OK. So according to Dean, the Daily Express and even some of the real press along with the BBC, the Tories won a victory on Thursday, and Scotland said no to independence, presumably preferring to be “strong and stable” with Brexit May and her chaotic bunch of clueless ministers. (Any bets on who will have to go after her election win?)

But, to be fair, the Tories did very well by their standards in Scotland. Since the days of Thatcher, they have been poison here. Playing down the “Conservative” name, the utter chaos of the Labour Party (for which the priority seems to be internecine warfare and voting along with whatever the government comes up with) and failing to talk about any actual policies except SNP BAAAAAD, have played well for them.



They made the election about the Union and about being “strong and stable”, whatever that actually means. (Seriously does anyone see Theresa May as being either strong or stable, or indeed anything other than a rather silly woman who sells weapons to Saudi, while ranting that NT left “Easter” out of their egg competition?) They made it about visceral hatred of the SNP, of independence, of the Greens, of Scotland as anything other than a region… So much so that none of us has any idea what their policies for local government are, although I’m pretty sure we can guess. As they don’t actually control any councils, at least we are sure that whatever they stand for will be tempered by decency and humanity.

And to an extent, it worked for them.


But the truth, of course, is that the SNP had a great night.

1.  The SNP won the election nationally, with the largest number of councillors and the highest vote share of any party.
2.  They’ve won more councillors, with 431 elected compared to 425 in 2012.
3.  The SNP is now the largest group in 16 of 32 councils.
4.  The SNP has ended almost 40 years of Labour control in Glasgow, becoming the largest party in the city for the first time.
5.  The SNP are now the largest party in Scotland’s four largest cities: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.
a tory brit

And so now we move to the general election which in England they will fight on “strong and stable” leadership as they come out of Europe leaving chaos in their wake. In Scotland, they will fight on a “strong and stable” leadership for the union.

I’m not expecting to hear much about how some police officers and nurses are reliant upon Food Banks to feed their families, the sale of the NHS to Virgin, Tory electoral fraud, 40,000 deaths caused by pollution, war in the Middle East, abysmal trains, potholed roads, reduced pension, rising prices, thousands of deaths as a result of corruption in ATOS and their likes, sanctions, black hole in the incompetent Defence Minister’s budget, Mrs May’s closest, well, only,  friends, Trump, Erdogan, Netanyahu, and Salman… etc, etc.

aTory brit

Oh dear, no.

Oh, and this is interesting…


      1. My apologies PP, I had tweeted the result, posted on the campaign f/b page and txt’d everyone I could think of, forgot about the blog! 😳

        Anyhoo, I was saying to Tris that it allows me to get on with Plan A.


  1. It’s unbelievable how the BBC are reporting the Scottish election results. I think they can’t get worse and then they do.

    It only makes me more determined to fight for independence.

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      1. Looking for footie results on teletext, I had to switch on BBC Parliament but nice surprise a recording of May 3rd at Brussels with the chief negotiator (a Dutchman, I think) and also a top EU lawyer/professor from Portugal. The negotiator said top priority is the residence status of Eu nationals in UK and UK nationals in other EU countries. The professor said there would be no problem with Scotland and Northern Ireland staying in the EU while England/Wales left since this has already happened with Denmark and Greenland. The firms wanting access to The other 27 countries would have to relocate north and north west, however, all decisions and problems would be solved through London since Holyrood and Stormont have no legal status. Back to the negotiator, the bill for leaving, he said, would definitely have to be paid simce it was impossible that the 27 would pick up the bill. I watched from about 7 pm Saturday evening.

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  2. The problem is you are talking about winning
    Elections in which the snp have various patriotic

    Whereas in a straight forward yes or no referendum
    The snp separationists face the combined (unwillingly)
    Force of the entire patriotic Scottish people’s who support
    Our glorious Union with the United Kingdom.

    Who in the game of referendum % ensure the
    snp will now and for all eternity never achieve
    The the voting outcome they imagine.

    Although for very many snp office holders who
    have their noses in the nations trough and their
    Grasping hands in the public purse.
    Are more than content with the Status quo

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    1. Indeed Niko, those easily influenced by heavy handed propaganda from the British establishment won it for the ridiculously named “Better Together” party last time.
      As for your last paragraph, the only party in Scotland that’s actively changing the status quo; is accused of wishing to keep it…


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    2. If you want your taxes to be used for weapons of mass destruction, nuclear submarines to carry them useless aircraft carriers, foreign aircraft to use them. Also to fight wars in other counties on America’s say so then vote for unionist parties. If you wish them to be spent the N.H.S., education, infrastructure and local services vote for independence parties.

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    3. Seriously, Niko, how can you be content with this chaotic mess? I mean you may think Scotland is too wee and too poor and too stupid, that’s your prerogative, but is May any better? And their ghastly new laws and yet more austerity?

      Care to name any names of the people you accuse of having their noses in the trough?


  3. Just so we are all clear we are reading from the same page Tris here is the “Strong and Stable” Feartie and McFeartie keeps going on about.

    I always knew that the Undertaker business was doing all right, even during Porky’s and Feartie McFeartie’s Austerity years but obviously they feel now is not the time to cut back on advertising. 😂

    In terms of wondering what mathematical formula was used by the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation (formerly known as BBC 😉 ) a copy of the extremely complex has in fact been leaked. I attach a copy of the formula here.

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  4. Perhaps we could have ‘stable and strong’ as an exciting new message half way into the campaign.

    Y’know, ‘strong and stable’ only takes you so far. A re-branding to ‘stable and strong’ will make all the difference.


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  5. I believe the BBCs net -7 figure for the SNP relates to the boundary changes. It’s sensible (I think) practice if there are boundary changes to base the comparison with the previous election had it been fought on the newer boundaries. Otherwise you aren’t comparing like with like.

    But the key defence of the SNP is two-fold and I think flawed.

    1. The Tory resurgence came at the expense of Labour, not the SNP.

    This claim is manifestly untrue if you check out the swings in Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Angus. In these places the statistics show Tory gains at SNP expense. The SNP are losing ground in the rural North East, and they need to realise this if they’re to confront their challenges there.

    2. SNP advanced.

    In terms of vote share 2012 and 2017 locals, the SNP at best plateaued nationally. John Curtice writes an interesting analytical explanation here:

    Indeed there seems to be a new reality: SNP are still winning, but they’re winning less well. This points to a loss of political momentum, facing off against (for the first time in a decade) a serious political opposition. This is reflected in (impressive) Nat gains in Glasgow (still falling short of overall control, their goal) and Edinburgh (their Edin leader called failing to take overall control “disappointing”) at the same time as falling back in the NE, East Renfrew & Stirling.

    I’d say a mixed bag for the SNP, real progress for Ruth’s darlings & the political momentum has shifted from Nat to Tory.

    Good for SNP: they can now have a better idea where to target their resources in 5 weeks time (Local Elections indicate where the Tory resurgence is coming from).

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      1. Very frightening, and possibly illegal because they didn’t declare it.

        I think that the courts would hold that that was a point of interest to the public that they are members of such a divisive organisation.

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  6. It can be done. We are very fortunate in our constituency to have brilliant campaign team, well organised, and as a result we have won every election/referendum in recent years.
    This time around we increased our S.N.P councillors in numbers from six to nine. And while it will be big ask to repeat the General Election result of 2015, with a good strategy, and plenty of willing volunteers ( a large turnout yesterday was encouraging) to get our message across, it can be done.
    How many times have we seen headlines on the M.S.M, B.B.C, and other broadcasters, proclaiming the death throes of not only the S.N.P, but the Scottish Independence movement in general. Don’t fall for their insidious propaganda. It’s all lies designed to keep us as a subservient nation subject to the rule of our so-called lords and masters at Westminster.
    It’s a waste of time complaining about media bias. Almost all are in the thrall of the British establishment, so their untruths, and, just as bad, their omitting to report news of Scottish success stories due to policies and action taken by an S.N.P Scottish Government.
    Don’t be discouraged, we are winning, and that is despite the establishment conducting a propaganda onslaught on us, which is about to get much more vicious once the date of the second Scottish Independence Referendum is announced.
    We can do this, we have to do this, for future generations of Scots.

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      1. I think it’s a very dangerous road for SNP supporters to go down, alleging the voters of Shettleston etc who voted Tory are all Orange Order bigots. Go down that dark road at all of our peril.

        We need to do better than that abuse.

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        1. No doubt that some of the winning candidates are. The OO itself has been congratulating them.

          Of course we could just ignore the fact that it happened.

          But it’s bad news whichever party you support…even for the Tories. How on earth do you control these people with their anti everything attitudes?


  7. Dean,
    It was very dangerous for the Tories to court the bigots in the first place, a deliberate and nasty strategy; from the nasty party.

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    1. There is no sizeable ‘orange order’ vote, don’t be dramatic. You’re trying to demonize working class unionists. You should be utterly ashamed. Bringing into reasonable discourse such hate and ‘othering’ of your fellow citizens due to what you guess their religion might be is reprehensible.

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      1. Quite so. That is exactly what the OO does. They threatened to have armed rebellion if ever there was independence in Scotland. For them the queen and the union come above everything.

        You know perfectly well I don;t give a damn about what religion or no religion someone is. Frankly I think it’s all slightly mad, but if you believe, you believe and that is OK with me.

        A friend of mine drove into an area of Glasgow once where there was a OO march going on. He had YES stickers on his car, and of course the traffic was seriously held up becasue of the marchers. He’s a big guy, but he was alone and he was terrified becasue these guys are fanatics, every bit as frightening as the IRA.

        What is the size of the OO vote?


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