16 thoughts on “FROM NO TO YES”

  1. Outside the Tories in Scotland,who fear for their income in a social democratic country,there are few who support the union for its own sake.
    I hope that those Scots who can think for themselves decide that only with independence can we stop the current insanity being imposed on us by a relatively small cabal of right wing Tories at Westminster.
    These maniacs have finally achieved what they consider a democratic mandate to legitimise their crank ideas about the UK rebuilding their empire and not having to share power with Johnny Foreigner (that includes Scots) and they are not going to let it go.
    This is what happens when you delegate power to make your decisions to politicians in another country.

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    1. The daft thing is that bit by bit they are having to admit that all that they promised in the Second Empire, is not actually going to happen.

      Extra money for the Health Service? No.

      Get rid of Johnnie Foreigner? No.

      Get rid of interference from Brussels? No.

      Get rid of influence of the foreign courts? No.


  2. I really do hope many more people like this have the courage to pop their heads above the parapet and put their reasons down for changing from NO to YES. I know it can not be easy for former NO Supporters to admit that YES is now the only way forward for a better independent Scotland. They are not alone everyone on the YES is ready to welcome former NO supporters to the YES family.

    I say to every NO voter. Believe in the good of the future, stop hoping against hope that May will do anything but continue to destroy Scotland. Tell Brown where to go and what he can do with his VOW mark II. The train for independence is currently standing in the station at platform number 1 step aboard you will be made most welcome.

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  3. Yes well fake letter made up by the snp/nats but
    Who’d believe it if you weren’t a snp/Nat minion

    Any ways after last nights question time wid
    David Davis etc and now how no deal is being
    Consigned to the dustbin.
    Let alone Mays VOW to her majesty that she will
    do whatever it takes to keep the UK together.

    I’m afraid poor old nats it looking more likely
    a deal will arise which the snp will be unable
    to credibly oppose.

    Oh dear Nicola / snp snookered again
    IndyREF 2 that train just ain’t leaving
    The station


      1. Er no ! you have been outmanoeuvred by the reality
        of a hard Brexit which is what Nicola prays for
        every single day and so do the nats.
        as you point out these policy’s aren’t going
        to happen and they are the ones the snp
        use as wedge issues to split our Union.

        Nicola has been absolutely outmanoeuvred
        and at the end there is not enough nats to
        carry a yes vote so why would anybody else
        vote with the snp/yes brigade when the difference
        between any snp Brexit and the UK Brexit
        is negligible….

        The Scottish people are not fools they voted
        no to separation and know the snp/nats would
        foment division throughout Scottish society
        on the price of potatoes if they believed it would
        advance secession from the Union

        Get rid of Johnnie Foreigner? No.

        Get rid of interference from Brussels? No.

        Get rid of influence of the foreign courts? No.


  4. niko they may have realized that no deal was always a stupid idea but nothing else has changed scotland still subject to all tory cuts to the barnett equals cuts to all services,still treated as second class nation limited control over economy independence still the best option for scotland if you do not agree give us a list of all the benefits scotland will have after brexit


  5. In the 18th century France helped the original 13 colonies of America in their fight for independence from Westminster. The EU will do the same for Scotland in the 21st century. Why? Because in this century, as in the 18th, Westminster was arrogant and ignorant towards any body which questioned its authority.

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    1. I suspect that Europe will help Scotland in every way it can.

      Britain has been a pain in the backside all the time it’s been in Europe. I imagine that although they won’t be happy to see them go, their unhappiness will be tinged with some feeling of relief that they won’t have to put up with the stuck up superiority of “better than you foreigners” Brits, disagreeing with everything and trying to run the EU like it was the Empire.

      Scotland on the other hand, seem to be a relatively typical northern European country. Consensual, and happy to integrate and co-operate.

      Once we are free from backwards Britain, I can see us progressing nicely into a modern European democracy, hopefully without any of the baggage of the empire, like royalty and lordly titles, ermine and bowing and scraping.

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