The Tories have overseen a large number of fairly odious policies designed, so they say, to encourage the workshy back into work. (Some of us might say that when you are lying dying in intensive care, possibly “workshy” is a tad on the harsh side, even coming from a Tory. Indeed, some of us might be tempted to believe that what the Tories were REALLY trying to do was to dismantle the Welfare State that they never much cared for.)

A new rash of cuts in benefits was introduced at the start of the new financial year 2017, among which was a particularly controversial policy which means that to benefit from child tax credits for a third or subsequent child, women must prove that the child was conceived as a result of rape. Not so easy to do if like many cases, for obvious reasons, the violation was not reported to the police. In any case utterly humiliating to have to relive such a vile experience.

Politicians, campaigners and people in the street have condemned the measure as, at best, heartless, at worst downright inhuman.

As Nicola Sturgeon said when talking about it on her recent visit to the USA, the policy is bad and bad enough, but for it to have been introduced by a government led by a woman is nothing short of astounding.

I’m not going to even try to get into what a rape victim must feel like. Relatively few men are raped, and it’s impossible for me, as a guy,  to imagine the horrors and the humiliation.  Suffice to say, for what must be a very small amount of saving when compared with, say, the refurbishments to the Palace of Westminster, it would have been a good idea just not to go there.


OK, so in Scotland, the leaders of the main parties across the board, have condemned out of hand the Westminster policy. All except Ruth Davidson.

Uncharacteristically quiet this week, when normally she would be taking every opportunity to get her face on tv and in the papers in the run-up to the council elections, Ruth eventually issued a statement, via a spokesperson, saying that she supported the UK government’s policy, and that she would write directly  to constituents who had contacted her on the subject.

Cop out, we thought. You’re a party leader, we thought. You need to tell us ALL what your take on this policy is, we thought.

So, today, a new line has been taken both by Ruth and by her deputy, Jackson Carlaw. Obviously, they have had one of these “how the hell do we get out of this mess?” meetings and this was the answer they came up with.

Wait for it…


Yep, it seems that in time-honoured SNP BAAAAAAD fashion, it is all the SNP’s fault. Nicola, they both think, is a hypocrite to blame the Tories for a Tory policy that the Tories introduced (what with the Tories being in Government in London).


Yes, you read that right.

Ruth and Jackson point out that the Scottish government now has the power to mitigate some of the social security policies of the Tory government without permission (and indeed they have done so). If the SNP feel so strongly about not humiliating women who have been raped, they should use these powers.

So, there you are. Problem solved, thanks to the super brains that are Davidson and Carlaw.

I wonder what Ruth thinks the government should cut in order to fund this… or perhaps it would be better if we put the tax up on high earners. There are few funding options open to Scotland. Any Tories reading, how do you feel about this policy? Should Scotland mitigate it and if so, with what?

Pathetic. spends millions mitigating welfare cuts & will continue to do so. We wouldn’t have to if Tories didn’t make callous cuts.


    1. Tris

      I blogged about the same thing today but not as eloquently. The Tories are a hateful and spiteful party of scum and Davidson is up there with the best of them, I despise them in every way. What decent country would ever think of such a thing, I really believe the agenda here is to make things as bad as they can possibly be in England then push for privatisation in the near future which by then the blind and misguided down south will be screaming for it and we will suffer for something we have rejected for the last 62 years and that is Tory scum. Of course there will be yoons and Rangers fans who will party at the latest hate filled change to policy, we have got to get out and get out as soon as possible even if we do become poorer, anything has to be better than this hate filled shit hole of a country.


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      1. I absolutely detest the Tory party and their philosophy. They do not represent me, my country, or the beliefs of any civilised human being. And, Tris, I am a Rangers fan and a former nationalist candidate. Understood?

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      2. You are obviously correct about the yoons Bruce but don’t tar ALL Rangers fans with that brush. There are lots of them who not only support lndy but are full SNP members

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    2. Thanks, Douglas. It’s unbelievable isn’t it.

      I don’t know if this will work, but it should be her actually saying it…like she believed it, rather than it was something that some wide boy came up with at a damage limitation meeting. She should get a job acting.

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      1. Who better to recognise hypocrisy, than this Puddin’ Faced Harpie!! It is after all her stock in trade. Remain, leave, single market, no market. Lead the nation……. She couldn’t lead a retreat!!!!

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  1. My understanding is that the SNP object – reasonably – to the rape clause. It is not a general objection to the two child policy. Most people have under 2 kids nowadays anyway. I suspected myself when Cameron came up with the wizard wheeze that it was aimed at ethnic minorities. It seems fairly typical of their brainless and thoughtless approach that it crossed no-ones mind that there were some specific groups who would be “unintentionally” harmed.

    It would be better if they accepted their mistake, apologised for it, and found some way to apply compassion and discretion. Taking a hard – and typically anti-SNP – line in Scotland merely illustrates how belligerent and frankly stupid Ms Harrison and her band of unelectables really are. One truly hopes they are annihilated on May 4th. Stupid, callous, fucking idiots – all of them without exception.

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    1. I can understand that, I guess.As you say, most people don’t have extra kids so that they can claim the tax credits!

      Sometimes however, people can fall upon hard times. A man I know had an extremely good job and had 6 children. Then he had an horrific accident at work and was unable to work at his old job. He had to take one with FAR less money and presumably gets help through the tax credit system.

      It can be complex.

      But the huge objection is the way they have dealt with the rape situation.

      Universally deplored, except by the Tories.

      I hope it hits them hard electorally.

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    2. davidbsb,

      That, i have no other word for it, pish, from Ruth Davidson opens her up to an allegation of gross hypocrisy.

      “Taking a hard – and typically anti-SNP – line in Scotland merely illustrates how belligerent and frankly stupid Ms Harrison and her band of unelectables really are. One truly hopes they are annihilated on May 4th. Stupid, callous, fucking idiots – all of them without exception.”

      Couldn’t agree more.

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    3. Thanks, David – you mentioned the elephant in the room that some of us, including me, managed to overlook in our outrage at the “rape clause”. In fact, I just had a horrible thought… could they have put that clause in precisely with the purpose of generating such a storm that they can then rescind it to general acclaim and rejoicing throughout the land – and get away unchallenged with restricting tax credits to just the first two children?

      Whether the world is overpopulated or not, restricting tax credits to the first two children is no way to influence the demographics – as part of a budget, with no parliamentary scrutiny, using the taxation system to penalize children for the crime of being, including the latest wee mite’s elder siblings. Or maybe the Tories don’t realize that by the time people have had a child, it’s too late to rethink their decision? And that the birthrate needed simply to hold the population stable works out at more than two children each for women who become mothers?

      So – let’s assume the Tories get all their own way and it all works as they think it will, so messing with the tax credit system and all their other bits of social Darwinism depress the birthrate further, to a level significantly below the replacement rate, and then they slam the doors on any new people coming in, and they kick out “foreigners” who are here already… If you’re a Tory, no doubt you’ll then moan that “You just can’t get the help these days”.

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      1. I guess you never know with Westminster.

        Could it be that Mrs May’s been listening to people who are just managing and she’s creating a British Empire that is 100% behind her and works for everyone (even if they don’t have a title… no, really), and she has graciously decided that she will delay the introduction of the rape clause for 6 months (much to the embarrassment of Davidson).

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  2. You only have one Tory who openly comments on here Tris. Niko is an idiot unionist, but his heart is in the right place. (I only need one shot, the head is too small…)

    Yes Dean, I mean you.

    Justify it. I dare you.

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    1. I Come from a family of 10 children
      dad worked but free school milk ,free school meals
      hand me down clothes/jumble sales.
      one time all the free school mealers had to
      wait until the paying ones had been served first.

      I hoped we had moved on …. we havent we are going backwards

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        1. Worse still, it stands alone in Europe. Other countries move forward, the UK rubs its hands together and salivates about the days of the empire.


  3. The best analogy I read yesterday, on Twitter, was that untruthie, was celebrating the abolition of the Fire Service and in doing so, she sets your house on fire. She points out that you have a fire extinguisher ans then tells you to sort it out. I have ever so slightly embellished it but you get the Chris Cairns cartoon on it in your mind?

    Tories are poisonous reptiles, inside and out.

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  4. Attended the George Square rally against this appalling rape clause. Regarding Ruth’s suggestion that Holyrood uses its powers to create a benefit that effectively negates the Tory rape clause, I would be inclined to do this provided that Holyrood also has the power to remove charitable status from private schools and provided any tax relief saving comes to Holyrood. It is mostly well to do Tories that benefit from the charitable status of private schools so it seems entirely reasonable that it is they who should be hit directly in their pockets to pay for the misdeeds of their vile party.

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  5. if ruth wants holyrood to mitigate the rape clause may isuggest holyrood raise the icome tax rate on all the dispicable tpry msps who support it my guesss they would all have a sudden change of heart

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    1. LOL Yes, you beat me to that one.

      Why not. If they want us to mitigate its effects, then I’m sure as responsible human beings they won’t mind giving a few thousand each to enable it.


  6. The notion of restricting state aid to the first two children has to be totally wrong.
    Taken to its logical conclusion and for the sake of consistency the state should also deny the mother access to midwifery care for the third child and the child itself shouldn’t be allowed access to state funded visits from a Health Visitor, vaccinations, the services of a GP, nursery education, primary and secondary education. In later life this third child should also be denied access to any and all state funded benefits up to and including heating allowance, old age pension and of course any death grant.

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  7. Our forebears, in my case parents and relatives returned from WW2 and over the next thirty years or so built up a welfare state in Scotland that provided a safety net for the poorest of the poor. Health, Education, Housing, Unemployment Benefits were built into a framework to ensure that their children never saw the poverty and deprivation that they grew up with in the 1920s and 1930s. Since the 1980s there has been a gradual slicing of the benefits of the Welfare State, but today!!! The perpetrators of the latest round of cuts are made from the same cloth as those my father and uncles fought against and caused many families injury and loss. Ignorant, callous and uncaring doesn’t quite cover it.

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    1. Yes. I agree, ealabhan.

      This is ours, we, our parents and grandparents paid for it.

      Since Thatcher there has been a constant erosion on it. It’s like they are trying to remove it completely.

      And what is Labour doing?

      Oh yeah, that!

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  8. I hope The Bullrider is given the opportunity to put forward a motion for the Scottish Government to do as she said, when Holyrood re-opens. That would be interesting.

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    1. I hope so too. Stand up in front of MSPs of all parties and show how low you are Ruth. Let your side cheer you and the rest of us let you know just how low we think you are.

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  9. Victims would still have to fill in the form.
    There is no more I would want to say about the Tories.
    Sadly it is Labour who carry the stench of hypocrisy. Having opposed Scotland having control, even at the level of their favourite diversion-devolution, they voted down every single amendment that SNP MPs put forward to give us real powers and still be in the UK- Kezia Dugdale writes a pathetic letter of complaint.
    After mitigating the effect of bedroom tax we asked what happens when the next Tory policy comes along, Labour only ‘policy’ was to put up some tax by a penny. It wouldn’t have paid for much. Well the next Tory policy has come along, so what happens when the next Tory policy comes along?
    Incidentally I noticed Murray Foote tweeting on this issue and still trying to pretend that the Vow wasn’t fake news. ( Yes I’m all for using the Vow powers but Ruth Davidson blah, blah, blowhard.)

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    1. I think Jake nails it there.

      If they want to bring in a two child policy it should carry across to everything.

      They can give birth unaided and unless they can pay for schooling the child would have to go without.

      That’s how ridiculous their policy is.

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  10. Off topic but I see our Dean claiming that he did not post on the Scotsman forum. Strange because an individual under the name Tory Tory Tory has repeated word for word some of Dean’s comments on here but with added insults usually directed at Sturgeon.. He must have an ardent fan who hangs on his every word?

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  11. My thoughts on the cull is that before the more savage policies appeared Westminster moved to change the names of benefits. No more ‘sickness’ or ‘disability’ payments, just terms that would emphasise that the ‘natural’ state for people was to be in employment, even if illness made them temporarliy or permanently unable to be so. Just consider the terms ‘Employment Support Allowance’. or ‘Personal Independence Payment’. Illness will be done away with, at least in political parlance :/

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    1. That’s a really good point Jim.

      They have removed what might evoke a bit of human decency in people.

      This person is sick, or disabled. It would be our duty to help them. Some, like mrs may, might say our Christian duty… but by removing these words and replacing them with bland civil service jargon, we dehumanise the people who need our help.

      Now you mention it i can’t imagine why i didn’t see it before.


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