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It’s like Scotland had voted the same way as England and Wales and wanted to remove itself from Europe. When, in fact, it voted 62-38 to remain in Europe.

It’s perfectly true that in 2014 the Scottish people voted to remain within the UK. They did so based on a promise from David Cameron, conveyed through Gordon Brown (because Cameron knew he was unpopular in Scotland, and no one would believe him) that we would have the most powerful devolved parliament in the world with as near to federal powers as it was possible to get in a union like the UK’s where one member comprises 85% of the population.

Now, you really only have to look around the world, to Canada, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Australia, India, Belgium… and so on, to see that that is utter rubbish.


The powers that we were promised were watered down firstly in the Smith Commission (with 6-4 unionist-independentist members), and then further by the Tory/Liberal Democrat, largely English Cabinet before being sent to Scotland. When a bill for more powers came before the UK parliament, no amendments put forward by recently-elected Scottish MPs were accepted. All were outvoted by UK MPs.


And of course one of the most specific warnings at the time of the Scottish referendum was the threat that were we to leave the UK we would be thrown out of the EU, and that that would be a catastrophe. Some young people, with a view to travelling, studying and working in other EU countries may very well have been swayed by these threats (as may well have been businessmen and others).

No one is asking the Scottish people to make a decision on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations before they are completed. (Although, given that there will be no referendum on the outcome of the talks, no one in Britain will be given a voice.)  It has been made clear that negotiations are to be finished by October 2018…in 18 months’ time. Now is not the time. After the negotiations are completed IS the time, before Scotland is dragged out of the EU against its will.

One might ask why the will of 55% of the Scottish people in 2014 is more important than the will of 62% of the Scottish population in 2016.


The Scotland Office says that leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity, and then continues with some drivel about being fairer and more united and outward looking. Seriously, that is insulting after the warnings we were given about how disastrous it would be to leave the EU.

The UK will not be united. There’s about a 50-50 split, and two of the four integral countries of the union are opposed to leaving and will be badly affected by it.

The UK will not be fairer. A good deal of the fairness which exists here is down to EU law. It’s already been suggested by people like Mr Fox that Britain will have to deregulate business so that they can take advantage of opportunities. A trade deal with the US will demand that we work to their standards (which are far less rigorous than the EU’s). The Human Rights legislation of the EU will be binned and our access to European courts will be removed.

It won’t be stronger, and I have no idea why anyone would think that isolating yourself would make you more outward looking. I’d have thought that with people no longer able to travel, study, live, work anywhere within the large and getting larger EU, we are likely to become even more inward looking that we have always been.

But why am I surprised? The Scotland Office has never represented the will of the Scottish people. How could it, run as it is by the Tories who managed to get only one seat out of 59 in our country in the elections of 2015.


Oh, and how many times are you going to repeat Mrs May’s latest catchphrase “Now is not the time”. Presumably the time is when Scotland has been dragged out of the EU; EU people have left to make a better home for themselves and can no longer vote and people with dual nationality have moved to the other country to which they are attached.

Still, it’s better than the “Brexit means Brexit” and “Brexit is red white and blue” that she came up with before.

32 thoughts on “WHAT? JUST WHAT?”

  1. Reads like that reply (meaningless waffle) was written the day after the ScotParl vote. Dismissive and contemptuous in equal measure. Fails to acknowledge SNP were elected with a democratic mandate for another referendum given a material change in circumstances. So fluffy is telling me the SNP/Greens – and all their voters – need to respect the vote in 2014: well that isn’t going to happen until they respect the promises they made to win it. Which they didn’t and won’t. So *** yer respect fluffy, you and your clown pals get none from me.

    Fluffies reply does not address anything in Nicola’s letter at all, doubt May even bothered to read it. Nicola needs to take the gloves off now; Westminster is planning to lock us out of EU (Great Repeal Bill) and then shut our parly down or reduce it’s competence to roadsigns and nothing else. They will gut Holyrood’s powers they way they stripped anything meaningful out of Smith Commission. And the yoons in Holyrood are fine with that. Matter of survival now.

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    1. I fear that is their desire, WM.

      Remember, they didn;t even want a Scottish parliament and one of their list members recently said she didn’t recognise its authority (although clearly she recognises its ability to fork out her salary and expenses).

      I suspect direct rule would suit them nicely.

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  2. so goodbye scottish parilment it will be closed down after brexit
    4.4 To provide the greatest level of legal and administrative certainty upon leaving the EU, and consistent with the approach adopted more generally in legislating for the point of departure, the Government intends to replicate the current frameworks provided by EU rules through UK legislation. In parallel we will begin intensive discussions with the devolved administrations to identify where common frameworks need to be retained in the future, what these should be, and where common frameworks covering the UK are not necessary. Whilst these discussions are taking place with devolved administrations we will seek to minimise any changes to these frameworks. We will work closely with the devolved administrations to deliver an approach that works for the whole and each part of the UK.
    4.5 This will be an opportunity to determine the level best placed to take decisions on these issues, ensuring power sits closer to the people of the UK than ever before. It is the expectation of the Government that the outcome of this process will be a significant increase in the decision making power of each devolved administration.
    4.6 Legislation that is within the competence of the devolved legislatures or ministers giving effect to EU law will also need to be amended as we leave the EU. We therefore propose that the Bill also gives the devolved ministers a power to amend devolved legislation to correct law that will no longer operate appropriately, in line with the power we propose should be held by UK ministers.

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  3. Sinn Fein’s statement about their colonial governor (to be) was that all he gave them was waffle when asked for answers to pertinent questions and is symptomatic of the present Westminster regime’s conduct.
    That’s all anyone seems to be getting from the Brexiteers is,waffle waffle waffle (sounds like a Chas and Dave song).
    Forgive them Father,for they know what they do.
    Doubt that I will ever forgive them however.

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    1. I just can’t see Brokenwhatsit managing Sinn Fein. Direct rule looks likely. Heaven knows what will happen.

      Why won’t Forster just stand down while she is investigated? They won’t work with her.

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  4. Off Topic:

    “Hi. sorry to bother you but I mentioned a while ago that I was going to ‘advertise’ your site on Facebook. Mainly to my kids who have a lot more contacts than I do.

    I seemed to notice that your ‘fans’ have increased.

    I am really not arrogant, your growth could be natural. but I’d like to know whether advertising your site to my facebook contacts, and theirs in turn and so on and so forth might have made a difference?

    I have sort of joined ‘Pensioners for Independence’ and, if the method works, I’d recommend it to them as well.

    If not, well a lesson learned.



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    1. Thanks very much Douglas. I guess if the number of followers has gone up, then it must have worked. The more the merrier I say!

      So yeah, if you let the pensioners know too, that might do us a power of good.

      Munguin says that the Czech is in the post (but then he always says that. In fact sometimes he says the Hungarian is in the post! He’s a bit of a haver!)

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    Work continues on a properly worded fatwa, a whole sheaf of international arrest warrants, and a denunciation of the Treaty of Utrecht that will settle the matter by allowing Spain and Scotland to exercise joint sovereignty over the Rock of Gibraltar and La Linea, Ailsa Craig and the Free Port of Ardrossan.

    P.S. I am sending my British passport to Ms. May by Registered Post for her to add it to her collection of other worthless but expensive knick-knacks.

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    1. She’ll maybe ask you if you want a Blue Passport (the best kind according to the Brits) in return.

      Maybe (given that you sound pretty educated and up for all the legal jargon) you could write a wee letter to the King of Spain, asking him if, while he’s stopping Gibraltar leaving the EU, he could put a spoke in Tessy’s wheels on behalf of Scotland… but kinda using proper words 🙂

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  6. David Davis has now admitted that immigration levels are likely to continue as they are, because we need foreign workers. Why didn’t I think of that?

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    1. LOL. Well duh.

      Munguin and i believed that the day after the referendum, miraculously and by the grace of some greater power, all the foreigners would disappear in a puff of smoke.

      We were kinda hoping that whatever power it was would leave at least one Polish plumber in Dundee… y’know, for the obvious reason that sometimes we need some plumbing done.

      Day by day more and more wheels come off that bus with the £350 million a week on it.

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      1. Actually, my favourite plumber in Dundee is an Iraqi Scot. Lovely man. The surgeon who saved my life not too long ago – by sticking a couple of stents in an artery in my heart, which is of course easier said than done – is from South Sudan. There is no doubt in my mind that they and their families should be given Scottish passports on the very day they first become available.

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  7. Tris, here we are at the very start of negotiations, and already the EU has them over a barrel with Gibralter. It will be interesting to see what happens if they try to use Scotland’s assets as chips in the game, what with our referendum coming up and all. I think the EU will be unlikely to accept that under such circumstances.

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    1. Yes. I’m inclined to agree. Nicola played a blinder by getting over to Brussels early on and letting them know how we felt.

      She made friends.

      Mrs M made enemies.

      Nicola has asked for help. May has demanded and threatened.

      Whatever else May is, she is not a diplomat. She doesn’t make friends. Johnson isn’t either and Davis is just rude and arrogant.

      Nicola does make friends and she is a diplomat.

      And she has made the EU at various levels, aware of how Scotland feels.

      Add to that that Guy Verhofstadt is on Twitter and a lot of people have tweeted him, asking for his support.

      He and many of the northern countries, not to mention Germany, seem to be well disposed to Scotland.

      I can’t imagine that they will let May walk all over us.

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      1. Immediately I heard Guy Verhofstadt say that he intended to stick up for the rights of EU citizens everywhere – in response to TM’s little bargaining chip ploy – I e-mailed him to say me too! Me too! I’m an EU citizen! Stick up for my rights too! Scotland’s rights!

        With my usual malignant narcissism, I am therefore hoovering up every scrap of credit that may be going around for giving him the idea of ‘associate citizenship’ or whatever they’re thinking of calling it.

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  8. The more that developments regarding the negotiations are reported in that special right wing British media fashion, the more it will stoke anti European feeling in England. Because Europe is holding all the aces it will be spun to look vindictive and spiteful. The leave voters will man the barricades before they will ever admit that they blamed the wrong people for their woes. i.e. The European Union instead of they’re own government.

    Brexit surely must be one of the biggest con jobs pulled on a western ‘democracy’ in modern times. Trouble is if the Scottish electorate doesn’t grow a pair this time, we will, to coin a phrase, ‘all be in it together’ and that’s going to be very hard to live with indeed.

    We have a lot to be positive about just now though so I’m going to be happy 😬

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    1. Well, yeah, I agree with all of that.

      We must look on the bright side. It could be so exciting. Something to inspire such creativity and industry.

      Well…we need to make it happen!


  9. The quote from the Scottish Office is a reply to signers of an online petition for a second referendum for Scotland. I replied to them asking if they knew the truth. This leaves two possible drivers of their position: Ignorance (= not knowing) or Malice (= telling lies). Either case, why should we be listening to them.

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