n big mouth
I’m auditioning for the teeth in  “grandma, what big teeth you have” in panto this year.
n cyprus
Oil Seed in Cyprus.
N badger
And they are culling them in England. Imagine killing off this beauty.
Early morning ride in the Sahara.
n grasshopper warbler
Grasshopper Warbler.
N Ice
Northern Iceland in winter.
N Kisimul Castle Barra
Kisimul Castle, Barra.
n mili
I don’t REALLY have a thousand legs. More like 60.
N stonehenge
Stonehenge, England.
N Strokkur Geyser
Strokkur Geyser, Iceland.
n puppy1
Leaves are good toys for little dogs.
n moonrise
n sealife
We never seem to do underwater wildlife on SS.
n philippines
Waterfall in Philippines.
Here I am.
The Wider Image: Best foot forward
Lampang Elephant Hospital in Thailand is running out of funds. Link below.
This is my human.
Hmmmm… Sometimes I sits and thinks… and sometimes I just sits.



32 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Great pictures and captions! Very unusual view of Stonehenge! I was amazed to discover that the Stonehenge guidebooks for many years failed to mention the fact that in the early years of the 20th century it was largely “rebuilt” by modern construction equipment. Lintel stones lifted and re-positioned, upright stones (many of which were leaning in the 19th century) straightened and set in concrete, etc. Mostly for the benefit of the tourist trade apparently 😉 Not the finest hour of British archeology.(It was much more interesting….and a lot less tidy looking… the 19th century.)

    I do like that unusual sunset picture.

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    1. I suppose I can see why they might have wanted to tidy it up, Danny. It was decidedly dilapidated, not to mention dangerous. It wouldn’t have turned much of a profit like that!


      1. I do wonder about Turner’s picture. There seems to be dead cows in the foreground. Of course Turner was a little strange on the best of days. 😀

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  2. PS:

    The Stonehenge Visitor Center…….probably built by the Druids in neolithic times. Not sure why they apparently built some sort of a flimsy looking wavy-surfaced canopy over a complete building. 😉


      1. On the whole, yes. Remember, we don’t know what Stonehenge actually looked like, because it probably evolved through the first few of the sixty or seventy odd generations it’s been among us. What remains could be a bare skeleton of a Faerie temple or a framework for a huge orrerie.

        OK, it probably wasn’t a Faerie temple…

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  3. Stonehenge! What was it for? An interesting angle with a Scottish take by Alexander Thom a surveyor from the Ilse of Lewis in the 1930’s (he probably met Trump’s mother) read ‘Who Built the Moon’ by Christopher Knight and Allan Butler. It will challenge your preconceptions. Worth a kindle read for a couple a quid.

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  4. Sorry I’m late but those were cool. That’s some geyser in Iceland. If I placed my car nearby, could get a free wash? Lovely waterfall too. Some cool animal pics – poor badger can’t Mole help him? But my favourite is the animal version of Rodin’s Thinker.

    Has anything seen the alternative Scottish Tory election broadcast? It’s very funny.

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    1. Aye, he’s a wee dandy, isn’t he. He can come and think in my place any day.

      The geyser might work as a car wash, but it would leave it smelling of sulphur… so maybe better pop down the car wash!

      Off to watch the vid.


  5. Just like to say

    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership
    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadershi
    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadershi
    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership
    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadershi
    Strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership

    Ah! Does you the power of good

    And now coalition of chaos !

    Niko slumps to the floor

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    1. Don’t do it Niko. Be strong! Be stab…. oh, wait a minute.

      She is dreadful.

      My mum reckons she’s the worst prime minister the Uk has had. Ever.


    2. “You” wouldn’t slump to the floor Niko. Some of you would be on the walls and ceiling, if you chose to shoot yourself with *that* particular handgun.

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