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19 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Yes. I missed all that. Must be frightening for the people who were there, and clearly dreadful for those who were injured or are dead, but I’m thinking what kind of terrorist attacks parliament with a knife?

      Bloody amateur one, I’d say.

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  1. I am a huge fan of a magazine called ‘Interzone’, which, should anyone around here want to buy it, it is available at:


    But I doubt many of you are into science fiction as an adult media, huh?

    Anyway, one of my favorite authors on there has this to say:


    It is interesting that someone like that prefers to be in, and will be welcomed in, Scotland.

    I have no commercial interest in either Interzone nor, heaven forfend, Nina Allen.

    Is this countercultural enough to appear in Bella?

    Well it appeared here first.

    Shock horror! Absolutely excellent female Sci Fi author decides to live in Argyll.

    For all the right reasons.

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    1. “But I doubt many of you are into science fiction as an adult media, huh?”

      Not in my case. I knew Iain Banks, and consider Ken McLeod a drinking companion…

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      1. Well,it’s not my genre really, but I certainly think Iain Banks was a superb author.

        I like a good murder, preferably in Scandinavia. I’m really enjoying an Icelandic story at the moment.


    1. I seriously don;t think that I’d want to if I were a Tory MSP. It was probably in some really posh part where the likes of Maggie “Stairheid” Curran lives. They’ll all be Tories.

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      1. I used to work around some pretty posh areas of Glasgow and it’s hinterland. Whilst there are some tories in big hooses, it is surprising how many, living in them, are not.

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