I can see that standing with legs apart might well mean stable. But strong?
Just in case she forgets what’s in the manifesto.
Fàilte gu beaga bìodach seo talla a ‘bhaile ann an Alba. Welcome to this tiny village hall in Scotland. Your English audience probably thinks it’s the main street in Edinburgh.
Where are the other 26?
I’d stick to strong and stable if I were you, Tess.
Your judgement?  Ah, yes.
No, it won’t.  That is an out and out lie. You have the mandate of the referendum for your negotiations.  Albeit by a relatively narrow squeak, I know, the English and Welsh voted for Brexit. That is the hand you play.  The EU has already said that it makes absolutely no difference to them what the outcome of the election is. You don’t understand the negotiating process at all.
a tory public appearanvce
Booked (a wedding party) for Theresa’s next visit to Scotland.




  1. Wish she, Ruth, and the rest of them would away and manger off!

    Still, hope like the Star of Bethlehem shines via the upcoming elections and this outcome may yet and soon happen.

    Hark the herald Scottish voters unto democracy giving action-based hope – a messiah unto England and the world, I pray.

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  2. On a planet,far far away,live the Soup Dragon and the Clangers whose monotonous, incomprehensible dirge of “Strong and Stable” is beamed across the galaxies to children (Tories) on Earth via the BBC.

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  3. The thing is that she wont be sitting with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors of Europe . That is a delusion. The EU27 have delegated negotiators to do that task.


  4. As I recall one of Blackadders lines in that scene was ” Standing with your chest stuck out as if your nipples were attached to a pair of charging elephants.” Not word for word but close enough and totally, pish takingly apt.

    Theresa and the other horsemen of the brexocalypse as you are very ably showing are becoming joke fodder. Keep it up because it might just be what gets her in the end. I’m thinking bacon sandwich here.

    Hell yeah!


    1. LOL. Certainly, not a day goes by without everyone getting a good laugh at Strong and Stable Mayhem being totally out of touch with reality.


  5. Excellent Party Political Broadcast for the Ruth Davidson Rape Clause Party.

    The erudite young man @ 00:48 has a bright future ahead of him…

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