We felt a little guilty about letting one of Munguin’s OLDEST friends down so we present a Special Soppy Sunday Supplement with pictures of Western Island beaches. Enjoy…

J arran

J arran2J BarraJ Collsunny dalmore beachJ harrisJ HebridesJ Vatersay

From Arran, Bara, Vatersay, Harris and Lewis…


  1. utterly beautiful. The Thai tourist board used a picture of Great Berneray and pretended it was a Thai beach. Fiendish of them and they would have been exposed earlier if pictures came with a temperature chart! One day I must go to the Western Isles where I’m sure John Brownlie will have the kettle on. Until then Paul Murton’s Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands will have to suffice.

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    1. Cheeky sods…

      I’d have thought that their beaches were every bit as nice, in a different sort of way.

      I’ve got as far as Skye, but next time I want to go further.

      Feumaidh mi beagan Gàidhlig ionnsachadh


    1. I doubt that it is all over yet Niko. And, for information, the largest volunteer Army assembled in WW2 was from India, pre-partition.

      You might like to educate yourself on the small matter of the Battle of Kolyma-Imphal, which was possibly the second most important battle ever fought in the Second World War? I am assuming you agree with me that the Battle of Kursk was the main turning point?

      Little Englanders like to ‘big up’ our contribution to ludicrous levels. We had our moments, but it was usually as part of a joint effort.

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      1. Dougy

        I have never accepted the English distorted view of History
        Many nations ensured victory in many wars only the English
        Conservative deep held racism relegated their much needed
        Contribution to a hidden foot note in history.

        British history unfortunately has been written by racists
        Or rather they have been raised up as experts by the Conservative
        Elite to bolster their world view.

        A lesson the snp have happily adapted to aid their political machinations .


        1. Well, I suppose it does you good to have a moan at the SNP and praise the Tories.

          I reckon May came to our capital to spell out how she wanted it to be and our FM said: “that’s interesting. Have a bit of shorty and a nice cup of tea. I’m preparing my speech for the indy debate in parliament tomorrow. See yourself out, wont you?”

          And so Mrs may went home to England with nothing.

          At the same time as Sinn Fein said that they wouldn’t go into government with the ghastly Forster woman. And there’s not much chance of another election bringing about a change in that. Forster is determined to hold on to her salary, so now they can have Mr Brokendrain as their Taoiseach.

          It’s not been her day, as her moron Brexit minister admitted that the Uk doesn’t have the experience or the time to set up all the institutions that will be needed to regulate after Brexit, so they will still have to rely on the Europeans to do it for them… and pay.

          So that £350 m a week is down to 11p now.


      1. tris

        Well perhaps the only way to deal with the
        snp/nats is to stick it to them.
        That’s about the only policy I agree with
        The Torys er and the sanctity of our Union.

        Nicola says she is on the same page as May
        and yet the snp/nats don’t seem to hound her
        For agreeing .


      2. Not entirely sure when Nicola said she was on the same page as May.

        May said nothing new. Now is not the time, was her oft-repeated cry, and that of her Scottish lackeys.

        Nicola agreed with that, but pointed out that NOW was not when we were going to have the referendum, so it wasn’t of any relevance.


  2. Hope to be heading up to Barra in September, when the air fares are reduced. Last time I was there, and, well, for me at least it is a magic place, the only place I know where there is more sky than ground.

    I always wanted to land on that beach in an aeroplane, watched them land last time. So, fingers crossed.

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    1. Following on, Niko,

      And these were no Rhodesian fantasists, nor kith and kin addicts.

      Like your evil friends.

      These were folk, like all soldiers, who fought and died.

      I want to enter a world where Rhodesian gun slinging white idiots are treated with the contempt they deserve.

      With me Niko?

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