41 thoughts on “IT’S WORLD PENGUIN DAY”

  1. weren’t those lovely. Munguin has cute relatives especially the fluffy young ones. The depressing way politics is going we’re going to need lots of cute animals to cheer us up.

    Happy Penguin day, fellow Munguinites

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    1. Indeed I did.

      June 24th.
      Grey suited men and leopard skin shod women meet in a smoke filled room.
      “What the fuck have we done!” wails Call One Dave “The cretins were meant to vote NO!”
      The blonde buffoon, semi turgid, half smiles “It woz the bus that won it” oblivious of the wee Scots hack edging behind him, who was just about to do that.
      Into his back.
      “We need McTernan!” came a voice from the back in an Australian accent.
      “Jolly good idea old boy!” came a reply in an Australian accent trying to do Hooray Henry.
      “Damage limitation!”
      “Go for the Kippers!”
      “The pensioners will follow!”
      “The Scotch will rebel” – “Good, we can use that – who needs Mundell anyway?”

      …so that’s settled then, we’ll go for deals for Japanese car companies and the City of London. Fuck the rest of them.

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    1. They know how to put on a good show.

      Mind you you could say that of the royals. Sod all good for anything, but they know which uniform to wear and when!


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