A union flag between two dustbins and tweeted by a “UKIP influencer” (whatever that is). Presumably that’s someone who “influences” Paul Nut-Tall. (Not something I’m keen to investigate further.) Munguin prefers the two dustbins sans drapeau.


Good article in the Guardian:


Of course, if you read some “papers” (we won’t pretend that they are “NEWSpapers”), this is a day to rejoice, for Britain will no longer be shackled to the biggest, richest trading block in the world. Soon it will be free to do trade deals with Trump, Erdogan, Netanyahu and their likes.

And, of course, these trustworthy gentlemen all have the interests of Britain very firmly uppermost in mind. So stand by to be royally stuffed.

Even more frightening, as I may have mentioned before, this whole catastrophe is in the monumentally incapable hands of Mssrs (and I mean that literally) May, Johnson, Davis and Fox.

Scotland’s future can hardly look bright with these people in charge.

54 thoughts on “DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP, TESS”

    1. The union flag is most definitely upside down. At the right end the white strip is for the pole. The top right hand corner of the flag therefore should have the broader stripe on top. The flag upside down is a sign of “distress” and to be between two dustbins is even more appropriate!

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      1. Yep, looks like that’s the consensus, Bill.

        Maybe the good councillor (who apparently isn’t a councillor at all, but once was), was a bit distressed that his party lost 100% of its MPs without there even being an election.

        Whatcha think?


  1. No it’s is right way up, at least according to this site. It is all to do with the position of the thin red diagonal stripe. If it is at the bottom of the White cross on the flag nearest the flagpole then it is correct if the Red stripe is at the top of the White stripe then the flag is upside down.

    In this photo it is all down to what you take as being the position of the flagpole. Is the “flagpole” on the left of the picture or is it on the right.

    Click to access Flying_Flags_in_the_United_Kingdom.pdf

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  2. The four horsemen of the apocalypse. I hope they remember what foot goes in the stirrup when mounting although the wrong one may be entirely appropriate given their current performances.

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      1. I had to look it up. It seems that it depends on which side the flag pole is. As he managed to have two flag poles, it seems it’s anyone’s guess. Kinda like most Ukip policies.


    1. Now I am upset about him being gutted. Still I’m sure his friend Nutty will be there for him. If he’s not attending some important function on Alpha Centauri, in his capacity as professional footballing with a PhD in being at Hillsborough.

      Who knows with Kippers?

      Talking of which, I wonder if Nutty smokes like Nigel?


  3. I think it is upside down. The sleeve that the cord or rope passes through is on the right hand side of the flag. The flagpole would be on the right.

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    1. Ah yes, I see.

      So although he has two flagpoles, if he only had one it would be where the white strip at the side is, in which case it IS, in fact, upside down.

      Very logical, Jutie.


      1. I don’t think flagmakers thought about making one suitable for flying on a bin. Quite surprised, really.


  4. It’s just like a little barrier to stop anyone walking between the bins. I very much like the symbolism – control the border to the bin but at the same time recognise that not many people will actually want to go there because it is in fact a bin whose most basic function has been impaired by unnecessary decorations expressing xenophobic sentiment.

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    1. Well, I’m certainly feeling distressed.

      That said, our FM put Ruth the Tank Lady in her place at FMQ when she went on about “the day job”. (Incidentally, Ruth, that’s getting a bit tired now).

      Compare and contrast that with the dismal replies that their FM gives in London when Angus asks her something.

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      1. No doubt the Scotland haters on YouTube will edit it to make Ruth look like the boss. Titles like ‘Ruth Davidson owns Sturgeon’ abound and it’s grisly out of context viewing. She continually plays up to this to big up her image down south yet still no safe seat is forthcoming so boo hoo.

        I really hope it doesn’t work out for her and they discard her when she’s served her purpose.

        Serve her right so it would. The f######## etc……


        1. That’s probably why she wants to stay in the union. Foreigners, unless they are inordinately rich or royals for the Middle East, don’t cut much ice with Tories


    1. Yes, and why wold it not?

      They seem to think they can pick and choose; they really seem to believe the 450 million need them more that they need it.

      But it doesn’t work like that.

      Ask Norway. Ask Switzerland, Ask Iceland.

      You want something from the block, you negotiate and you pay.

      Threatening doesn’t work.

      They don’t seem to understand qualified majority voting either.

      In the end they will get some sort of a trade deal that is in the interests of everyone, but you have to give up stuff to get stuff back.

      It was never this way with one’s empire. One just rode in and crushed the foreigners without a thought.

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    1. Talking of flags, someone tried to burn the EU flag only to find out that because of EU regulations flags must be fireproof. Bwa ha ha ha ha


    1. They look as if they may be brown bin, for recycling garden waste. They are probably empty as hard right wingers don’t believe in any of that stuff.

      So his bins and his butcher’s apron will soon be at the other end of town…


  5. I wonder what Nicola ‘wee Krankie’ Sturgeon wrote to Theresa asking for Sec30?

    “Dear Theresa,

    Scotland didn’t give me the answer I demand. Can I have another go?

    Bags of Love,

    Sounds about right.

    SNP haven’t debated education policy on gov’t time in Holyrood since October. No government bill (except the petulant foot-stamp demanding Sec30) in over a year. And wee nippie is regularly ignoring the “sovereign” will of the Scottish parliament (5 times in 6 months acc to the record).

    This fresh separatist push won’t cut the mustard.

    No still means no. 55%. We won. Respect the sovereign will of the people.


    1. I suspect that the letter was more complex than that, Dean.

      The UK that people voted to stay in has changed out of all proportions. Disaster awaits.

      I would have thought that as a good European you would have seen that. Or are you like Ruth and Fluffy? Only European when the leader of the Tory party tells you to be?

      We were told, specifically by the Tories, but also by their close friends Labour and the Liberals who, at that point were attached umbilically to the Tories, that the only way to stay in Europe (which was utterly vital to us), was to stay in the UK.

      Ruth said it, Cameron said it, the second-hand car salesman said it, Jim Murphy said it… Indeed all the Tories at one point or another said it, knowing that Scotland was very attached to the EU and that it would frighten younger people that their future would be only in Scotland in what is becoming an ever more international world.

      Your lot lied, although to be fair, almost no one thought there was a realistic possibility of England and Wales following Farage, so maybe you were just misled.

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      1. It’s a difficult conundrum for me.

        My identity (as I saw it) was Scottish, British & European. Equally.

        I don’t see the solution in abandoning my feelings of being ‘British’ in order to keep ‘European’ (or vice-versa). I’ve lost the legal right to be ‘European’ as I saw it, I need to live with that. I don’t really want to lose being British to keep it (or vice versa). It’s a ‘deuce of a pickle’ as my American friend once said.

        In a globalisational age, we share elements of our sovereignty to enhance our independence.

        We share intelligence, defence to fight cross-border tech crimes, people trafficing. Cede ‘sovereignty’ of independent action to have an effective common fight against climate change. So forth.

        This is true to my mind at a British microcosm and a European one.

        ‘Sovereignty’ through nationalism is an 19th/20th Century solution and understanding of international relations which is no longer effective.

        We have corporations richer than countries now. Separation based on ever smaller ‘ethno-cultural’ elements is no answer to these challenges.

        Scottish separation is no answer to either challenges (‘sovereignty’ or my identity as Scots,Brit, European)

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        1. Well, as you say, you were three things, now you are two.

          For me, being left of centre, I want to be European and Scottish. I can leave all the tra la las of being the second most important country in the world and paying for it, behind me.

          But to each thier own.


    2. Then again maybe twas Dean wot hung it roon the wrong way. He seems to be getting a lot wrong maybe still hungover. Eh Wot young kipper!

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        1. But to be fair, all the Kippers have been saying how proud they are of what the Tories are doing.

          Nigel said that virtually all his policies are adopted by the Tories.

          Ruth’s waking up, or not, with Nutter. Jeez, I’d rather not go there.


    1. They’ve always accused us of following first Alex and now Nicola blindly.

      Maybe we do. I’ve always thought they were pretty good leaders, both for the party and for the country.

      But now, the volte face of so many of the Tories and Labour is beyond belief.

      Davidson and Muddle are just amazing.


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