I just saw this on Twitter. A Conservative supporter is sent a begging letter by Conservative Campaign Headquarters (remember, we used to get them under the name Peregrine).  Anyway, the line before the sign off reads: “We are finalising our election plans now, David…”

But, wait. It was only today that the Conservatives had their debate in parliament and only yesterday that the Cabinet agreed to put it to parliament, or so we are told.

So, how can they possibly be finalising their plans? Surely they couldn’t have planned a general election since yesterday’s announcement and be putting the final touches to it within 24 hours?

Oh, and on the subject of the Tory election campaign, it seems that those being questioned by the police over their involvement in the election fraud from two years ago will be allowed to stand as candidates this time.

I suppose the Tory press will have very little to say about that. Imagine if some other party had tried to pull that stunt?

I love it when the Mail talks dirty.
A riddle rolled up in a mystery inside an enigma: that’s Tess (as opposed to Tass!!!).



  1. We Americans have done our best to inform the English about how to govern themselves. From the abomination of an hereditary head of state (you COULD have an orange faced real estate con man as an ELECTED head of state), to a Parliament that has absolute power, unrestrained by any principle of constitutional restraint, including elections on demand by Prime Ministers. The Guardian suggests that the Tories may finally “kill Labour off” in this election…….making a reference to a member of Thatcher’s Tory government in 1983 who warned of an “elective dictatorship.” This seems very disturbing!

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    1. It is very disturbing. The Cameron/Clegg government brought in fixed term governments to stop prime ministers calling elections at a time which was convenient to them and their fortunes, or for using them for other political gains. Supposedly as a safeguard, should something untoward happen, if 66% of the Commons voted for a dissolution they could bypass the law. Mrs May has used it shamelessly.

      Having wiped out the Liberal Democrats by getting them into coalition with them in 2010 and rendering them all but unelectable by 2015, they seem to be trying to do the same to the Labour Party. She is clearly hoping to get herself a bigger majority in Westminster so that she has more freedom from her own backbenchers’ whims and fancies when it comes to the negotiation of Brexit.

      In short, she is breaking the parliamentary system her own party set up and all for the benefit of the Conservative Party.

      The fact that one can elect an orange-faced moron in your system is rather frightening. On the other hand, under the brit’s system, they can elect a grey-faced idiot from their own people, and she can connive to be the leader for 6 years. What a disaster that is.

      It also calls into question the role of the queen. If parliament can decide this, why is May obliged to go to Buckingham Palace and ask the queen to dissolve parliament? Isn’t that another waste of time in a busy world?

      Finally, I return to the question. How can the Tories be putting their finishing touches to the campaign when it was only announced yesterday?

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      1. Now I see why Parliament had to vote. I assumed that maybe Parliament historically voted on EVERY call for a new election. I had missed the fact that a new system had been put in place by Cameron and Clegg. This seems like egregious opportunism.

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        1. It is. She will have little problem getting her Brexit through parliament, in as much as she needs to get things through parliament. Corbyn has already indicated that, as the British people voted for this tom foolery, who is he to stop any of it. Opposition?


      2. The “needs 66%” thing was always a lie.

        All it ever needed to get around it is a majority vote, since that’s all it takes to introduce or repeal a law.


  2. Planned it beforehand? Knowing Labour are unelectable in England, or in Scotland, or that there are some 30 odd Tories about to be fingered for fraud?

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    1. Something like that. She’s been saying no in public and organising an election behind the scenes to steal the march on the other parties, and some ‘idiot’ let the cat out of the bag.


  3. She said in that Andrew Neil interview that she wasn’t going to call an election. It was a direct answer to a direct question. Now only a couple of weeks later she has completely changed her mind.
    Was she being untruthful when speaking to Andrew Neil and the viewers or have circumstances radically changed in some way to force this U-turn?
    I see nothing to suggest that circumstances have changed much, ( unless of course she got wind of prosecutions for electoral fraud and the by-elections that would follow as a consequence).
    That Conservative Party “fighting fund” letter strongly suggests, at the very least, a call for an election was seriously under consideration and that contingency planning was well advanced. It’s inconceivable that she didn’t know this. It’s understandable that she wouldn’t make the announcement in a TV interview, but if she was being honest she could have said something along the lines of how it was a matter under consideration or that it always remained an option. But no, she choose to unequivocally deny it. I’m not impressed by the moment of clarity and illumination occasioned by fresh air on a country walk through Wales. To believe that requires that she’s mercurial if not scattered-brained. Her career in politics shows she’s anything but that. It was Ken Clark who referred to her as “difficult” and less diplomatically as “that bloody woman”. After her dealings with Nicola Sturgeon and now this call for General Election I think it’s fair to say that Mrs May is not someone who can be taken at her word. She’ll undoubtedly have success at the ballot box. She might hope this will strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations, but I’m sure EU negotiators will be re-evaluating just how much credibility talks, agreements and understandings made “in good faith” actually have.

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    1. Good points, Jake. Interesting, that last one. None of these things will have escaped Guy Verhofstadt. She’s clearly a woman whose word cannot be trusted.


  4. It’s a pity that folk seem to think that you cant be a facist unless you wear strange uniforms.
    We are now living in a scary society that thinks legitimate dissent must be stamped out.
    If we don’t escape, i fear for all the grandchildren of our country.

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    1. Jutie: I certainly don’t hold with the idea that you have to wear strange uniforms, or join a far right party to be a fascist.

      Maybe the Tories aren’t yet, but the collapse of Labour and the fact that the only viable opposition is the SNP who at very most can only ever get 59 seats in a parliament of 650, means that they can get away with whatever right wing crap they want to.

      I fear for us, never mind our kids and grandkids. This is becoming scary, especially for sick people, or as we’ve seen most recently, those who have been unfortunate enough to be raped.

      Who will they come for next?


  5. So Mrs May acted like like Westminster politician Quelle surprise
    please take your snp faux shock horror and put in a dark place.

    Its time the Labour boil was lanced if at the end only the true
    Old style Labour is the only ones standing I will be happy.
    Enough ! of the Blairite Tory lite brigade those who would
    impose the Tory agenda without a first let alone a second

    And as you lot are always and forever saying more Tory
    Westminster rule more votes for the snp/Independence
    misrule so why the whinging ??
    and lets be honest if the snp had won the referendum by
    a 1% margin you lot would happily and forcibly imposed
    the snp dictat and not give a toss for any no voters views.

    May acted like any sleazy politician she saw a opportunity
    and threw out all her high minded rhetoric and jumped into
    the cesspit head first.

    The voters dont have to vote for her they will have to choose
    mayhap she wont get the massive majority she and the Brexiteers
    pray for and if they do they will once again ruin the UK completely
    and probably destroy the Union as well.

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    1. Niko, you seem to live in a fantasy world where a ‘proper’ Labour Party is just over the horizon.
      Sorry mate, it ain’t going to happen.

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      1. Jutie: They have a let of centre leader, but he’s not opposing most of what May puts through, and when he does his people defy him.

        Worse than useless.


    2. Greetings, Niko, hope you are well. Nice of you to assume that the SNP would be the government in an independent Scotland? Strangely enough the kind of Labour party that you, and I, want can only come into existence in an independent Scotland. Hopefully your party can get enough together to deprive May of the majority she desperately needs.

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    3. I’m not complaining about the 52% vote. I agree that where a vote is over 50% it should carry the day.

      But it seems to me not unreasonable that whilst accepting that the UK wanted to leave, (and the Scottish government did) someone in the Tory party should have been aware that Gibraltar, Scotland and NI voted strongly in the opposite way and cared enough about part of their united kingdom to do something about it. They didn’t.

      It wouldn’t have been beyond the bounds of possibility for these three countries to have special deals that reflected their different situations, and needs… and their votes.

      I say that because it was possible for Denmark to get a special deal for Greenland.

      OK, I know it’s not quite the same, but there are similarities.

      The Scottish government put forward proposals for Scotland to leave the EU with the UK, as the UK wanted, but remain in the single market or join the EEA.
      May said no, despite having said she would listen to us.

      She’s not listening to Ireland either.

      So i don’t think it’s high minded whinging…

      The trouble with Labour is that it HAS an old-Labour style leader, and he is behind Mrs May. He says the country voted to come out and (given that he is anti-EU) he has no wish to obstruct the will of the people. Fair enough, But the people in Scotland, Ireland and Gibraltar, not to mention the city state of London didn’t.


  6. due to the 2015 election fraud by the tory party should we not call in the un to keep an eye on the election? not forgetting wee ruthies peek at the postal votes

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    1. I’d agree with that.

      I see that May has said that those being investigated by the police may still stand for her party.

      Dodgy or what.


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