64 thoughts on “I CAN’T EVEN…”

    1. God, he can’t even be pathetic (and it is) in an original way. He pinches his material from Jimmy Tarbuck??? Jings.

      At least, next time, he could try someone a wee bit more current… and a lot more funny.

      How we laughed….

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      1. It could have been worse. Fraser could have stolen his punchline from the Inspector in On The Buses which would have been beyond tragic. Stealing from the side-splittingly hilarious Jimmy Tarbuck only counts as pathetic.

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    2. At least the SNP MP was voted in which is more than can be said for you, you are nothing more than a list (back door) MP! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. I still think its a good way of balancing out the vote…and representing people who never get a representative in the FPTP system, but we need to improve on this. It was never supposed to be like this.


  1. A 9 year old?. If the child’s parents remain in the Independent country that is on the horizon, he/she will be able to take advantage of their free University Education. They will be free to live and work in any member state of the EU. They may perhaps enter a profession and be able to fare well economically in a Scotland free from Eton/ Oxbridge grads hogging the top jobs.

    They will of course have more reason than most kids to be embarrassed by their parents. in due course they might be able to persuade their father to admit he has been a dick, and maybe spend the rest of his sorry career helping others. Hope over fear, eh?

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  2. It’s probably all part of the poor little tykes socialisation into Tory society i.e.:

    8-10yrs Insulting the oikes
    11-13yrs Nurturing future resentment by standing in play ground being wedgied by
    6th formers and getting ointment applied by matron.
    14-18yrs Polishing communication skills by shouting abuse at pensioners
    19-24yrs Robbing and abusing poor people
    24+ Stand for election and lose but get into Holyrood anyway and put skills into
    44+ look back fondly on a 20 year career in government where you never won an
    election and acted throughout like an arrogant supercilious arsehead.

    Finally. Retire on a good pension and feel really smug and superior to all the losers.


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  3. Sorry for this, but I am quite annoyed. I’ve had kids, they are mature adults nowadays, but I would have been embarrassed had they acted like that on my doorstep. (They wouldn’t have, but that is another story)

    Does our beloved Murdo Fraser bring his kids up without any respect for others? It is certain that he draws, and encourages, his children to see life as a ‘battle-lines’ game.

    But should he be exploiting a child’s desire to conform to parental strictures without criticism? Their own personal development is being subsumed to his political ideology. Using your kids like that, exposing them like that, is, imho, disgusting.

    Politicians using their children as mini-mes? Right or Wrong?


    Perhaps he buys them pop-corn, and that makes it all a-OK?

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    1. The truth is, as Roaming said, the child didn’t say it. Jimmy Tarbuck did, in 1970! Murdo thought it sounded funny. Maybe he’d had a glass of chardonnay. Who knows?

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    1. At least it’s something that he’s good at. The sad thing is that I rated him once. When their clever leader stood down he came up with the idea that they should ditch the Tory name and straightjacket and become a new semi-autonomous party on the right of Scottish politics. It seemed sensible to me. Indeed Ruth later used the idea, distancing herself for the Conservative label and using her own (popular) name.

      But it was not to be. Cameron wanted Davidson as his leader. He hadn’t liked Goldie. She was far too clever and independent for him. Ruth proved that she was, as Cameron suspected, agreeable to change her mind as often as he changed his. Murdo went downhill from that moment on.

      As Douglas point out in that clip, he is a finance person who doesn’t really have a grasp of finance.

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  4. 28% or 33%? So much for the separatists line of “Scotland vs Toarries”

    How many separatist heads will roll? Nicolson looks finished in east dumbartonshire, Jo Swinson returning. The blue band across the borders. And will we finally get to see the end of the vile git Wishart? I pray every night for a big beautiful blue dawn chucking out as many of the useless 56 separatists as possible.


    1. I asked you, several posts ago, to comment on the rape clause. Since you appear to be bouyed up by a poll that shows your vile party in a poor second place in Scotland, perhaps you would give it now?

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      1. Dean never has anything to say about that kind of vile Tory policy, or anything else of substance. His blog is all glitz and anti SNP bile, but is very careful not to talk about the vile (his favourite word) policies of the U.K. Tory government in any area, and especially in benefits, disability, health etc. Good luck on getting any sensible answer re the rape clause – I’d love to see it too!

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      2. That is an absurd misrepresentation of policy.

        It is not unreasonable to limit child benefit to two kids per family, taxpayers can’t fund universal subsidies all over the place. Equally it is vital that women do not suffer financial penalties if they (God forbid) are raped. So, the child benefit cap won’t be enforced on women who have a third kid ‘cos of rape. I thought you’d have welcomed financially supporting women who have suffered such an appalling crime.

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        1. We’re not talking child benefit. It’s child tax credit.

          Taxpayers seem to be able to fund subsidies all over the place for MPs and lords and the royal family.

          Don’t try to turn it around. Like Ruth.

          The Scottish government can make up the money (although it’s not clear that they can).


    2. Dean. That was an unpleasant and bitter little post, wasn’t it?.

      They may not share your p[olitics but most of them are no useless. I don’t really think Pete is vile. As he sometimes reads the blog, I’m told, I’d like his to know that that’s not how we feel about him.

      Davidson is to be congratulated for managing a Tory revival in Scotland. it was something that we didn’t believe was possible after Thatcher.

      The lines are drawn it would seem between on the left the SNP and on the right, the Tories. labour appears to be in terminal decline and no one is taking them seriously.

      So, left of centre and pro Europe, SNP: right of centre and anti-Europe, Tories.

      And yes, some of the seats will go, but only a moron would think that having won 92% of the seats in an election that followed the unveiling of lie after lie after lie from Better Together and David Cameron, that would continue.

      It was a reaction to the situation.

      On topic: What did you think of Murdo’s little funny?

      Off topic: How do you stand on the rape clause?


    1. I would have preferred to have replied to ‘Dean’ directly, however, for whatever reason, at this moment in time, there is no reply button against the idiots rantings.

      So, and anyway:

      “It is not unreasonable to limit child benefit to two kids per family, taxpayers can’t fund universal subsidies all over the place.”

      Fine. You know that as a ‘fact’? I’d have thought, correct me if I am wrong, that at least a replacement rate for workers in any society was a necessity. You can either achieve that by fertility or immigration. For me, at least, the more stable option is fertility. Surprise, surprise, I am also in favour of immigration.

      If you care to look at the demographics of Scotland, we are being given a new and exciting role in the UK.

      That of a retirement home.

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      1. Fully agree with you Mr Clark. We need many more young people in our society in the future, and should be encouraging this. The policy of limiting child benefit is the wrong one, especially for Scotland.
        It is that wrong policy choice that then leads to the next bit of evil, IE subjecting traumatised rape victims to further horrors and interrogation. Jackson Carlaw was allowed to lie on the BBC about this process, saying that victims didn’t even have to fill in a form. This is completely untrue according the government’s own website but was not challenged by the interviewer.
        The policy choice is driven by Tory ideology not economic sense, and then an extra lair of depravity is added, and defended by the the likes of Dean as somehow compassionate.
        Dean is full of self-righteousness, as you will have noticed.

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        1. EN: Particularly in light of the Brexiteers desire to get rid of all the foreigners, there is, indeed, a need for young people in this country.

          Jackson Carlot showed his usual grasp of what is going on by opening his stupid mouth and running off. Maybe he’d opened a bottle of chardonnay before the interview. (I’m told he like a drop of two, which could explain how stupid he is at times.)

          They have to fill in a form, and then they may be quizzed on it buy untrained staff from the Inland Revenue, who are already overworked, incredibly inefficient and utterly demoralised… and frankly don’t give a toss.

          If we need to reduce the spend on tax credits (tax relief) then maybe we should have a REAL living way of around Β£15.


      2. But we aren’t talking about benefits and subsidising people here really.

        This is tax credit. Tax credits were a scheme that Brown came up with so that people who were working, could afford to live in the UK on the slave wages that they were being paid.

        Tax credits are the social security system for companies.

        Again Stuart Campbell did a brilliant post on how difficult it was to make ends meet in the UK today with rents at more than Β£1000 a month for relatively modest properties, and wages at Β£300 a week.

        If employers won’t pay decent wages the government either has to make them,, or we have to subsidise them by topping up the wages.

        There is something pretty sick about a society in which people literally can’t afford to live without government subsidies when they are working all week.

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  5. So, taking food from children’s mouths to punish them for being born to “feckless” parents is OK then. The Tories then show “compassion” to raped women, by making them fill in an eight page form to “prove” they were raped.
    The Tory mantra of saving money only seems to affect those to don’t vote for them, eh Dean? How much does subsidising the House of Lords cost then?

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  6. The Tory brass neckery never ceases to amaze. After fourteen thousand people have their motability vehicle taken away from them, the leader of their party has a photo shoot. In a motability vehicle.

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        1. Aye, it’s difficult. I think maybe there should be a time limit on people who are list MSPs, particularly if they keep standing for constituencies and getting beaten.


    1. Yeah, a million quid in public money paid to a guy never elected. Maybe there should be a cap on just how much public money THESE spongers can get.

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      1. This is a on-going argument. I know there are those who say that the list is available in the polling station (although I must admit I’ve never seen one… but then I’ve never looked). I’m not sure that these people put out any kind of literature, so even if you know the name, you’re not going to know anything about them.

        Personally I think they should only be allowed to be on the list at the top for so long…maybe one, maybe two parliaments.

        And then they should be replaced.


  7. Torys rarely develop much beyond the childish state of mind where all that matters is the concept of Me and My immediate needs.
    They have to be supervised in order to prevent harm to themselves and others.

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    1. bringiton,

      Sadly, your comment:

      “They have to be supervised in order to prevent harm to themselves and others.”

      which ought to be true, is not.

      Otherwise, agree completely πŸ˜‰

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  8. Just to say how much I love y’all.

    You may all have noticed the ‘up’ votes.

    This is just a ridiculously easy place to like.

    And our good host is now knocking on 2000 followers.

    Could you share this site with a few more folk?

    For there is not a better site on t’internet that deals with the local and the national in quite sort of a quixotic and Latin verb sort of a way.

    Even if you don’t care a toss about Scottish Nationalism, I guarantee you will learn an enormous amount of Latin.

    Just saying.

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    1. Ha ha … Thank you for your kind words.

      Always nice to know we’re spreading a little classic culture about the place, although Conan must take the lion’s share of the credit for that.

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    1. Isn’t that sad. I read somewhere that having thousands of friends on Facebook is like having millions in Monopoly money.

      But some people measure it as success. Most sad.


      1. I opened a Facebook account back in the day. My blog was more popular than it is now, as I actually used to publish stuff. I got overwhelmed by people wanting to be friends – panicked – and ran away from it.

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  9. Conan the Librarian,

    (A Terry Pratchett tribute, if so, OOK! If not, you’ll have no idea what I am talking about)

    Anyway, I think you add an, ahem, unique – in a good way – perspective hereabouts.

    Where else does one go to get improved Latin and Scottish Nationalism?

    Please do not let this modicum of praise turn on your fight or flight tendencies, lest I have to find a new, quixotic, internet chum.


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    1. The deaths of Terry Pratchett and Iain Banks left a gaping hole in my reading habits alas. “Excretus Ex Fortuna” as he would have said.

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