a porta
So, Nicola stopped on the campaign trail and had a selfie with some lads, who look, incidentally, just on the young side for voting…
a port
And today it is a painting. How’s that for talent?
Parking for leetle tank commanders only. Eh Gruber?


  1. Confirmation has been sent to #RapeClause Ruth 😉 that there were NO big burly men in Anna earlier today threatening voter as well Tris.


    p.s. Has anyone heard Fearite McFeartie doing her requisite advertisement feature today yet?

    I’m only asking cause I’ve found out,via Twitter, who exactly she is being paid to advertise. 😉


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    1. I’m relieved that these burly men from 3 years ago, have now moved on. You don;t want them all over the place making it look untidy.

      LOL. With the numbers of sick and poor that the Tories are either driving to suicide or just killing off by taking away all their money and leaving them to starve, she could do worse than invest in funeral directors.

      Honestly, if anything was ever NOT strong and stable it is the performance of her government, lurching for lie to lie. From disaster to disaster.

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  2. I forgot to add this wee gem into my last post Tris.

    If the story in this article turns out to even be half as close to being accurate then the London centric media are going to be left with one hell of a lot of egg on their collective face on June 9th.😂

    I love the idea that Feartie McFeartie called this election to gain an even “stronger” majority but could end up with the strong possibility of having a lesser majority or even losing power all together to Corbyn. 😂


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    1. Well, it would be nice, but the results in England seem to indicate that the students haven’t made a lot of difference.

      It would be so good to see Mayhem thrown out on her ear.


      1. tris
        It will happen Enoch powells dictum relevant here

        All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.

        Just ask Alex !

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  3. tris and snp extremists

    How does it feel Labour fading and yet
    the Conservatives resurging once again.
    The Unionist Hydra snp cuts of one head
    two Tory heads take its place….

    Obviously Indyref 2 is a no show no way

    But how does it really feel ??? in yer guts ???
    sick I bet.


    an aside Conan going on abaht Stonehenge/woodhenge
    well he would have first hand experience him being there like
    old Git.

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    1. Balls Niko. The OO and their “loyal” supporters tactically voted Tory in a betrayal of the working class that their grandfathers used to do in the fifties with the Unionist Party.

      As for your aside, I’ve always had an interest in archaeology since I was a student. I made a summer job choice that I’ve regretted ever since – digging in Jorvik for bed and board or working in a whisky bottling plant for £150 a month. Guess which one my teenage self chose?

      Quae fuit durum pati, meminisse dulce est.

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    2. I’d always much rather have Labour as opposition than the Tories.

      I’m seriously scared of what the Tories will do… and to an extent of what they will push ordinary people to do.

      The number of SNP seats went up.

      Relatively happy. Could be better.

      Of course SNP is bound to lose seats at Westminster in June. You seriously can’t expect to get 93% of the seats at every election.

      Once again, I’d have preferred to lose seats to Labour. There are at least some human beings in Labour. OK, there are also a load of right wing nutters, but with the Tories, all you get these days is fascism.

      May is not only unappealing and charisma free; she is also dangerously inept.

      Mr Corbyn may not be able to control his idiot right wing, but at least he’s an appealing, intelligent decent human being. Virtually everything that Mayhem is not.

      This is good:


      1. I saw snack beards tweet, eejits. Tory/SLab no difference, not since the set up of the NHS, and welfare state, both been dismantling them since.

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  4. Stephen Kinnock, the MP for Aberavon and son of the former Labour leader Neil Kinnock

    He said: “It’s simply not good enough for a party that has been in opposition for seven years.

    “I think we can’t just put a spin on this – the fact of the matter is that Jeremy’s leadership does come up on the doorstep on a very regular basis.

    Given Labours decline began before Corbyns leadership
    and new Labours embrace of neo-liberal economics.
    The idea of replacing Corbyn with another probably
    a Kinnock style leaders is delusional.

    The Kinnocks have mugged off us workers for long
    enough for fecks sake they are as rich Croesus
    why dont they just feck off

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    1. I wish they would. All three of them are utterly sickening.

      I wonder if Kinnock junior wants the job. Not that he’d get it.

      I suspect that if they ditch Corbyn, they will fall apart anyway.

      I can’t see the massive membership getting behind a right winger.


  5. SNP had a poor night!

    ~Lost overall control in Dundee, failed to win outright control in Glasgow…lost ‘biggest party’ mantel in Perth & Kinrosshire to the Tories. Vote share decisively down since their peak of 2015.

    Meanwhile the Scottish fightback against the SNP is winning everywhere: Tory victories on first preference in Moray, Perthshire. Tories even winning in Shettleston, and ravenscraig!

    Scotland is shouting, and it’s shouting ‘no to separation’.

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      1. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of Truthiness that is in Ruth Harrison our Liege Lord.

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        1. Well … I dunno… maybe His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, after all these years of devoted and selfless service, never thinking of anyone but the people.

          Don’t forget him.


    1. Firstly, Dean, I offer Ruth Davidson’s party congratulations on their successes.

      The figures have all been analysed here. https://wingsoverscotland.com/winning-and-losing/

      If you think that constitutes a bad night, well, fine.

      Certainly it is true that Ruth Davidson Party made no attempt whatsoever to fight the election on local issues. The once piece of publicity I had from them made no mention of roads or education, nor of parks, libraries or bin collections. All it did was talk about separation (from UK, not Europe…that was definitely never mentioned!)

      And here’s the support the “No to Independence Ruth Davidson Party”.

      As I said, though, I congratulate the Ruth Davidson Strong and Stable Party, wholeheartedly.


  6. I know Nicola was rushing around all over the place that morning, but I’m pretty sure she had on matching pink shoes and not one pink, one red!

    (I know, but it’s been bugging me for days!)

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  7. Dean, do you agree with Mundell’s comment “Only one winner”? I do! I suppose that having 14 seats more than a Labour party in absolute chaos – sorry Niko – is a cause for celebration?

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  8. I have a feeling – based on very little evidence – that UK-wide Labour will do better than expected considering that their current MPs are voted in by their core supporters. The prospect of a huge Tory majority as predicted by polls and the media might just influence the don’t knows’?

    Is that enough, Niko???

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      1. I’m 28, and I’m a tory as are many of my friends (also all under 40). Remember 18 year olds age group backed ‘better together’.

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    1. Sent to Uni by mummy and daddy? Gap year that lasts several? Daddy gets you a job in the company he owns/is a director of? Burn fifty pound notes in front of a homeless person?

      There’s your young Tory voter there. Know many like that Dean?

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      1. Actually I’m first generation university in my family, have plenty student debt and went out to China to find a well paying job teaching English at universities and elementary schools.

        Drop your prejudice about the ‘type’ of ‘young tories’ you imagine. Your age is showing.

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        1. Didn’t the tax payer pick up your uni fees, Dean?

          Conan’s right. I’ve never met a Tory voter under 40. To be fair I live in Dundee.


  9. You need to pay your own student loan debts, and your own tuition fees for masters degrees.

    And as a taxpayer I’ll eventually have to pay for other peoples ‘free’ stuff.


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