Fotos on Friday

I promised something a bit lighter today, but I found that I couldn’t upload the pics that David or Dani sent.

So, I’m just using some of my own and one of Gerry’s…


There’s a walk alongthe disused Newtyle railway line which I do quite often. A couple have made a great job of their border wall
Rich in colour all through the spring and summer.
And on the opposite side of the track, there are daffodils in the rough banking.
Sparrows and tits sometimes nest in the dry stane dyke.
Fields of Oil Seed Rape coming into bloom. 
Some tiny ponies at the side of the track
They were interested in the fact that Lidl had bargain bags of carrots.
And like a mug that I am, I had bought 4 packets!
The railway bridge over the famous Dighty Burn.
Great farm country.
Ancient bridge (now disused, as you can see) again over the Dighty, presumably originally for horse and carts of the local farmer.
And finally… friendship blossoms, chez Gerry.



24 thoughts on “Fotos on Friday”

  1. I love natural stone and it provides the structure for my garden. Some folk think they can just chuck it anywhere and it will look ok but they are wrong. It takes artistry, nature and a lot of mucking about to get it right.

    The dyke in your photies is excellent but the wee bridge is a cut above. I would like to have it in my garden, probably just down the burn from the waterfall in Glen Nevis, which would be in it too. Part o ma virtual gairden you understand, a sanctuary from the shit humanity sprinkles liberally upon itself. Somewhere I could sit with my pals and have a beer and say “I did that and I didn’t fuck anybody over in the process”. O how we’d laugh.

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  2. Lovely – maybe I can join the jimnarlene tour 🙂 The first donkey reminded me of Rod Stewart – same hairdo! Will Gerry’s pair have some babies since that pair at the zoo have been useless 🙂

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    1. Haven’t heard anything about the real ones for a while PP, My pair’s stuffed, but there’s plenty of bamboo in the garden for any more that come along. Four different types too, from dwarf for the young un’s to black bamboo fur the auld un’s pipe – if he ever decides to take up smoking when he has grandchildren.

      My granddaughter Kourtney will love the photies of the ponies, I suspect it was her who re-arranged the panda’s previous positions in the garden!

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    2. You’d be more than welcome, PP. I think they are some kind of Shetland or Icelandic ponies, but they are cute as buttons… wee legs, and cute wee faces. And they like carrots. But unlike the other horses we see, and feed, on the walk, they can only manage little bit of carrot… and it takes them ages to chew them.

      Have to ask Gerry about the panda relationship though. I’ve only seen then sitting there. I don’t know what goes on when the lights go out!


  3. I’ve bitten the bullet and my garden is being ripped to pieces as we speak.
    The gateless dog run is gone, giving a huge amount of free space; the miniature WWI battlefield that had been my lawn has been skimmed and is waiting on the gravel chips, the battered old hut lasted valiantly for a while, but was not equal to a dwarven shaped landscape gardener and his mighty maul.
    The granite setts and ancient gardening tools lie orphaned in the corner, their wooden homes gone on to a better place… A young cherry tree, uprooted and replanted is a matter of discussion – will it survive the trauma?

    Best of all; two delighted terriers, scurrying and scampering, scraping away at loose soil, not knowing that the times they tracked pawfuls of mud into the house are numbered…

    The things I do for my dogs. 😉

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    1. So what inspired all this activity, Conan.

      It sounds good and I’m sure the dogs will appreciate it.

      And who needs to do any digging when you have a faithful friend or two to dig for you!!!


      1. Her indoors complaining about the mud tracks, the original plan was to replace the gate on the dog run, but the posts were all rotten. It escalated quickly…

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        1. These thing have a habit of escalation. Like the time I decorated the hall… and the rest of the house looked dirty and shabby, which it hadn’t before!!!


      1. Hi Connan, no, just let down by “an otherwise reliable member of the team”
        Considering some of the things that happened to me as a manager in BT, it was disappointing rather than bruising.

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