Happy memories of the last referendum. A stunning version of Caledonia by the Libations.



14 thoughts on “CALEDONIA”

        1. You know I love it, man. I remember singing it with you at teh City Churches that day…. well, with you and the lads… and Munguin of course. Nice day, Darren. Give my best to all the lads.


  1. When we are independent I would want that for our National Anthem. F O S is sung by Yoons at sports who dont want us to rise now and be a nation again. But Caledonia’s been everything I ever had is so much better a sentiment. And in the last 3 years I have sung along to Caledonia plenty, but I resolved to never sing F O S again until we are free.

    Alba Gu Brath!

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      1. I’m sure we’ll have good reason to get together for a party and a sing song pretty soon, Tris. That’ll be a night to remember…
        Saor Alba

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