As ye sew, so shall ye reap.
But, but, but…
Shona must resign… oh, wait…
Never mind, we showed them foreigners a fink or two, guv.
One of the greatest minds of today. I bet the BBC stop using him.
adam tompkins
Aye, Adam. Let’s get David Davis, Liam Fox, Tessy May and Boris Johnson up to give them some lesson… or maybe not?
Yep, it was all about hard work. if she’d been a lazy tosser she’d have ended up down the brew working for her ESA in B & M Bargains. Or maybe not…
As usual, Alan’s bang on the nail.
alt jesus
Sounds like a plan!
Who’s got the biggest…? Jings, are you 12 or something?
Qué, indeed. That fellow took the words out of my mouth!
Yes. People like this actually exist.
brex EDL Britian first
Not entirely sure, though, that this isn’t an artist’s impression!
Don’t tell me Liz passed on, the monarchy was abolished they we elected that eejit?


40 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. As it looks increasingly likely that the fragrant Ms. May’s regime is going to have to destroy Gibraltar in order to save it from the Spanish [Shurely shome mishtake?-Ed.], obviously the Tories are going to need somewhere offshore to park their money and their many friends currently holed up on the neighbouring Costa del Crime, and I think I have just the place for them. It should also provide another suitable casus belli for the war Ms. May is going to need to bolster her flagging popularity, as is the habit of right-wing authoritarian regimes in such circumstances, with Ms. Thatcher and the Argentine Junta being a case in point. Or maybe it was the other way round.

    Anyway, it’s in the Southern Hemisphere about as far south of the Equator as Jersey is to the north, so it sounds ideal. The only inhabitants are a few French scientists who would need to be kicked out, but of course modern-day Britain is sick of experts and foreigners, so that’s OK, and if the French protest, I have one word for them – Remember Agincourt!

    Perhaps we could persuade the whole British Establishment to up sticks and emigrate there, to put themselves where their money is, and prove their unshakable loyalty to dear old Blighty? Here it is – though they might want to consider renaming it Queen Theresa’s Land, as the name looks a bit foreign, like Kerry, Curaçao or Albuquerque. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/kerguelen-islands

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    1. Looks lovely. Sort of place I’d like. Not too many people; the ones that are there are intelligent, speak French, and can probably cook.

      Love the reminder about Agincourt!

      I think you are right about the Malvinas. Galtierri (??) wanted to take the locals’ minds off the worsening economic situation, and Thatcher wanted exactly the same.

      It worked for her. No so much for him though!

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  2. I draw your attention to the last picture:
    “Don’t tell me Liz passed on, the monarchy was abolished they we elected that eejit?”

    It could happen. Something very similar happened in the USA. Right down to the hair style!

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  3. There is a land border between Spain and Gibraltar. Do you suppose the armchair warriors who wrote the crap about Armadas can work Google maps?

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    1. There people go, ya see, applying logic and geography to the situation.

      I loved the Sun headline yesterday.

      Up Yours Senors.

      What’s this word “senors”?

      I thought the plural of “Señor” was “Señores”.

      Still, could have been worse. They could have put an apostrophe in “yours”.


  4. You know, it’s funny but despite being an avid politics avoider, I actually agree with most of those Random Thoughts. Not sure about the ‘Throw More Stones’ one, though. 🙂
    Have a great day.

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