29 thoughts on “CHILL, IT’S ONLY A DEBATE”

  1. There is the touch of the Collie-dug in there. When you hose them down, underneath all the fur these is nothing but lean muscle and they can run all day and more

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  2. Does anyone have a dog that actually likes being bathed – I mean as with shampoo and stuff?

    Swimming in the sea or a loch or flowing water doesn’t count.

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  3. I used to chuck our collie head first into a deep pool of water every week on Lewis. She knew it was coming too but got her own back by getting as close to me as possible before shaking herself – again, and again.

    We tried the bath but it freaked her out too much.

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  4. Watching the debate on parliament TV, losing the will to live… GET this you bloody TORY morons I WANT a referendum, GOT IT?

    To happier matters; it’s my daughters’s collie cross who had been rolling where he shouldn’t. Quite like some Tory MPs for that matter.

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  5. snp attack dogs

    me brother (disabled) subject to dwp sanctions
    me unionist me sister more unionist than me
    actually voted for Thatcher..ex RAF queen and country
    first last and always …
    has just started treatment for Cancer Chemo Etc looks
    after him sorts his meals out makes sure we all help

    now tell wht the fu.. are the snp doing to help him

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    1. Established the Scottish Independent Living Fund? In the process of abolishing the Bedroom Tax? Making sure there is still a Scottish NHS? That kind of thing Niko?

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    2. Go and see your MP/MSP/Coucillor, Niko. Find out what help is available.

      I’d prefer not to make something as sad as this politics, but have you asked what the Tories are doing? And who started this dreadful purge on the ill and disabled.

      Not the SNP!

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      1. Nah ! But if God forbid they won there would be
        A lot of dead and dying unionists in Scotland.
        It would be Francos Spain reborn as you lot
        Hunted down the remaining Unionists and
        Shot us down and dumped our bodies in
        Unmarked graves ,

        I see wars, horrible wars, and the Tiber foaming with much blood. (Virgil)


    3. Until the Scottish Government takes over administration of disability-related benefits – next April, I think it starts – ALL complaints about them should be addressed to Westminster. I was on PIP myself, and lord knows there’s more than enough to complain about – so much so that I stopped claiming it because it’s just too difficult and humiliating.

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      1. I think the Scottish government only gets to play around the edges, but as Conan and John pointed out there are things that it has some control over.

        I remember the humiliating notion that the Deputy FM of Scotland (Nicola, at the time) had to write a letter to an unelected aristocrat junior minister in their DWP asking permission not to penalise sick or unemployed people who were on housing benefit and had an extra room. Said junior minister of aristocratic leanings, and thus unelected took his sweet time to bother to reply to her too…as is the way of these superior people, I understand, when a mere commoner (albeit elected) addresses them.

        Now I see they are applying the same horrendous standards to pensioners. So if you are a couple of elderly people with health problems and need the privacy of a single bedroom, you’d better give up any idea of being able to eat.

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    4. As much as they can, with the scraps the bastards at Westminster throw our way.
      Sorry to hear of your families afflictions, but don’t sink to the same depths as the unionist twats do, ffs.

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      1. I think we all feel for a fellow Munguinite having a rough time.

        But I agree, Jim. Don’t try to blame the SNP for the lousy social security system which, at present, is almost entirely in the hands of Westminster. That of course, means that as little as possible will be done.

        Look instead to what can be done. Local councils have some (not enough) money to provide social care (something that has all but disappeared in England). The SNHS, for all its faults, is a damned site better in Scotland than it is in England.

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  6. I had a couple of cousins who were shepherds. Their collies always got dipped after the sheep had been done. But, they learned. The dogs were there up until the last pen of sheep began to be dipped, then, the dogs slipped away and had to be coaxed back.

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  7. Yes yes yes now tell me law which says the snp
    Can’t pay more than the Westminster levels of
    Social security a link would be good ..

    Wot no link ?? That’s cos there ain’t one the snp /nats
    Are happy gleeful even to see any Scot ground down just
    As long they can claim Westminster is to blame.
    They would rather high five the fact of a struggling Scot
    Just to extract some kind of perverse political gain.

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    1. As far as I know, the Scottish government doesn’t yet have the power to do that.

      That’s a really stupid thing to say Niko.

      I know you’re upset, but seriously, stop it.

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    2. That’s the schtick the so called labour party have been pulling for decades, transference much?
      Your union is dead, so is your party, deal with it.

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      1. It’s strange, isn’t it?

        In England, Labour would be doing better if they were fighting the Tories, instead of fighting themselves.

        In Scotland, they would do better if they would stop fighting the SNP, who share some of the values that Labour used to have, trust the people to make up their minds about the future, and got on with opposing the awful Tory government that we will probably never get rid of unless we get independence.


    3. Niko, call your Social Work department if you haven’t already. I found mine here in Dundee very helpful when I started needing care assistants to come in. I don’t know what I’d have done without them.

      For the topping up of benefits – limited powers coming, but we don’t have them yet. Mhairi Black some time ago asked Iain Duncan Smith if he would commit DWP to not clawing back any top-ups from whatever people were being paid by his department, and he wouldn’t. Not just that, it would take DWP’s cooperation to administer it… This is no help to you, I realize, and I’m sorry. I really hope you get the help you obviously need. Do let us know how you get on.

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      1. Very sensible advice.

        It’s not Sweden or Norway, but we don’t have the kind of money they have. However, it is a reasonable service from local councils.

        And I guess you are right, Ed, if we pay out extra in cash terms, you can be sure that the British government will find a way of clawing the money back.

        Whenever we have tried to find a way of making life a little less awful for the worst off, they have tried to put obstacles in our way. Remember the local income tax?

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