22 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Love the lot of them, as always.

    The lady in bright yellow against a blue foreground is frankly eerie. Would have been my favourite except for the bonobo going cogito ergo sum, ( which I had to check because of the astounding number of Latin scholars that circulate around here – I would have sworn on a bible it is cogitas ergo sum.) 🙂

    Thanks again, really cheers up my week.

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    1. Oh lordy, yes, you have to watch your Latin around here. Or some Smart Alex jumps on ya, and lectures on declensions and moods and what have you… Not me though. (Probably Munguin. He’s the scholar!)

      Glad you are cheered.

      Now everyone, remember , it’s officially Scottish Summer time as of today. So the clocks went forward!


    2. Douglas – as the nearest thing to David Attenborough in this blog, there aren’t any bonobos in the pictures. Bonobos look like chimpanzees and are very closely related to them, they are more closely to each other than they are to us. However if you like the Great Apes, you’d love the Monkey Life – along with great apes, all manner of gibbons, lemurs and little monkeys like capachins and my favourite Pongo, the scientific name for the orangs.

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      1. Thanks Conan. Wiki says it’s been leased to “Historic Scotland” by the Chief of Clan MacNeil for 1,000 years at 1 pound and one bottle of whisky per year. The type of whisky is not specified. Perhaps Kentucky bourbon.

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  2. I say this every week but those were lovely. Some great animal pictures. So hard to pick a favourite – bit I’m going for the little donkey, with the lab and the cheetah a close second. The views are lovely too – what a treat.

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  3. Love the reflecting bridge photo – could be confusing after a few drams? Congrats to the artist who painted the black and white stripes on the horse and pony. Incidentally, what happened to the promised photos of the Western Isles beaches – I was playing golf there yesterday – while I still can – and the colours were amazing.

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      1. I’d love to play golf, but the once that someone took me I was so incredibly bad at it that they never invited me again.

        Hole in one? More like hole in 100!


    1. Oh bother. I knew I’d forget something. But I promise I’ll make it up to you.

      Here’s a starter:

      I’m glad the stripes were painted . I thought some idiot had lifted one of these crossings and put it over the poor animals.


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