Interesting, Alex.  I’ve looked for your profile on Facebook, but I can’t find it and so am unable to answer you directly. But, I want to help you out here so let me try to put your mind at rest.

“SNPers” don’t really take the debate away from the real issues, well no more than other voters do anyway. Because you see, we talk about things that are happening in our bit of what you call Great Britain. That’s Scotland. (Incidentally, Great Britain is the name of the big island comprising Scotland, Wales and England (along with Cornwall). Great being a translation from the French of “Grande” and Britain from “Bretagne” (so Large Brittany).

Actually, your country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  (At least for the moment.) Even if you dislike the Irish as much as you appear to dislike the Scots, you just can’t dismiss them completely.

So, all that stuff comprises understandable errors in your statement which we are pleased to be able to correct.

The second paragraph, though, is a little different.makes you sound like a raving Nazi nutter. Rounding up people and executing their leaders makes you appear demented, and we’re not really qualified to deal with that.

It makes you sound like a raving Nazi nutter. Rounding up people and executing their leaders makes you appear demented, and we’re not really qualified to deal with that.

Our advice would be to seek help from a professional.

Just in case you come across this post (and we hope you do) we’d love to know to which political party you feel an allegiance (although we think we can probably guess!).

23 thoughts on “THE SOLUTION FOR ALL THESE SNPers”

    1. Absolutely.

      Irritating woman. Needs to be a bit more serious. If she wasnts to do stand up, she should probably go work in a comedy club. If she wasnts to be an MP maybe she could find something less divisive to talk about.

      You know we keep on being accused of being anti- English. When will someone notice that many of teh English Mps (adn commentators) are anti- Scottish.

      Just imagine an SNP member had made a speech like that about the English. The Daily Mail (apparently Hitlers favourite English newspaper) would have broken out in boils.

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      1. I abhor language that seeks to divide on race. We’re all one race, many nations. And nations should self govern. Some respect is in order and might be achieved if patronising ended.
        The level of debate needs raising.

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  1. tris and other troublesome elements

    Would of thought that qualifys as hate mail
    incitement to cause violence on a ethnic minority.
    Although the desire for flogging suggests an English
    Tory origin possibly Etonian even.

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    1. Flogging and Eton do tend to go together.

      He’s weird enough to be part of the Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon set.

      OPS: I’m not a troublesome element. Munguin says I a sweetie…or was it sweaty?

      One of these.

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  2. Sounds a bit like that other English idiot who thinks that Scots are uneducated tenement dwellers.
    Also he should learn the language of his country before he opens his mouth.
    “Their derailing” in this context should be they’re.
    The fact is,however,that if these people really believed that Scotland was a region of their country and not a country in it’s own right,they wouldn’t be spouting nonsense about us derailing THEIR political process.
    Deep down (which isn’t far) with these idiots,they know that we are entitled to have democracy in our country which we are presently denied.
    That is what really worries them.

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  3. Poor man, he’s either off his medication or needs to get some.

    I wonder where he would be while all this executing and flogging was being done upon people. Sitting on his fat dock, continuing life in his insular wee bubble nae doot.

    I know that many of these people are victims of the hate spewing propaganda merchants but there comes a point when the end result i.e. What we are left with at the end of the day, is beyond salvaging because these attitudes are so entrenched.

    It’s just another thing we’ll have to put up with if the Scottish people are too feart and/or too stupid to get away from them.

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  4. While we can rightly ridicule what this odious individual proposes, it makes me wonder how many others out there harbour the same thoughts.
    This hatred of a group of people, in this case people belonging to a particular poltical party, is symptomatic of a trend which has become increasingly more prevelant in recent years. This despicable practice has been encourged by large sections of the M.S.M, who seem blind to the damage they are doing to society.
    Demonising of the S.N.P, and its members, will continue unabated, in fact it will get much worse when the date of the Second Scottish Independence Referendum is announced, and we start campaigning.
    Unfortunately, the comments made by this vile person, will be replicated many times, in many forms, by different people over the coming years, encouraged by people who really should know better, but who, blinded by their opposition to an independent Scotland, will applaud the abuse heaped upon people who want nothing more than the peopld of their country to be in full control of their destiny.

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    1. No doubt, Alex.

      On a few occasions I’ve said I’m worried that the press don’t seem to realise what they are doing.

      The hte they stirred up over the period of the Brexit campaign has made England a dangerous place to speak another language. Hate crime up 40+% since the referendum. And it’s not just foreigners. Disabled people and gays are also targeted.

      Remind you of any other regime?


  5. It might be worth noting at this point that the Easter Rising in Ireland was a failure – until the British rounded up and executed the leadership.

    As unhinged as this man may be, he is simply saying what the Mail and Express would like to. They and their wretched columnists are legitimising hatred and intolerance. Where are the English /British equivalents of the late Ian Bell or William McIlvanney providing a thoughtful and incisive look at the current situation? All they seem to have is Littlejohn, Hopkins and McKenzie etc.

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    1. Yep, I’m sure that they would. Mrs May’s language about “separatists” is getting quite scary, and she refuse to condemn that revolting Mail front page where we were being called saboteurs.

      I’m beginning to think that she thinks that the UK will last for a thousand years.


  6. This is an old post from the general election of 2015 and has certainly done the rounds. The guy was joking or trolling in the 2015 general election politics group.


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