beaches in England either.)


    1. Ah Danny. It’s rarely warm enough to hit the beaches nude in Scotland. Crazy California has the weather … we don’t. However, I found this article for you and was absolutely amazed to find out that there is such a beach less than a handful of kilometres from Dundee. Kinshaldy Beach is just across the river from us. It’s a lovely beach with fantastic forests as its backdrop. I’ve been there a few times but never seen anyone even vaguely undressed.

      I see that there is one on the Island of Arran. I can’t imagine it ever being warm enough there either, and if you think the Church of Scotland is a tad Po-Faced, they look positively joyous next to the Free Church of Scotland which holds sway in the islands.


      1. Tris…..Those religious people in the islands do have a reputation. Have they finally outlawed the public hangings there for people who do not attend Sunday services? 😉

        It does appear that Scotland is fairly well equipped with nude beaches. But some of the directions are a little complicated, and it seems that one might take a wrong turn and end up at the wrong beach……or the wrong PART of a beach….LOL.

        Along those lines, you may recall what happened to Niles on an episode of Frasier:

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    1. I have a very happy one thanks Niko.
      Early retirement, no mortgage, six grandbairns three of whom I look after almost daily, my dogs, and the dogs of my children to play with, a (now) beautiful garden I’m writing this in (I’m sitting in the patio which was the dogs run about ten days ago) in an area which which has wonderful walks twenty five minutes away from Princes St.

      I’m about to set off for a lunchtime session in the pub with some good friends(anyone who posts on here invited btw), and I’ll be coming home to a barbecue in the late afternoon.

      Three years ago I’d be in one of the high rises in Leith dealing with junkies, jakies and Hibs supporters (kidding John) being stressed out of my eyeballs.

      So Niko, I do have a life, thanks.

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      1. Conan

        Only look after three our is five we have twice a week
        During school time and some occasionally at weekend.

        Never noticed you in Leith …

        No Mortgage ? Me brother put house on market £420000
        Done a quick calculation between six of us we have around
        1.75 million in property Probably more All bought a long time ago
        You know the bad days of old Labour wherein the ordinary
        Worker could buy a property.

        Our children let alone our grandchildren could not buy
        Our house …..what went wrong…?????

        They have to wait to inherit and cash them in spose
        That means the future barring dementia care truly
        belongs to them


        1. I’ve often wondered what is so great about owning a house?

          There was nothing wrong with renting. And unless you ahve a very steady job, with no breaks and never have a sertious illness, I suppose it’s good for the kids to come into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

          It will be a short term thing though.

          Soon only the very rich will own their own houses.


      2. Niko,

        Early retirement, mortgage until I’m 92.


        No cares or worries.

        Except a burning desire to see the back of Westminster and Eton.

        How was Eton for you?

        And I do also have a happy life, usually.

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  2. I was a librarian. Got fed up with that, became Community Safety.
    Dealt with a lot of annoying wee nyaffs along the way, in both capacities.
    Can’t remember an wee unionist Bob Hoskins lookalike though…

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  3. Often heard Hibs supporters talk of a Community Safety Officer who would tell them to GTF in Latin!
    PS: My niece has a dog called Monty!

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  4. After being forced into early ‘retirement’ I find I’m busier than ever. Not like me to go off topic but I see that my wee local restaurant “North Harbour Bistro” won two awards in the Scotland Food Awards in Edinburgh yesterday! I’ll be sorry to leave the brilliant George and his staff!

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  5. Yup, mortgaged until I am 92. Ridiculous I know. Still, the capital in the property appears to be appreciating quite quickly and the debt is going down, slowly.

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