Taking back control (terms and conditions apply; offer not available in Scotland)

By Panda Paws

They say a week is a long time in politics and last week was a rather interesting one. Earlier than expected Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland announced there would a vote in the Scottish parliament on asking for a section 30 order to hold an independence referendum at the earliest in Autumn 2018 but before the UK leaves the EU around Spring 2019. The important bit of that sentence is “ask”. Because when David Cameron decided to hold off UKIP and the Eurosceptic section of his own party by offering a referendum in his manifesto for the 2015 Westminster election there wasn’t a bit about asking Brussels’ permission. Why? It wasn’t needed. Despite all the rhetoric about reclaiming British Independence from the EU, the Tories could do what they wanted if they won the election.

Legally Scotland can’t as we ACTUALLY don’t have sovereignty. The SNP have, however, a moral right. They also have an electoral mandate receiving the highest number of votes in the history of devolution on a manifesto commitment to seek a second referendum in exactly the same circumstances we find ourselves in. But like the Sewel convention, it counts for nothing legally. Devolved power is power retained right enough.

Still when Theresa May announced that “this is not the time” I thought who has been advising her to take that line, dumb and dumber? Then Fluffy Muddle and Buffalo Bill, sorry, Ruth Davidson, popped up to give a press conference to tell us to eat our cereal and I thought “ah”! For it seems like the UK is the Hotel California – you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

So you’re not having a referendum says the PM. “Did she aye” responds approximately half of Scotland. You can have one when we’ve left the EU was the implication. Translation – when we’ve bartered away your assets in favour of the City. Such is her imperialist mindset it doesn’t cross her mind that the EU might ask – do they actually belong to you? Still, this is not the time because you don’t have all the information you need. Said the PM leading us out of the EU with no detailed white paper or, indeed, clue! And that Ms Morrissette, is what you call ironic.

The last place to attempt to leave the UK was partitioned creating an unstable and volatile situation in the North of that island. Ironically Peter Brooke, Thatcher’s Northern Ireland secretary said in 1990 that Great Britain had “no selfish strategic and economic interest in Northern Ireland”. I doubt the Tory government would bat in eyelid if NI votes for reunification with the South which, given Brexit and demographic changes, is not the long shot it was once thought to be. Meanwhile we Barnett guzzlers, we subsidised scroungers, are benevolently being looked after by the Tories who don’t even subsidise a spare room for a disabled person’s carer (and soon for an OAP). Which makes you wonder if they do have a selfish strategic and economic interest in Scotland, does it not? As recently detailed in WOS, several eminent sources have confirmed that GERS are a fiction. (And I don’t mean Sevco!)

Does Scotland have a deficit? Probably, after all, most countries in the world do.

Is it £15 billion? Err, no.

Up until a couple of years ago, the UK deficit was twice Scotland’s, even using their dodgy calculations (so probably much worse than that). But nobody was asking Westminster if they should be an independent country. Well until this week –

The look on the Maybot’s face at the end was like a bulldog chewing a wasps’ nest! She has the same authoritarian instincts as Thatcher but isn’t half as competent as her. Nor does she have her political instincts; after all, she thinks Ruth Davidson is worth listening to. Of course, given that the Tories have the majority of the MSM in their corner and the official leader of the opposition is as much use as a chocolate teapot, she doesn’t need to be competent. And in what passes for her mind, the wee pretendy leaders, or First Ministers of the devolved nations as they are otherwise known, are irrelevant.

Unfortunately for her, she has made the same catastrophic mistake as Jeremy Corbyn in listening to the branch office manager. Ruth Davidson talks a good game and has the MSM bigging her up, but she’s not the political genius they claim she is. Stripping the dying husk of Scottish Labour of their loyalist vote might have improved Tory electoral standing in 2016 but they are miles behind the SNP and have less of a share of the vote than Thatcher did here. The problem for May is that she is playing noughts and crosses whilst Nicola Sturgeon is playing 3D chess.

To compound matters, May then suggested the Scottish parliament shouldn’t even bother to vote on the matter this week given she wouldn’t grant a section 30 order.

I don’t think so, dear. I fully expect the vote to be 69 in favour, 59 against and then the political game continues.

Apparently, Gordon Brewster asked Patrick Harvie why wouldn’t he abstain from the vote? Err because the Scottish Greens support independence! And even if they did abstain (damaging their council election prospects) it would still be 63 votes yes and 59 votes no (the Presiding Officer, Ken the unionist, doesn’t get a vote). However, 69 yes, 59 no will do fine.

I remember Tris writing he was thinking of giving up on Munguin’s Republic as he was finding it hard to find enough to write about. Something tells me that in the next few years, well he won’t have that problem.


Yeah that picture has absolutely nothing to do with the article, but very cute don’t you think?


38 thoughts on “Taking back control (terms and conditions apply; offer not available in Scotland)”

    1. LOVE B5. When it started the Narn were portrayed as violent savages and the Centauri as harmless buffoons. But the Centauri’s overweening arrogance and hankering for their grander, imperial past was their downfall. They made a pact with the devils (the shadows) and we began to see the Narn for the proud people they were, who had been subjected to a propaganda war painting them as the bad guys. Nerve hitting indeed.

      Incidentally if you’ve not seen B5, do so. Some of the early episodes were dodgy but it was a story told on an epic scale, albeit with a smallish budget. SPOILER

      (the shadows are like Tories in their ideology – the original social Darwinists)

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      1. Can’t disagree with you there PP. I loved B5. I wish some TV channel would do a re-run for me to watch it … not on my TV because I don’t have one of those things, LOL, but so I could annoy a friend to watch it on their TV. LOL

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  1. watching the Scottish Parliament seems to me the opposers of
    Indyref 2 have the better of the argument on the will of the
    Scottish parliament.
    As they relate the long long list of votes the snp cabal have
    totally ignored and now the snp claim the Scottish Parliament votes
    must be respected at Westminster when the snp will not respect
    the Scottish Parliament votes within Scotland.

    The nats cry of Sovereignty of the Scottish people is shown to
    the bucket of pish which the snp truly believe it is as they
    attempt to overturn the result of Indyref 1.

    there is lots of talk on the divisive politics of Indref 2
    this quote to me captures how many feel at this
    forcing through an unwanted uncalled for vote.

    “You may forgive us,” a surrendering Rebel officer [Henry A. Wise] told Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain after the ceremony at Appomattox, “but we won’t be forgiven. There is a rancor in our hearts, which you little dream of. We hate you, sir.”

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    1. Translation – watching the Scottish parliament it confirmed my biases and I saw and heard what I wanted to.

      The only way the 2014 result will be overturned is if the people vote for it to be. I’m for giving them the chance given the broken promises of Better together and Brexit. Niko is for us being treated like an internal colony and the Scottish rep for the JMC finding out the date of article 50 trigger from BBC news.

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    2. “watching the Scottish Parliament seems to me the opposers of
      Indyref 2 have the better of the argument on the will of the
      Scottish parliament.”

      Of course it would Niko. Which Tory speaker did you like best?

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    3. What’s with you, Nikopseudostratos?

      Why are you so wedded to British imperialism and anti-democracy?

      What tickles your mojo?

      Who’s bunging you for your rancid missives barely more articulate than GWC’s overtly fascist rants over on James Kelly’s blogspot?

      Are you one of the British 77 Brigade of hapless chanters of untruths for some bawbees stuck in your hip pocket?

      Why are you a vile insinuator twisting like a snake around the concrete evidence?

      I can surely envision you, given half a chance and pocket enriching opportunity, sticking some poor Mau Mau Kenyan democrat in front of a British killing squad for a couple of paltry BritNat quid.

      Or, maybe, some poor devil from the Indian sub-continent into the Black Hole of Calcutta for a Brit shilling or two.

      Ditto your vulgar use of a Greek pseudonym perverting the revolutionary struggle of Greek patriots agin the imploding Ottoman empire which bound progressive Turks and Greeks together; and, latterly, progressive Greek Cypriots against your hallowed British gangster construct which still bloodily perverts human aspirations to find and express their fraternal voices across this globe we inhabit as brothers and sisters.

      You are a complete thug, sir. Other less flattering terms spring to mind, but I would not seek to offend other readers nor give you grist to your self-righteous, pig ignorant mill.

      You are not even remotely funny – should you plead this as an opt out for your sleekit commentary and “patter”.

      You are, in effect, a cretin.


  2. Since the UK does not have a written constitution,what is legal and what isn’t is defined by the government of the day in London.
    In other words,legality is a decision based on politics and what they think they can get away with.
    Hence the current tsunami of propaganda from HM press and the Unionists (a punk band from the 1700s) trying to convince Scottish voters that they have the right to do what they do to us without our consent.

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    1. I agree Bringiton. There is no such thing as a written UK constitution. I therefore look upon everyone’s claims of a UK constitution as being whatever they think up at the time of speaking. It mostly does as you say … whatever the Tories, or Labour before, think they can get away with without being pushed too hard. Even when they are pushed hard, once in a very pale blue moon event, they just lie through their teeth and state it’s in the UK constitution … end of discussion.

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      1. Arbroath the people who control Westminster control the law. The good thing (from their point of view) is that an unwritten constitution says what you want it to. One thing an independent Scotland must have is a written constitution approved by the people.

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    2. Aye Bringiton it appears this much vaunted union of equals is a figment of the imagination. I imagine a better future without being told what to do by Tories. They think we are a troublesome region of Greater England and that’s what we’ll be if we don’t vote for independence.

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    3. In my view PP we already have a written constitution a.k.a. the Declaration of Arbroath. From my, all be it slightly squint way of looking at things, all we need do is reconfirm its presence as the World’s oldest written constitution, always remembering the good old U.S. of A. used the DofA as the basis for their constitution, and then bring it up to date for the 21st Century with a series of amendments. Hey if amending their constitution via a series of amendments is good enough for Uncle Sam it must surely be good enough for us!


  3. Bruce Crawford rabbiting on about the eu vote
    well Scotland took part and lost thats democracy.
    he is taking part in a vote to impose another vote on Scotland
    painfully separating from the United Kingdom
    which has already decided massively to stay in our Union.

    And if the vote is passed expects the opposer to accept
    democratically the result if they lose……
    But he hasn’t himself or the snp accepted the
    settled will of the Scottish people as expressed
    in the snp called for and organized referendum vote

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    1. You make the point,it certainly isn’t democracy as far as Scotland is concerned when we can always have the decision of our country overturned by another.
      The other union (EU) of which we are still a part works on the basis of agreement through negotiation and consent by individual countries.
      Not in good Olde Blighty’s union.

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    1. Off to the Lodge for a pint then Niko.
      Maybe you’ll meet “Dean the torag” there as well.
      You can regale each other of your dreams for tory utopia sometime in 2020.


    1. Thanks TRJ glad you enjoyed it. I’m beginning to think though I should written a piece on Babylon 5 – as the first poster said, there are some parallels.


      1. Anyone who’s watched B5 will know it’s a tale of order v chaos, a well worn theme in the science/fantasy genres. The moral of the story of course is that a balance of both is required because trouble arises when one side becomes too powerful.

        The good guys stuck in the middle of this eventually tell the two polarised factions to take a hike. Theirs is the third way, they’re breaking away, are going to fight for it and anyone’s welcome to join them regardless of their origins. Their trials are not finished though they’ve to fight hard to keep what they’ve won. Oh and the two factions join forces to teach the good guys a lesson but still lose in the end.

        I wonder if the parallel extends to banishing Ruth and Kez to the space between the galaxies?


  4. Love the article:
    ‘we’ve bartered away your assets in favour of the City. Such is her imperialist mindset it doesn’t cross her mind that the EU might ask – do they actually belong to you?’ is a key point…
    I think the crime is called Reset (selling on stolen goods).
    The EU leaders are not mugs

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  5. “Only just over a third (between 34% and 38%) say that there should be a second referendum, while around a half (between 47% and 55%) reckon there should not.”

    Scotland does not want the separatists home-brew coolaide mix of ‘freedum’. We want the complacent and arrogant Nats to get on with governing the country.

    Scotland said ‘no’ to separation, and we meant it. Not now, and hopefully not ever.



    1. Have you looked at the demographics? Older people, with memories of simpler times wish to retain the union. The younger people do not. Of course, I’m not saying that that’s a clear cut line in the sand. There are the mindless thugs of George Square firmly on your side Dean. And Niko.

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      1. That’s the way it seems to be, in general terms. As we’ve said before, there are many , not least some of the loyal readers of this page.


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