14 thoughts on “TIME TO TRASH TRUMP”

  1. Very nice review of Trumpy and his world. I love the comparison between Angela Merkel and the orange faced moron. In the organization chart we may have to move Steve Bannon (the white supremacist who ran a right wing website) to a lower rung of the White House ladder. He was removed from the prestigious National Security Council yesterday (and was no where to be seen at a press conference) after reports of friction with Trump’s son in law. I guess that nepotism has its uses.

    Trumpy left Washington in a driving rain this morning for sunny Florida where he will meet with the Chinese President. God help us! 😉

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    1. Am I right in thinking that he takes people down there to a resort which he owns? And if so, does his company benefit from the business of feeding people like President Xi?

      Steve Bannon… he’s the one with the face that looks as if he consumes a couple of bottles of the hard stuff every day and has done since he was 14?

      I thought he and Trumpers were best buddies? Still, Nepotism is a game all the family can play.


      1. Yes Tris, Steve Bannon is the scruffy looking one in the picture who seldom even wears a tie in the White House and ran “Breitbart,” the far right wing alt-right (racist) website. (He was the grim reaper in the SNL skit.) He engineered the campaign win and was once very close to Trump and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner who seems to be in charge of everything now at the staff level. But that relationship seems to have cooled some, and Bannon was booted from the National Security Council (where a political operative had no reason to be in the first place.)

        What Trump likes to call the “Southern White House” is Mar-a-Lago, a huge Palm Beach Florida estate built in the 1920’s by cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. Trump bought it years ago and has turned it into a members-only club and hotel where he maintains a private residence. Although Trump maintains the pretense that his business is in a “blind” trust run by his sons, the use of Trump properties for official White House functions is controversial. The Wiki article talks abut this a little. The prominent use of Mar-a-Lago for this purpose tends to promote the Mar-a-Lago Club’s attractiveness to private membership. The membership fee is $200,000 with $15,000 annual fees. If a member wants to spend a night at the hotel, the MINIMUM charge is $2,000 per night. But you might get a view of the presidents of the US and China in the dining room for example. The attire is formal! I hope to see you and Munguin there soon. 😉


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        1. Thanks, Danny. Munguin and I can’t make it this year. Unfortunately we have pressing engagements elsewhere, with the emperor of Antarctica.

          The resort sounds a bit Las Vegas. Loads of tat at high prices and absolutely zero class.

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      2. Tris……sorry you and Munguin have prior commitments. Perhaps another time. Mar-a-Lago (White House South and Las Vegas East) has tons of gilded metal and miles of gold draperies. Trumpy really likes gold. 😉

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      3. I confess that part of my brain took off on a tangent and misread the name of the place as “Mar a Lego”. Gold Lego. Willy Wonka. Goldbricking at golf courses. Six orange twitters tweeting in a tree with a partridge in it. And so on and forth.

        Fortunately it stopped once I had taken my medication. His Orangeness Don Naranjón has that effect on me.

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  2. Just to let you know, Tris, that I shared this page to an American anti-Trump group on facebook, may it produce much laughter and light relief over there, and loads of lovely hits for Munguin.


    1. Oh cool, Ed.

      The more that see it the merrier.

      Munguin will be charging an entrance fee next, to fund his new jet. (Well, all the best media moguls have one, or two.)

      Let me know if you get any titters!

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