That ended well, didn’t it?
Maybe he’ll soon be doing that for a living?
Pretty unfortunate choice of words, Ruth.
a fluffy
You know, I use Twitter and Facebook and it never costs me that kind of money.
I’ve wondered why, if the EU costs us so much money, we’re going to have to put up taxes and cancel spending projects when we leave, as opposed to having money to burn.
Well, that could explain stuff.
Ooops… mouth, foot, insert.
No, she will not.



Murray has been trying this one on us again.  He’s surely not stupid enough not to know this, so he must be lying.
Hey, Adam, we can feel the love. Hope you had a good St George’s day.
Good to see that the Tories will be campaigning on local issues. Ha bloody ha.
Hmmmm, OK, now what, Tess?
It’s funny, these guys are protesting about women wearing the hajib. Still, they probably look better covered up.

27 thoughts on “IT MAKES YOU THINK”

  1. Think I’ll leave this here, just in case wee Ian tries his “it was SNP’s fault Labour lost 1979 election” shite … AGAIN!

    Oh just in case anyone didn’t believe Dame Colonel Blimp Rape Clause Spineless of Boak was NOT concentrating on LOCAL issues during the Local Council elections I think I’ll just leave this wee reminder here.

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    1. Yes, Arbroath. First of all, sorry, I have no idea why you needed moderating there. Maybe it was the scary photograph.

      If they had come to me and asked, what do you think of this pic and this slogan for the local elections, I would have said, first… what has that got to do with local election? You’re making it sound like you have no policies except unionism. And that given, can you explain to the voters how having a local council of Tories is going to ensure that Scotland stays in the union? Do you know councils can’t make that kind of decision?

      Secondly, given that for a lot of ordinary people, especially women, the rape clause is a big deal, do you think that that slogan (given your take on the rape clause) is appropriate?


  2. Just a wee update for you Tris.

    Anyone considering voting Tory should first of all ask themselves the following.

    Do you support these plans:

    N.I. RISE

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    1. What are the most extreme circumstances? If the orange-faced moron told her to fire their nukes she would do it, even if England were not under threat?

      Great. All we need. Itching to get a war under her belt and play at being Winston.


    2. Apparently the money saving and tax raising there is to pay for Brexit.

      Strange, I remember them telling me that there would be a gash £350 million per week. I wonder what happened.


    3. Even this understates the real nasty vindictiveness of the Governments policy changes. This Government’s callous policy also cuts the support available to children who lose a parent.
      As if that isn’t bad enough if that same child happens to have been born out of wedlock support isn’t just cut, it’s completely denied.

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      1. Jake: you get the impression that it would suit the government in London if poor people did them all a favour and died.

        And… while they are overseeing the dismantling of the “Welfare State” that has underpinned decency for the last 70 years, albeit less and less, they have billions to spend ion the palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

        And, as we showed in the last post defence spending goes up and up and up so that they can pretend that they are important.


  3. Amazing how they apparently felt the need, in their response to that FOI request, to justify spending the money – because some people don’t know that trade with England blah blah blah – well, it almost never rains in the Atacama desert, and I’m sure that there are quite a lot of people who don’t know that either.

    In other words, they spent the money on political propaganda concealing a non sequitur, not on informing people at all…

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  4. The last photo purporting to be Netherlands’ rally is actually Sept 2013 Yes Rally going down North Bridge, Edinburgh. I don’t think it’s a good idea to claim this is pro-independence rally in The Hague. It’s the kind of distorting the truth certain unionist newspapers indulge in.

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  5. Sorry for going O/T (ish) here Trish but thought you might like this. In celebration of winning seats in May’s Council Elections EVERY successful Tory Councillor MUST pay a monthly “RUTH” tax of £25.

    Not only are the Tories hitting the elderly, disabled, young, unemployed, low paid HARD but they are now also hitting their own Councillors HARD! LOL

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    1. A Tory source said: “This fee is ridiculous. It may not sound much, but if this was the sole income for a single parent, for example, there’s a lot better things that £25 could be spent on instead of coughing-up a ‘Ruth Tax’.

      “There’s no question that Ruth is popular, but the party is becoming increasingly centralised, and dissent isn’t tolerated. It’s starting to look like more of a cult than a party.”

      From a Tory candidate in a Tory newspaper.

      Oh dear.

      If you add that to Mathew Paris’s article in yesterday’s Times, i’d beginning to sound like the Tories are a rather dictatorial lot.

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      1. “More of a cult than a party” – delicious! For some reason it makes me think of the Blue Öyster Cult, but don’t worry about me, I’ll clam up about it right now, before anyone chucks anything else at me.

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