The UK prime minister is visiting Scotland today, and apparently, Ruth Davidson has announced that she is more in touch with Scots than Nicola is.

“My message to the people of Scotland today is clear: if you vote for me it will strengthen my hand in the Brexit negotiations. It will strengthen the Union, strengthen the economy and together the UK and Scotland will ­flourish. Because when Scotland is 
flourishing, the rest of the United Kingdom is flourishing too.”

According to The Scotsman, this is what Mrs May is expected to say.


So I assume, as she is so in touch and at one with ordinary Scots, she will be addressing mass rallies of us Jocks in shopping malls and factories and taking questions from ordinary, non-selected members of the public, unlike in England where she has been speaking in factories, after 6 o’clock when everyone but a select few has gone home. Right?

Well, maybe she will, and maybe she won’t

We just don’t know.


I’ve tried to find out where she will be campaigning so that I could go along and ask her a few questions about things that concern me… you know, food banks, rape clauses, retirement pensions, the fearsome amount of money that is being wasted on one of the royal families’ five London palaces, the eye-watering amount we can afford to spend on Westminster renovations, the scandal of the NHS underfunding, how she explains the £350 million a week figure, why she did a reverse ferret on how dangerous Brexit would be, why she invited the orange faced moron on a state visit in his first year, why she got positively incandescent when she thought that the word Easter had been left out of an Egg challenge designed to make money for Cadbury in the same week that she played nice with a barbaric regime that executes people for being Christians, but buys a lot of British weapons with which they can kill children….etc, etc.

Just little points that I’m sure she has answers to. Becasue, you see, if she understands us Scots so well, she will understand that we need answers to these questions.


Incidentally, looking at the Tory faces in our parliament as member after member across the political divide pointed out how utterly inhuman the Tory Rape Clause is, how people shaking with emotion castigated the heartless unfeeling lying Tory benches, I wonder if the polls may have got it wrong again.


  1. Thanks to Jamie Ross and Paul Aitken, we now know where she was speaking today.

    Meanwhile, our first minister was out and about with ordinary people who weren’t being security checked.

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    1. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot!

      I think they found two old Blunderbuses, taped them together and pulled both triggers at once when they chose that place for a “major” speech by Feartie McFeartie to the “people” of Scotland! LOL

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    1. In case people don’t want to sit next to them… After all, I’m sure that Ruthie will be there. Jackson too, although he’ll be in the bar, and then the nose picker joke boy. Rare wee party.


  2. She was up here to speak to the settlers.
    I’m the least ‘blood and soil’ nationalist you could meet, but it really hurts that we lost the last referendum due to folk that moved up here for a retirement in some corner of a foreign field.
    Part of me thinks we should do what the Tories did with the EU referendum and only let Scots folk vote.
    Anything to escape the gathering storm.
    But no, we must stand strong in our open strategy.
    I couldn’t take another cowards vote.

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    1. Well they have always said that anyone who makes their home here can be Scottish. Besides, to be honest, I think we are going to need the EU citizens (although she will do her damnedest to stop them having a vote.

      Like you, I’m utterly un-blood and soil. I’m just fed up of living the British lie.

      I want to live in a peaceful wee country where the government gets on with running internal affairs for the benefit of the people. Not a warmongering nation that thinks that 1/3 of the globe is coloured red.

      If we lose, I’ll want to emigrate…except it will be too late.

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  3. ‘Feart McFearty’ encapsulates her totally. Charisma by-pass, slow of thought, out of her depth in Scotland. Surely we can do something to make capital out of all of that and surely our joke merchants can go to town on all of it.

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    1. I always thought that Mrs Thatcher had a charisma by-pass, and people said that she certainly had no sense of humour, but I’m told that she was compelling, and had, apparently, great sex appeal. Président Mitterrand was besotted (although I’m told Chancellor Kohl was not).

      Thatcher was clever (a double first in difficult subjects) quick witted and usually absolutely in command of her brief. [There were times when she wandered off course (like the time she wondered at PMQs where Mr Kinnock had been during a particularly important vote the previous week. When Kinnock rose to ask his next question he informed her that he was surprised that she did not know that he had been having dinner at Windsor with HM the Q.)

      Anyway, I digress.

      May has a humour by-pass; she has, as you say, a charisma by-pass. If she has sex appeal it escapes me where she keeps it hidden. She’s not clever and she is slow of the mark, inarticulate and badly briefed.

      Apparently she lost three key staff last week, because she is unbearable.

      They call her a second Thatcher… pffff. Thatcher wouldn’t have left her to make the tea.


      1. “…apparently, great sex appeal”

        His words were “mouth like Marilyn Monroe, eyes of Caligula”, allegedly. Bit insulting to Caligula though, He only made a horse a Senator. She made vermin Lords.

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  4. The body language in the picture from FMQs is intriguing. Hands over mouths, eyes averted to avoid being seen or making eye contact with the cameras. Speaks of potential guilt yet not one of them is willing to be remotely critical, or acknowledge the impact of the Tax Credit policy or any of their other anti-social, psychotic policy. Maybe Tank Commander threatens them with her tank.

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    1. Maybe she threatens them with Mayhem.

      Seriously though, that picture tells a thousand tales. It says, to their credit, that they are deeply embarrassed by the vile policy, and by the lies they were prepared to tell to make it look like Nicola could change it in Scotland, and to their great discredit that, no matter how ashamed of it they are they won’t say a word against it, either because they are scared of Lieut Gruber and her little tank or because they fear for their career development if they are seen to be disloyal to the party.

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