43 thoughts on “ANYTHING YOU CAN DO…”

    1. NAH!

      She brings everything upon herself Conan.

      She disnae think or maybe just cannae think … either way she is her own worst enemy!

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      1. Tris: I’ve thought a lot about this chronological sequence problem, and haven’t come up with a solution. The “Reply” on this blogsite is very strange.

        One of your “Auld softie” replies was slightly indented from the other one. The first one was indented apparently to show it as a direct reply to Arbroath. The second “Auld Softie” reply was NOT indented and was apparently placed as if it were a new comment…….instead of it being a Reply to Conan’s earlier comment. It seems to all depend on which “Reply” you click on and when, but I really can’t sort it out.

        The issue is further complicated by the fact that later comments in a thread apparently quit showing a “Reply” at all. So then it becomes a problem to figure out which EARLIER “Reply” you should click on to preserve the chronological sequence WITHIN THE THREAD.

        And in any case, the system (whatever it is) makes it impossible to read the CURRENT comments without going back and re-reading the entire list (where new comments are inserted into old threads.)

        One way around this might be to ignore the comment threads and clickable “Replies” entirely, and just post every comment (including replies) as a NEW comment at the end, and manually address them with a “@ ” when appropriate.

        A further problem is that the indentions of later comments in a thread are so small that the individual threads are not immediately discernible at all.

        I’ve thought that maybe I could access a “settings” page on the site that would let me determine how I want the comments list displayed on my own screen. But I’ve never actually looked for it. πŸ™‚

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        1. Ah Danny. Ever the scientist with the STEM mind..

          I think the best thing is to have a name and @ as you suggest. I keep on trying to remember to do that… but you know my scatter brain by now.

          Munguin says it’s age. I say he can wait for his supper!


      2. Errata: Instead of “indentions”, I should have written “indentations” (I think).

        BTW, I remember that in the Clinton presidency, there was a Bill Clinton cutout placed outside the north portico where tourists exit the White House after the daily tours. So tourists could snap pictures. I don’t know if later presidents have done this or not.

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      3. Yes Tris…..I think maybe I’ll just start posting replies as a “New” comment with an “@”. Then by going to the end of the list, you are current.

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        1. Crap system< Danny. I'm sure they make it so bad so you give up and pay for the better service. They obviously aren't aware of Munguin's legendary meanness!!


  1. Perhaps we should have cardboard cut-outs of Nicola made to satisfy the inevitable demand for selfies from important foreign dignitaries which is sure to follow.

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  2. Here at Schloß Freeman, we have noted the diplomatic snub to His Orangeness the Mango Mussolini inherent in the First Minister’s expressing no interest in seeing Himself. We are sure she speaks for all Scotland in this, even for paid-up members of the Kezia Dugdale British Labour in Scotland SNP Bad Party, the Ruth Davidson Scottish Conservative and Unionist SNP Bad Party, and the Wee Wee Willie Rennie Scottish state party of the federal Liberal Democrats SNP Bad Party. Maybe not Scotland in Union, though.

    We note also that oor Nicola is in the US busy not seeing the POTUS while the Scottish Parliament is having its Easter Hols, and that she has been addressing Stanford University and arranging for an additional few million something or others in additional investment in Scotland, talking to the United Nations, so on, and this is absolutely totally and completely unacceptable behaviour because, as the KD, RD and WWR parties have said, she should be concentrating on her day job. This is terribly bad behaviour on her part, of course, when there is Theresa May off in Saudi setting an example by sooking up to the bloodsoaked regime there to flog them British bombs for use on Yemeni women and children.

    Oh, and Hammond Organ, President Treeza’s Imperial Bean Counter, is in India (Jewel in the Crown) for reasons currently not clear to the Schloß Freeman authorities, unless it involves innovative jam and biscuits as part of the Empire 2.0 programme, because it can’t be Tata Steel, can it, because didn’t they say ta-ta to us already?

    And “oh” again! Governor-General His Fluffiness Viceroy David Mundell is in Burma [Myanmar, shurely? -Ed.], to do something similar involving tea and biscuits, no doubt. Though of course he may just be on his Easter Hols, we don’t really know, as he hasn’t sent us a postcard this time.

    So, obviously now is not the time for oor Nicola to be rocking the boat with referendums a minority of the Scottish people have no appetite for, and not concentrating on her day job. Oh, no. She might make people sit up and take notice of Scotland, make friends and influence people, enhance our profile and our reputation, talk up our world-class universities and promote exchanges with them, assure foreigners of a warm welcome, show herself to be a thoughtful, serious leader capable of forward thinking and planning – a stateswoman, really. Oh no, that would never do. That would never do at all, oh no, never. She should concentrate on her day job.

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    1. Absolutely. Why can’t the SNP BAD Party just see that.

      I mean she’s getting above herself. The only time she should be out of the country is if Her Excellence May sends for her to attend upon Her Excellentness in Downing Street, but in fact there she is leaving John Swinney to run things while she swans off getting selfies with cardboard cut out… oh no, wait… I may have that a bit wrong there.

      Anyway, I’ ll thank you not to quibble about what we call Burma. It was good enough for Empire I, why would it not be good enough for Empire II.

      Damned cheek of these ungrateful Natives, changing the name to something in their language.

      No, mark my words, when the Empire is reestablished they’ll soon be calling it Burma again, and grateful too.

      Imagine the honour for them of having Fluffy there. Why he could try on the hat and if it fits he could become the new Viceroy.

      I always thought Fluffy would look good in a helmet:

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  3. Nicola is a fantastic ambassador for Scotland and appears to have made many new friends on the other side of the pond.
    Of course,the soor plumb faced morons who constitute HM opposition at Holyrood are beside themselves (and others) with outrage.
    How dare she represent Scotland as a country without HM government permission and in any case,how dare she present Scotland as a country since we are merely a region of HM Reich.
    Rule Britannia.

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      1. It may indeed be an Ancient or Hunting Pinstripe, as the setts look rather too close to one another to be a Douglas, and the Gothic Douglas / New Zealand Rugby tartan is, of course, All Black…

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  4. Oh god. The Kezia Dugdale photo is cock-withering on so many levels. If the woman had any self-awareness, I’d be sorry for her. I might imagine enemies in her own party (always the most vicious) had set her up to look like a nitwit Head Girl fawning over The Head. But she really seems so cluelessly kamikaze that she may well have thought that a village hall manager like herself could rise no higher than taking photos of a cardboard cutout whilst wearing a Kiss Me Kwik hat. Maybe if she’s ever allowed to visit the dizzy heights of Madame Tussaud’s, she could photo herself with a wax model of Ann Widdycum.

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  5. Anyone remember Curran’s Comedy Cavalcade when she was reduced to using a cardboard cutout of Doctor Who in Shettleston to she the level of support she had.

    I seem to remember she didn’t manage to button up her coat properly.

    At least Curran wasn’t wearing a Blackpool Or Bust straw hat.

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  6. We should make a cardboard cutout or two of Nicola’s hand and send one to each opposition leader and TRex for them to blether at, since they seem to be talking drivel most of the time.

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      1. Hasn’t it pretty much always. presumably he’ll want his old job back when Labour disappear in a puff of blue smoke. best keep in with Dacre by doing his bidding.

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  7. @Danny, @trispw. Like this idea! You can access all your comments in the admin page. Click ‘My Sites’, down to ‘WPadmin’. Once there, pending comments should appear. To go into all comments there’s a ‘Comments’ button on the left navigation bar. That opens up them all and makes answering a bit easier. Apologies for sticking my oar in if you already know this. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Scottishmomus. You can always stick you oar in here… and never think for a second that I’ll already know something. The likelihood of that is minuscule! πŸ™‚

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