1. Oh lookie lookie!

    It’s the COWARD of the Country!

    The “leader” of the xenophobic warmongering Tories in Scotland, who have absolutely NO policies for the upcoming Council elections, is SO brave she sends a wee spokesperson out to meet the press and say SHE supports this inhumane and disgusting attack on victims of rape!

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  2. If I’m repeating myself, people, please forgive, it’s because I’m doitit.

    I’m just a bit satisfied, grimly, that Ruth and her Ruth Davidson SNP Bad Party (tout entier?) are in favour of this more than usually repugnant bit of Tory nastiness, because she is predictable only in that she slavishly follows the diktats of her masters at Tory Party HQ / Westminster. Advice not to stand in the way of another independence referendum? Sunk without trace. Brexit: catastrophe before referendum, best thing since sliced bread after. Now we have her touting the local elections on 4 May as a referendum on not having a referendum, because Now Is Not The Time! Now here she is again, defending the Westminster regime’s latest flagrantly indefensible attack on the poor and the vulnerable.

    I do hope that all this is leaving the savvier among her troops – at Holyrood, on the ground, and standing for election to our local authorities – completely dismayed at what it has done to their electoral prospects. Maybe the Tory supporters who turn up for branch meetings are different, but I’m convinced that people whose psychology will pass for normal, be they left, right or centre, cannot possibly be in favour of the “rape clause”.

    Passed with approximately zero scrutiny by the Westminster Parliament, as part of the budget, as I understand it – oh, the glories of Parliamentary sovereignty now that dear old Blighty has seized it back out of the grasping paws of Johnny Foreigner!

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    1. Ed: Well, you have to hope that there will be some repercussions for a policy so horrible and just plain wrong.

      I can’t much add to what you’ve said there.

      One of the things that never cease to amaze me is that they can equate this with Christianity. Mrs May can get positively dictatorial when it comes to having the word “Easter” attached to an egg hunt because it belittles the church’s part in the extravaganza of money making that is Easter. But no such concern about humiliating people who have already been humiliated.

      You wonder how much lower they can get.

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  3. ruth will never contradict her westminster bosses i may be a auld cynic but i think she has been promised with some sort of reward eg safe seat in england or if we lose indepenence ref fluffy mundells job i could be wrong and she is just a horrible tory blindly following her leader as she has no political awareness of any kind

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    1. She is, or has become, a political whore, both on the greater external stage and within her Party

      Sooner she moves to a safe English seat, after indie, the better.

      She is not wanted on the voyage.

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    2. Billy: With Tories there is always the prospect of a seat in the retirement home for politicians, where they can dine well at our expense and the servants call them “my lord” or “my lady” and nothing is too much trouble… and if they break the law the authorities cover it up. Mind you, labour get that reward too.

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    1. I prefer her there, but she has lost some campaigning time, and I assume left it to other people to take the stick they get on the doorstep about this.

      There’s no danger of a Tory, Ukipper or Liberal-Dem campaigning in my ward, but if a Tory did my question would be. Do you support what’s happening with social security? Not just the rape clause, but the rest of it. Because you people have made a local election into a discussion of national issues. So although there is nothing you can do about rape clauses, it would be fair to say you can’t do anything about independence either.

      If you support the social security changes then you must be unpleasant people and I don’t want to be represented by an unpleasant person. If you DON’T support this policy and find it as abhorrent as the rest of us, why are you still standing for the Tories?

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  4. It does highlight the fetid corruption of the Brit State in all it’s layers. The BBC not touching it, little news coverage, politicians hiding.
    The FM makes a comment about respectful discourse in the time leading up to a Referendum, newspapers ‘interpret ate’ that as telling cybernates to behave , while T May tells newspapers if you print any derogatory articles about Brexit you can’t come and grovel at news conferences, you’re out.
    Prof Richard Murphy properly debates GERS with K Hague, Hague spends the rest of the day attacking R Murphy on Twitter. No further coverage on the BBC.
    The UK is done no matter what.

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    1. Brian: Another great summing up of the situation here.

      I remember my primary school teacher saying, what happens in the USA will happen here ten years later. I think we have caught up. It’s a matter of months.

      The news on the BBC is nonsense. (I listened to the 8 o’clock news on Radio Four. Apparently, more of Labour’s schools are falling down and will have to be repaired at great cost to us. Not a mention of the fact that they were built by Labour, under a Labour scheme.)

      Hague seems to me to be a proper idiot. He was obliged to admit that he was absolutely wrong over GERS when one to one with the professor, then when safely out of the studio he backtracked.

      It;’s not only newspapers that are being told to be pro Brexit. Big business likewise. May, Fox and Davis have made it clear that if you want a hearing in government you must come with a positive attitude to how to make Britain great again. No dour faces about the chaos they are creating.

      Reminds me of Trump. Or Kim.


    1. The almost certainly won’t have a policy on bins. Bah, that’s boring stuff for little people. They are British. The future of the world is in their hands… or at least that’s what they like to think. Just like Munguin thinks he’s driving the car because he gets to sit on my lap in the driver’s seat.


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