Dear Mrs May,

Since you became prime minister of your united kingdom, you have consistently said that you won’t have an election outwith the 5-year cycle that your predecessor introduced in order to discourage political opportunists from having elections when it best suited their party.

You said only the other day that the people were getting behind you in Brexit (although we presume that you meant English people because from where we are sitting in the Kingdom of Scotland, we see no sign of it), so it cannot be that you feel that you have need of endorsement for your Brexit policies despite the, to our eyes, apparent abject failure of most of what you are trying to do.

So we aren’t entirely sure why you are doing this. It may indeed be that very political opportunism which Mr Cameron wished to avoid (with a prod from Mr Clegg). Certainly, Labour is very weak, whether in England under Mr Corbyn, in Scotland under Ms Dugdale and possibly even in Wales under Mr Jones. By going for an election that you calculate you cannot lose, you may hope to extend your tenure of the top job from 4 to 6 years without much trouble from the main opposition party.


Beware, however. No matter how unpopular Labour may be we’re not certain that there are many seats that it can lose. You might say that they are relatively close to ‘core vote’. What’s left now would rather eat their own feet than vote Tory. And, two years down the line from the disastrous coalition, the Liberal Democrats could pick up some of the seats that the Conservative took from them in 2015, particularly seats which are largely pro-EU. Whilst there is a possibility that you might take a Scottish seat or two due to a mixture of Labour’s uselessness and the fact that your tank commanding lady in the sole serious representative of the British Bulldog in its red white and blue splendour. We’d not count on you getting too many, though (remember the rape clause REALLY went down badly here), and it’s not beyond possibility that you will lose Fluffy, his coat being on what we would call a shooglie nail. (Although we dare say that’s a ‘disaster’ you could cope with.)


In any normal circumstances, we’d assume that any government would have taken all of this into consideration before embarking on this ‘brave’ endeavour. But with the government you lead, given your record thus far, one can never be certain that things have been thought of, never mind thought through.

It has been the custom over the last few elections, here in Scotland, in the UK and farther afield, for party leaders to take part in debates on live television in order that the population may find out what it is voting for, directly, if you’ll pardon the expression,  from the horses mouths, as opposed to the glossy wishlist stuck through doors (which, in the majority of cases, make their way from doormat to bin without passing Go, or collection £200 as it were). It’s all very well to say in a leaflet that you are going to do this, that and the next thing, but it is far more interesting to see policies dissected by opposite numbers, don’t you think. Almost entertaining sometimes.


And, of course, that works both ways. You get the chance to question other party leaders’ policies, live in front of the peoples of your united kingdom.

We understand, though, that you have said quite categorically that you will not take part in any tv debates with your opposite numbers.

We can only guess at your reasons for doing this, but we trust you understand that the public will demand that these debates go ahead with or without your participation.

Yours sincerely



PS: You might have had the decency to allow the local elections taking place all over Scotland to be over before you made your announcement. I say you might have, but clearly, you didn’t.

PPS. What will happen to the 30 Tories who are under police investigation in England for cheating with their election expenses? Surely until they are cleared they cannot possibly be candidates in a further election? How can we guarantee that they will not cheat again?


We just saw this corker of a front page:


She’ll KILL off Labour, SMASH rebel Tories and it will be blue MURDER.

Nice measured language, The Sun.

39 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

  1. I have to applaud the Greens here Tris. They are apparently not standing a candidate in Scruffy Fluffy’s constituency. I think they may have felt the backlash from 2015 and are, like everyone else, desperate to see the back of May’s wee tea boy (Junior grade).

    I think this G.E. is a good opportunity for all the independence supporting parties to garner together and get behind the SNP this time. I say this not as a SNP supporter but from a purely common sense point of view. In fairness to all the other parties it is only realistically the SNP who stand a chance of winning any seats from Labour/Tories/LibDems. The best chance to achieve this, in my view is for only SNP to stand against the unionists. If any other parties stand against the unionists then they lessen the chance of SNP winning and thereby sending the strongest possible message to Mayhem!

    I think Carmichael will be, as always, pretty difficult to unseat but the other two can be kicked out but as I say it needs all the independence parties to work together for the betterment of Scotland and not self interest this time.

    As a wee aside Craig Murray has an interesting piece on the G.E.


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    1. yes. Hats off to the Greens in that. They know that there is no chance whatsoever of a win, and that, as you indicate, their participation last time probably gave him his seat.

      Of course the unionists will be doing the same thing (as I suspect they did to get Willie Rennie his seat in our elections).

      Thanks for the heads up for Mr Murray’s article. I’ll have a read.


  2. Ooh, is that yous ootside the Wellgate wi yer guitar? Anyways, I can’t say I was all that surprised by this snap election thing, because (a) she said she wasn’t going to call one, and (b) she said “now is not the time” for us Jockanese to be getting in the way of her Cunning Plans to undo 100 or so years of economic and social progress, so, assuming that she’s a liar and a hypocrite (always a safe assumption), this was actually quite predictable.

    It is possible that I am being unfair, and that was simply an unjustifiable and disgusting ad feminam attack of which I should be ashamed. So – let’s have at it again. The view from Schloß Freeman is that it is all of a piece with the shambolic nature of the whole Brexit process so far, and the frankly delusional approach the regime is taking towards the Europeans and to the negotiations that must be held with them. The European Parliament had its vote on the matter on 5 April, since when we have heard precisely nothing from Ms. May and her junta – or have I simply missed it?

    My working suspicion at the moment is that the Tories have no Brexit plan, and have found out, as President Trump did over the American health care system, that “It’s complicated”. So, instead of trying to come up with a proper negotiating strategy and a plan and so on and so forth, May and her jolly crew have decided that that is just too, too difficult, and are therefore seeking a mandate to go for the hardest Brexit possible, and let the pieces fall where they may – after all, they are not the ones who are going to suffer personally from it.

    May’s cries of “Politics is not a game” would sound much, much more convincing if she and her party could once refrain from playing it that way. It’s high time our team at Westminster took their ball and came home with it, and I hope the manifesto on which the SNP are going to be standing, and the result of GE17 here, will prove conclusively that there is both a mandate and an appetite for independence, with or without another referendum.

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    1. That’s Munguin with one of the Libations, a group that took an amazing version of Caledonia into the charts before the last referendum.

      They donated all the money from its sales to local food banks.

      I’ll put up the video later as a post so it gets more views than it would on this post.

      We met up when they were in Dundee for a day. Great guys, and a lovely memory. Darren still looks in on the blog, he tells me…

      Well, it is certainly true that may and her team of hapless muppets have absolutely no idea what’s going on, and yes, it’s difficult.

      I really thought that she was going to resign yesterday, but no, she’s going to plough on making mistake after mistake with her team of dreary right wing losers.

      What could go wrong?


    2. “May’s cries of “Politics is not a game” would sound much, much more convincing if she and her party could once refrain from playing it that way. It’s high time our team at Westminster took their ball and came home with it, and I hope the manifesto on which the SNP are going to be standing, and the result of GE17 here, will prove conclusively that there is both a mandate and an appetite for independence, with or without another referendum.”


      I am not at all convinced that walk-away’s are a good politic political strategy.

      I think now is the hour.

      We should have in our – SNP – UK election vote, a clear statement that a vote or us, means independence. No, ifs, no buts. Vote SNP or Green and that is what you get. You may want to vote Green, and that is OK.

      Let the our beloved Prime Minister argue otherwise.

      This, potentially, is the break up of the UK. It is not a trivial event.

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      1. I’m very happy for an independence referendum to be in the manifesto, as it was last time.

        I’ve just listened to the lying woman tell Angus Robertson that we don’t spend all the money the UK gives us (the UK gives us!!!!) on health, and our schools are failing.

        Good of the UK to give us that money. I mean it’s not like any of out taxes contributed to it. The brits are so generous.

        And it’s not like the English health service has people dying in corridors waiting for beds, or English schools sending out begging letters to parents.

        No everything in England is going fine.

        Managed to humiliate any rape victims today, Mrs May?

        Oh and how many deals did mr Fox bring back from his round the world trip?

        None you say? Goodness. That was a waste of money, given that he did enough miles to get to the moon. First class. At our expense. The useless tosser.


  3. May harnessing her inner Trump in that photo there.

    Hang on, that conjured up an image I want scrubbed from my brain now…

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  4. Morningside Murray without drawers

    Ermined dinosaurs snuffling snores

    The Queen’s telephone positively purrs


    No more whys, only wherefores

    Lets emulate the Punic Wars

    See bored WAGS shag chauffeurs


    House prices, golf club bores

    Londoncentric preference shares

    By Lord Byrons’s syphilitic sores!


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  5. May (and the powers that really control things) will be hoping for a coalition with the Libdems. She knows Brexit is a disaster, and especially a ‘hard’ one. Her party would crucify her if she softened her approach.She can blame any Brexit back pedalling on the Libdems.

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    1. I think the Lib-Dems will take seats, from her mainly.

      Difficult to read the Liberal Democrats under this bloke. They are simply teh most un-liberal lot. But they remain wedded to the EU. She’ll have to make the rewards great for them to risk annihilation teaming up with the Tories yet again.


      1. Got it from WOS. They seem to be doing cartwheels over there. I think we should just play it slow. The Yoons must be killed off permanently, the only way that can happen is to let things get a lot worse so no-one wants to stay in the yoonion. When we get an overwhelming proindy then we go for it. Get a +60% proindy then it will never resurrect itself. Die die die.

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        1. Well, I’d not use that kind of language …

          After all I just knocked the Sun for doing it.

          We are proud of the record of many years of struggle and no deaths. A record around the world. It would be horrific if it happened now.


    1. You really have to wonder at them, Niko.

      They can’t have used these words by accident.

      Who knows the effect they could have on the hard of thinking. Or the EDL/BNP/Orange nuters.


  6. To me it all comes down to this. A Government in another country once again telling us what to do, and when to do it. Completely unacceptable, and if we put up with this situation for much longer we are bigger mugs than even I thought.

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  7. Tris
    I wasn’t surprised I must admit, I would never trust anything a Tory says, end of. I think the SNP need all the support they can get but I suspect they will play it safe again, they won’t include a reference to UDI in the manifesto and it will be a reference to another referendum and that for me would be a mistake. Another referendum with Westminster agreement is now further off than ever, people were talking 2022, well now that is 2024 at least if the Tories win, too late. UDI, no matter how controversial and unpopular in some quarters is looking like the only way independence can be gained. Do we wait on the yoons forever to change their minds, I don’t think we can. Initial thoughts are the SNP lose a couple of seats. They might gain Mundells but lose in Edinburgh with Murray keeping his seat and the Liberals picking one up, possibly another in the Islands and Carmichael the liar survives to fight another day. Keeping 50 would be a major success but would obviously be used against them, they can’t win either way and a larger Tory majority in Westminster will just rub salt into their wounds so no UDI has to somehow fit into the equation, it won’t though.

    The Tories won’t get a 100 plus majority, I just can’t see that. If Labour were in any great shakes this election would not have been called, this is about a very weak Labour Party and election fraud cases, no doubt about that. The Liberals are going to increase their seats and UKip I don’t think will get any to be fair or the Greens which is a pity as I have a lot of sympathy for Green Policies.

    It will be interesting and for those people moaning about another election down South and up here, you are part of the problem and why this country is in such a state, the apathy is shameful when the country is ripped apart by the Tories in my opinion.


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    1. I’m instinctively against UDI, even with all the provocation.

      The international bodies would reject us, and the EU would refuse us entry, as would EFTA. We have these people on side at the moment; they’d be on the UK’s side if we simply declared independence.

      That said, if they did do it, I would still support it rather than be part of the UK.

      It will be interesting to see what happens to people who said that they would not stand in tehnxt election expecting it to be in 2020.

      Carmichael? Mhairi Black? Ken Clarke?

      I’d very much hope to see Fluffy defeated. As a SoS he has been a complete joke.

      And the pompous little man that decided to take the huff at the Labour members’ choice for leader and left us without a shadow SoS.

      I wodner what the turn out will be, so soon after the local elections.

      For me voting twice in a month isn’t a massive problem. For some it will be.

      One of the things that annoys me mos is the way she has relegated the local elections to utter unimportance.

      Because it doesn’t matter who empties her bin, the rest of us can sod off. Arrogant woman.


      1. The crucible May thought she was creating using the Council elections has moved to a General Election. Who can say how long she’s known or at least entertained the possibility of a GE contrary to her original stance. The tail I think is wagging the dog and we are unlikely to know the reasons any time soon. I’m unsure about the UDI question but the decider, be it permanent or not is coming.

        As for the ones going boo! hoo! Not another election? They need told to get a grip, this is important so get off your arse and get involved. You must need the excersise if your that effing lazy. That’s more or less what I’ll be saying to any of them that I come across anyway.

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        1. Really important to get out and vote.

          I can understand the Brendas who don’t want all their newspapers to constantly be on about an election, and all the tv news and discussions about elections. But put yourself, Brenda, in a position where there were no elections. The you’d soon want one, I think.


    2. I’m with you Bruce, there has to be a statement in the Manifest that a certain level of seats (40) or 50%+1 of the votes is sufficient for a declaration of the abrogation of the Treaty of Union. Independence!!

      Tris, I think you are wrong. The UN supports the democratic vote of peoples. I believe every other organisation in world knows of the undemocratic situation we are in. We live in stable, modern, fiscally responsible, moral country. What is there to object to.

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      1. Well, it’s a hard one to judge. I’ve just always been wary of giving the Uk any stick with which to beat us.

        Of course I’m aware that this may have worked agaisnt us sometimes.

        Northern Ireland got FAR more consideration from the UK because they chose violence.

        I simply wonder what the EU, EEA and UN would do if we declared UDI.

        I bow to the knowledge of people who know more about it than I do (and i suspect you do!)


  8. There’s a lot of online debate regarding the UDI question and my opinion is that it would be a mistake. If the SNP were to stand on a UDI manifesto commitment in June they would in effect be asking the Scottish people to vote for independence. I’m just not convinced we have enough converts to Yes yet and I think many of the ditherers would consequently chicken out and either vote Unionist or stay at home.
    On the other hand the referendum option being further down the line, gives Scotland a dose of full English Brexit as the catalogue of incompetence, arrogance and future hardship unfolds. Once people see the full glory of an empowered Tory government and experience the consequences they will be more likely to see that, getting to hell away from them is the best option and vote accordingly.

    So I suppose that puts me in the ‘keep the heed’ camp.


      1. Emotions aside, in the cold light of day, it’s a no brainer Tris.
        We need to take the long view if we want to win. The SNP have got it right so far so we need to trust them to play the end game.

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        1. That is my tendency. There is no harm in having a referendum in the manifesto, then May will have a job to tell us that “Now is not the time”.


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