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39 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. As always Tris absolutely fantastic photos.

    I’m curious though. What is that wee animal in the hand?

    The Croft picture looks like it could be from St. Kilda but obviously I’m way off the mark with that suggestion.

    When can I get to bring the panda home with me? LOL

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  2. oh I do like a waterfall so ta for that. I’m looking particularly cute in picture 5. And what beautiful tulips – it seems Spring has sprung. Like Arbroath I’d like to know what the fluffy animal in the hand is. And no you can’t take me home with you. That would mean being nearer Fluffy Muddle.

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  3. What with Nicola doing a barnstormer at the SNP conference, magnificent stuff.

    Y’know, it always cheers me up seeing these wonderful pictures. Soppy Sunday is my favourite day of the week!

    It almost makes up for a 1 – 1 draw!

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  4. Well, I have comments and questions.

    Of course I like the orangutans, but I currently have the problem that they remind me so much of the American president. It’s mostly the color I think, since they actually look (and undoubtedly ARE) a lot more intelligent.

    Conan answered my question about the old picture of a guy on his roof with ducks and kids standing around. I’ve been planning to read “Archeology of Scottish Thatch” for years, but just can’t seem to find the time.

    Like panda paws, I like the waterfall and the tulips. What’s not to like about falling water! And while most flowers are bright and colorful, there is something special about a tulip. Maybe it’s that the bright pure color is in the form of a simple, elegantly crafted bloom. The tulip delivers its message in a way that is not fussy and overwrought like many flowers. That’s my theory anyway.

    Then: What does “Croft” mean?

    I like blue. (A color not effectively rendered by very many flowers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue tulip for example.) So what and where is the beautiful blue Islamic building? Really interesting picture!

    But most importantly: Does anyone know what and where is the pretty street with the hanging baskets that has a rocket ship perched at the far end?

    Nice edition of Soppy Sunday!

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    1. You should read its gripping prequel Danny, Earth Structures and Construction in Scotland, which would also answer the “Croft” question.

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    2. Ah…

      What’s not to like about falling water, he asks. Try living in Scotland, Danny. LOL. It’s wonderful in its place, but falling out of a grey sky on a regular basis?

      A croft is a small farm in Scotland (although it means other things elsewhere).

      The blue building is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul otherwise known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. I’ve been there and it is absolutely magnificent.

      The street is in Reykjavik, Iceland. The rocket at the end of the street is in fact a church.

      As for the orangutan… you may have upset them as a species by comparing them to your idiot president. Their orange colour is natural!

      And I’m sure Conan will be able to lay his hands on a copy of the book you are looking for. The trouble is it will likely be in Latin, given his intellectual predictions!


      1. Thanks for all the info Tris. Yes, Conan in fact even fixed me up with the prequel to the thatch book, and I understand those wild and crazy Lutherans are responsible for the rocket ship in Reykjavik. 🙂
        The Blue Mosque is nice!

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