8 thoughts on “DID I REALLY SAY THAT?”

  1. So the lead Conservative political reporter from the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation interviews Feartie McFeartie the leader of the … erm … Conservative party … nice!


    1. But she’s a vicar’s daughter, a member of the Nation Trust of England, and EASTER figures large in the things she gets herself in a twist for.

      So that makes all the difference.


  2. What is so damn annoying is that the two faced nature of the ‘May’ is never challenged. No-one is allowed to challenge her.

    Is it unfair to ask when she will stand up on a milk crate, ala, Jim Murphy and actually speak directly to Scottish electors? It would be exciting to see how that was ‘spun’.

    Have you noticed any attempt to engage with the Scottish electorate whatsoever?

    Saying bad words, like saboteur, traitor and shit, does not a political philosophy make.

    IMHO she is refusing to engage, except through a compliant media. This may be a new way to win an election, but it is certainly not democratic.

    Opinion polls are all over the place right now, I hope they settle down in our favour. I expect them to do so.

    For, the Lady is a Tramp.

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    1. She doesn’t seem to do interviews with the non-compliant press. As Arbroath points out, there it was with Laura the Tory. She won’t do debate; she does tour the country but never seems to speak to Joe Public. it’s always in empty factories with a chosen few there to listen to her. And they are not allowed to disclose what happened…

      She has chosen to have an election even if the day before she announced it she said she wouldn’t. Some revelation that came to her on a walk in Wales. I’m expecting to hear that a burning bush shaped like an EASTER egg was involved… and maybe Moses. Who knows.

      I think she will leave Scotland to her trusty right-hand woman, Rape Clause Ruth.

      I mean, be honest, the Scots would make mincemeat of her, and if Ruth can survive the pasting she got from Nicola and Kezia on the Rape Clause, without batting an eyelid, she would clearly walk through fire itself for St Theresa Brexit (or not).


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