22 thoughts on “WEE BLACK BOOK, THE MOVIE”

  1. Brilliant wee video.

    Blows twenty LIES put about by Better Together out the water.

    Perhaps a wee DVD of this should be included in the Wee Blue Book Mark II when it comes out for next indy ref.

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    1. I thought it was excellent too. I wonder what the cost of a dvd of something lie this would be. I wonder, too, if people are more likely to play a dvd or read a booklet, and if it would be cost effective. It certainly worth investigating.

      I don’t really know. But it has to be distributed more widely than on Yes supporting sites.

      I hope lots of people will tweet and retweet it.

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  2. Unfortunately,among the Sunday Post,Daily Mail,Express etc readers in Scotland are many who will clutch at whatever lies come out of London in order to justify their anti independence position.
    Let’s hope there aren’t too many of them this time.
    Excellent video,will pass it on.

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    1. We all hear what we want to hear I guess.

      The trouble is that if you are not looking at the net, you’re just not hearing this kind of thing.

      The BBC and the bulk of the English press are simply not saying it.

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      1. “whole lotta love” Led Zeppelin! Did you never watch Top of the Pops? It was the theme for ages. Maybe you are just much younger than me….

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      2. I think Tris is showing his age 🙂 To be fair that particular version is anathema to all true Zep heads.

        Yes. I am a hairy biker heavy metal fan who once worked in a library with a liking for Latin. Sometimes I don’t believe me either.

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    1. Yes, even we ardent Yessers forget some of the things they managed to get away with lying about.

      Quite a few there had slipped my mind.

      Good to be reminded.

      Mind you… the people who are affected by them will remember. if you worked in that tax office that they paraded the staff out with Murphy and Sarwar, then you found that instead of transferring top the Scottish tax system, your job has gone to Croyden, then I guess you’ll remember. if you used to make a living selling sandwiches to the staff who worked there… you’ll remember. If you are a craftsman in the shipyards you’ll remember they promised to build 13 frigates… and how many are being built?

      And so on…

      We can’t recall them all, but the people affected will remember and not be so trusting next time.


  3. Brilliant, but I missed some of text because of failing eyesight (or maybe I wasn’t reading fast enough), and then I had to get the boiling kettle etc., perhaps a voice over would help some of us, and it could then also be broadcast on radio.

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  4. Need to facebook it and send it to ALL of your friends who you exhort/promise to send it on to ALL of their friends etc etc. Its amazing how many people will get it after only a few iterations. ChainEmail ! Ooh I wonder if I can copywrite that.

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  5. And this is the reason our Unionist friends are so terrified of having the referendum so soon. Had we waited a generation all of this would have been in the past and more or less forgotten about or glossed over.
    Thanks to their behaviour in 2014 / 2015 and even now, we can really hold their feet to the fire.

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    1. Yeah. Agreed. Can’t see them getting many NO votes in the tax office at Cumbernauld, now that it’s moving to Croyden!

      It’s not something their parents told them. It’s happening now.


  6. Excellent.
    However, a couple of points. I think the text transitions are too short and for a campaign ad 20 points is too many – I think it would work better if limited to 10. For example I would drop the MOD ship orders as this is not a clear cut issue – just fewer ships at a slower pace.

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