…None of it has gone away. We’ve just been distracted by the antics of Mrs May, Alistair Carmichael’s apprentice in the lying department. Whether the photographs are from Iraq or Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya or wherever, the people are still suffering, in many cases as a direct result of us poking our know-all noses into things we know sod all about.

Of course, it makes the British “leadership” (?!?!? I use the word sooooo very loosely) look important and generates a good deal of profit for arms manufacturers, so I suppose you can see why they do it.

Not that it bothers people who live in palaces, mansions and taxpayer-funded homes but THIS is the side effect of them wanting to look big. In my opinion, it makes them look microscopically small. Invisible really, like a poisonous spider bite. Only nastier.

Don’t look if you have a weak stomach or are readily inclined to tears. David sent us some great photos from his holiday in Portugal, and Daniel sent some from his 2-month Masters’ project in Rwanda so there will be a great deal happier things to look at tomorrow.


Real people living these terrible lives. Real children not getting any kind of childhood.

And the supposedly 5th largest country in the world won;t even take some unaccompanied children or disabled people.

Grate Britain.


15 thoughts on “IN CASE WE FORGET…”

  1. I was, tonight, looking for a reason to give Sarah Smith a real boot in the arse for her over the top support of the the British Nationalist Tory government in Westminster and all their unionist lakkies in Scotland. Then I saw this and thought this is what her, and Scottish unionist, support of the British Establishment leads too all around the world and throughout history leads to. Her father, although of the Labour establishment of a different era, would I’m sure be absolutely ashamed of her and of his party’s support of this.
    Scottish people of all persuasions now have a simple choice; support for a U.K. GOVERNMENT that will continue this for 20 years and for the same time will crucify Scotland or vote for an international Scotland that will forge a different path.
    There is no longer a middle path, fact.
    IF you choose the UK path, you give up the right to ever, ever again moan about anything.
    Please look yourself in the mirror and choose the right path!!!!

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    1. John Smith… Kezia Dugdale.

      What could have been… and what they have now.

      “They” being me, then.



    2. Andy, I often wonder what John Smith wold have made of his daughter. But then I wonder what Tony Benn would have made of his son.

      I’m not sure how that great Christian, the vicar’s daughter can sleep at nights, what with refusing to help kids, cutting people’s benefits, having candidates under police investigation standing for her party, demanding that women prove they were raped, selling arms to the foulest of regimes.

      And she worried herself into a tantrum about Easter eggs?

      They make my flesh crawl..


  2. And yet, going around the doors canvassing for the council elections, there are people who, for whatever reason, can’t, or won’t see the truth, even when it is in plain sight before them.
    Believe you me, it’s sometimes difficult not to subscribe to the saying that at least some of us are too stupid to realise what is being done in our name, in countries where we are either there illegally, or at least where we have no business being there.
    Is this what hundreds of years of Westminster propaganda, ably assisted by the B.B.C and the M.S.M, without whom they couldn’t get their lies out to the general populace, has done to the mind-set of our electorate?
    So while public trust in all these establishment mouthpieces is diminishing, they still hold powerful sway over a large number of our electorate, who take their outpourings as the truth, and this is the argument we face on the doorsteps on a daily basis.
    O.K, we’re making progress, albeit slowly, but if anyone thinks the next three major events in Scotland, the council elections, the General Election, and the second Scottish referendum are shoo-ins for the S.N.P, they should have a reality check. We will need all the help and support we can get if we are ever to rid ourselves of Labour entrenchment in our councils, and once and for all, to get rid of the tories ruling over us from Westminster.

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    1. I know people who literally believe what they read in the Daily Mail.

      It’s quite scary.

      And they seem to see everyone who is not British as a threat to britishness.

      They seem to believe that the Brits are in some way special, different… better, than other people.

      Yes, a Nicola says, we take nothing for granted.


  3. Tris
    It is so depressing and most if not all caused by greedy dictators, politicians and the mis-interpretation of religion mixed with a lot of hate. It makes you think that the world is a lost cause. The politicians are not interested in solving these problems in any way, we have added to them but cultural norms in other countries leave a lot to be desired. The lack of respect for human life in too many countries is shameful and while we cannot and should not push our norms onto others, there has to be a way to educate and inform. I moan about the Tories, and the other Tories of a different colour, but the misery and death in the middle east and Africa should shame the world, but sadly it has become the norm over thousands of years. I do think that people like ISIS are pushing for a religious war all over the world because of their view of what Islam is and should become, these people have little hope and are just bullies and criminals. My fear, and I think it is going to happen sooner rather than later, is someone takes a serious shot at Israel. Once that happens all hell will be unleashed, the Israelis won’t sit back and take it, the USA/UK will rush to their aid and everything becomes very dark very quickly. Sad and depressing.


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    1. If you go back in history, the West (Britain and France) have been responsible for so much of the misery and hatred across the world. More recently the USA has taken over and Britain trails around at its coat tails doing whatever it demands. France appeared to back off for a bit, b ut under the last two leaders it’s back up there.

      The regimes of the middle eastern and African dictators are horrific, including Israel’s.

      Bit we create so much hatred when we poke our noses in.

      Iraq is the worst example. Because DubYa didn’t like Saddam, he found an excuse to invade with Blair trailing along at his heels. In doing so they killed and maimed and reduced a functioning country to its knees.

      They ruined the lives of millions of people, and then they moved on, leaving ruin in their path.

      It’s hardly terribly surprising that ISIS grew up in the space.

      But you are right. People twist religion to suit what THEY want.

      Indeed religion seems to have been at the starting posts of a vast number of conflicts in the world.

      That and greed.

      i suspect that if the Middle east didn’t have oil, we’d be a lot less likely to get involved in their disagreements.

      Sad and depressing it is.

      But hey, Tony Blair is now a multi-millionaire. So something good came out of it.


  4. At first glance at the photos I thought of the horrendous Green Line in Beirut but unfortunately it could be just anywhere nowadays and thankfully the Green Line has changed. So will everywhere else in time but at what cost?

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    1. What cost indeed.

      These kids.

      Just makes me so angry that we are involved in so many of these conflicts and there’s nothing I can do about it.

      I suppose, except fight for Scotland’s right to NOT involve itself in these wars.


    1. Niko. I know that. All over the world, they’ve fought for king and Country. The King being the London one, and the country the UK.

      And figures show that there are disproportionately more of them and more of them killed.

      But, if we were a little unimportant country, say like Ireland or Iceland, Denmark or Norway, Netherlands or Finland, we could say that we weren’t going to get involved in wars, legal or illegal. or we could choose which ones we got involved in.

      The UK has no choice. over a million people marched in London alone, and many more elsewhere against the Iraq war, but Blair paid no attention. What Brits thought didn;t matter. it was what George W Bush thought that he cared about.

      Scotland would never be in that position because the likes of George W Bush would barely be aware of our existence any more that he was of Latvia or San Marino.

      Britain has to be a military power to stay at the top table. Scotland wouldn’t get near the top table.

      Has it ever done YOU any good the UK sitting at the top table?

      Did you ever get to fly to Washington DC or Beijing for dinner with the president?


      We don’t need to be sent to war.


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