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14 thoughts on “From the First Minister”

  1. I suppose, unsurprisingly, that Nicola Sturgeon’s statement reverberates with me.


    This is just the somewhat sick assumption that ‘suicide by police’ after killing random people is a justified political strategy. Kind of one up on the terrorist agenda from randomly blowing yourself, and shoppers, kids and people that you don’t know to bits.

    Perhaps we will learn much more about the killer. His broken childhood, the drivers for his insane attack. Frankly we should really be hearing about the lives he took, what they did, the lives and ambitions that were ended by a lunatic. For these are the truly important lives that were lost. Not that of the madman.

    We must, at our core, stand against trying to understand killers. It is fruitless and glamorising when the correct attitude is contempt.

    At least, that is how I see it.

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    1. And I have to disagree with you.

      The only way to stop things like this happening is to understand what causes them. Saying “they’re insane” is a cop-out, and will not improve anything.

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  2. Dreadful events and absolutely not the time to be scoring political points.
    Using vehicles to kill people is not new but terrorists deliberately doing so in order to promote religious hatred is.
    Those who claim to be acting on behalf of Islam when they perpetrate these deeds need to be shown up as political fanatics who have little or no value for life.
    It is always the innocents who suffer.


    1. “Using vehicles to kill people is not new but terrorists deliberately doing so in order to promote religious hatred is.”

      Umm, no, it’s not.

      Remember when a bunch of terrorists used a few planes to kill a lot of people? And the massive war against the wrong country that followed? Are planes not vehicles? I know that was over a decade ago, so people might have forgotten about it.

      Has anyone actually claimed a religious cause for this knifeman, or are you jumping to conclusions?

      Remember that this (actually not that serious) crime (knife-wielding murderer gets shot by police (if he actually killed anyone, I haven’t seen a death announcement yet)), has caused a delay to Scotland’s independence referendum.


  3. Illy,
    The tragic incident of people being murdered and injured is a good reason for interrupting a debate about a possible referendum to take place in 18 months time, and we have 18 months to finish off the debate and get to a vote. People and what happens to them is important – it should be what it is all about.

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    1. How many hundred miles away was it?

      Should we stop Holyrood proceedings for a murder in Denmark? Or a murder in Palestine?

      How about a murder in Brighton? Or Glasgow? Or Edinburgh?

      How is *this* murder important or relevant enough to justify actions being taken, but others are not?

      Is it because it happened outside a royal palace? Or because Ms. May was nearby?

      Or is it because it happened at *exactly* the right time to stop a vote in Holyrood on the future of Scotland?

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      1. I take your point, Illy. I think they did it for security reasons.

        It’s a contentious matter and I don;t want in any way to detract from the horror of what happened, so I don’t really want to get in to it on the internet.

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