I’m not sure whether to laugh or to be angry.

According to the Independent, Mrs May’s speech to the Tories little get together in Wales tomorrow, will talk about how Scottish independence would ruin Britain’s chances of getting a good deal from the EU in their Brexit negotiations.

In order to get the deal she wants, she thinks that Scotland must pull together with the “rest of the country”. England, I imagine she means.

She will call upon the Scots to get behind her plans (what plans?) because “we are one people”.

To assume this, given all the recent evidence to the contrary, her audacity must surely know no bounds.

In almost everything and in almost every way, we are very different peoples. In particular, over the Brexit deal she wants to get (and probably has as much of a chance of getting as Munguin has of being the next president of Botswana), we are completely different.

It seems to have completely escaped this woman’s notice that Scotland voted, not narrowly, but very conclusively, to stay in the EU. To be honest, even if we hadn’t I think there’s a fair chance we wouldn’t be backing the chaos her idiot ministers are sleepwalking into. There’s Brexit, and then there’s Brexsuicide.

She seems oblivious to the fact that we elected ONE single Tory out of the 59 Scottish MPs, to contribute to her government in London. One, and by a tiny majority. Whereas in England they managed by hook or by crook (and that might be an appropriate word) they elected  Tory government.

We are not one people Mrs May. We are two kingdoms and principality and a province, and we are all very different, with different economies and different needs. (And it might be an idea to remember that there is a British Overseas Territory which also has to be considered into the bargain.)

Whilst May’s party has set about tearing down the welfare state, removing benefits for some of our most vulnerable people, dismantling that part of the NHS over which they have direct control, making life utterly unbearable for the worst off, handing out tax reductions to some of the richest, and with plans to remove the UK from the ECHR she will have the brass neck to say: “Our Plan for Britain is a plan for a brighter future. A plan to make the most of the opportunities ahead and to build a stronger, fairer Britain that is more united and more outward-looking.” Stronger and fairer? Seriously? Fairer? Tell that to the people being assessed for PIP who are being asked why they haven’t committed suicide yet!

No, Mrs May, let me tell you, we Scots don’t believe a single word you say. Not you nor any of your hapless, self-serving amateur ministers, especially you blundering idiot of a Scottish Secretary.

We don’t want to leave Europe at any price, but certainly not under any deal that you or any of your team would ever be able to negotiate. Seriously: David Davis, Boris Johnson. Liam Fox? Liam Bloody FOX???? Please!

Scots didn’t vote for your vile cruel, self-serving, incompetent government. And we don’t want it. if you are comforting yourself that you made a small headway in our General Election, compared to your General Election a year earlier, then you should remember that it is because Labour is even more pathetic than your lot. And remember too that the improvement was largely made in list seats.

Remember standing in front of all those empty seats? Well, go look at the crowds of cheering people in Aberdeen today for OUR leader.

We won’t get behind you. We won’t back your plans(?), which almost undoubtedly mean selling Scotland out, as your predecessors did. We have friends in Europe. They like us. They like our first minister. I suspect that they don’t like you much.


34 thoughts on “DON’T MAKE US LAUGH, MAY”

  1. May and her cronies have little, or no idea about honourable politics – instead of talking about primary political issues – they talk more like confused primary school children!?

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    1. Yes they do. The bring a whole new level to amateurism.

      And they seem to have the political savvy of dormice…either that or it is sheer arrogance. They are better than we are and we can like it or…do the other thing.

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  2. So Mayhem deigns to tell US that we must all pull together for the betterment of HER Britain because HER party had an interior tiff and we are all now exiting the E.U. So despite the fact that OUR farmers benefit HUGELY from Scotland being in the E.U. she has decided that THEY must lose their direct payments from the E.U., known as the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

    Now I’m no farmer but I’d pretty much guess that a great many farmers across Scotland rely on these payments to “balance their books.” Farming is not an easy life and great financial success is definitely NOT why people become farmers. I very much doubt Mayhem has the slightest idea about how the farming industry works other than to assume they produce her daily pinta etc.

    Mayhem is DESPERATE to keep Scotland in her “precious” union because she needs Scottish fishermen and Scottish territorial waters to sell off cheap to the E.U. in her upcoming “negotiations” much like her mamma did back in the 1980’s. She doesn’t give one iota about Scotland she is only after its goods and services.

    Never forget she is TERRIFIED of losing our oil. WE all know that it is only our oil that is keeping HER government’s head above water. Without OUR oil her rUK will be broken beyond belief. That is not my view but Jim Rogers of Quantum Fund.

    Mayhem knows that she is F****d and there is no way up other than to keep hold of Scotland no matter what. WE leave and she becomes the LAST Prime Minister of the U.K. and the P.M. who oversaw the decisive downfall of the rUK within the financial markets and large depreciation of the rUK’s Credit Rating.

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    1. I think she’s an arrogant woman,or a stupid woman, or both.

      But most of all she is so inept. She gives away her position in advance; she has no strategy, she has the charm of a nuclear weapon and the subtlety of a rhino.

      Of course she’s surrounded by incompetents.

      I really, really can’t think of anyone in her cabinet I’d give a job to.

      Hell mend her. She was so desperate to be prime minister. I really hope it ends badly for her and she loses NI, Gibraltar and Scotland… and later Wales.

      The humiliation couldn’t happen to a more deserving person…well maybe except Govey.

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      1. Mayhem is arrogant, stupid AND inept.

        Even before she has started her “negotiations” with the E.U. THEY are laughing their heads off at her, no thanks I think to Nicola’s Master stroke on Monday. The E.U. now know that no matter what Mayhem says in her EU talks they can turn round to her and tell her to F**k OFF whenever she tries to use OUR waters and/or OUR fishermen as pawns. Further more thanks to Nicole the EU also know that the position of EU nationals in Scotland are safe and they can really focus HARD on England and Wales EU nationals.

        Add to this the threat growing almost daily of Irish reunification AND Enda Kenny threatening her over the borders in Ireland she is trembling.

        Next up we have her desperately trying to protect the UK’s AA credit rating that is on the verge of FALLING. Why? cause the markets all know that come independence UK will have NOTHING to back up its credit net result the now rUK credit rating FALLS. Tied into this is the real threat that the £ will start to fall once EU negotiations start and will probably take decades to recover, if it can, but many appear to doubt.

        I think one of the debates at the SNP conference today will have given Mayhem yet ANOTHER headache now as well. For me this is a first step towards Scotland having its own currency. Yet another anti independence argument becomes dodgy dodgy very very dodgy!

        Then of course as well as all these “wee” problems she is facing round and about never forget all the MAJOR problems she is facing at home.

        NHS in crisis
        Education in crisis
        Social Care in crisis
        Policing in crisis
        Tory election fraud coming to a head with possibility of around a dozen by elections.

        you just gotta love the Tory party … don’t you Tris? LOL

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        1. Absolutely. She is all of these things. And even at her stage in life she hasn’t tumbled to the fact that making friends is a better way to get things done than making enemies.

          Common Space is excellent. They are having a fund raiser at the moment. Worth chuck a tenner at if anyone’s got a spare one lying about.


    2. The fishing issue was clearly flagged in May’s speech on 17 Jan, in which she said that the EU would not choose to make Spanish fishermen poorer – which implies that she does not intend to do so either – from which one may reasonably infer that EU fishing fleets will continue to have access to Scottish fishing grounds under her Brexit deal. The optimism about enhanced opportunities for Scottish fishermen expressed in the SFF website seems to me a little premature.

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      1. It is a huge bargaining chip, Jim. And, let’s face it, despite all the brave “empire” and “rule Britannia” stuff, they don’t have a lot in the way of chips.

        Even using EU nationals isn’t serious. David Davis already admitted that we can’t do without them.


    1. I wasn’t looking for solace, Niko me dear. I was pointing out what an arrogant and stupid woman May was. She’s like a primary school teacher. “We know only a few of you wanted rice pudding for lunch, and opted instead for Jam sponge, but the class next door wanted it, so we should all pull together like one school and swallow it, even if it makes us feel sick. And we should enjoy it.”

      As if it’s a done deal.

      That’s how the great partnership will be from now on. “We know you don’t want to pay for all these things in London and in our north east, but that’s what’s happening. Now smile and pull together behind London.”


  3. WOW!

    I never SNP conferences were so short!

    Apparently BBC are all over Broon the Loon this morning kissing his earse about him and his Third Way whatever that is. I’m still waiting for his VOW to be delivered from 2014. As if that is not enough we also get the Clueless one on talking shite about … well shite actually.

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    1. Predictable. A massively popular SNP conference, Nicola being cheered till the roof comes off the building…. and teh BBC are concentrating on a rather scruffy old man who broke all his promises last time they wheeled hm out.

      Nothing new to see there… move along please.



      1. Apparently BBC and SKY are having a Labour love-in today. First up it was Broon the incompetent Loon and then they had Dugdale the incompetent branch manager. I’m thinking BBC and SKY are shitting truck loads of bricks about Scottish independence despite referendum not even starting … YET!

        I think the instructions must have been sent down from Labour HQ to do whatever possible to avoid showing anything about SNP conference and their FULL to bursting auditorium. LOL

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        1. Probably get Gone with the Wind this afternoon, and a rerun of the 1959 World Ice Skating Championships this afternoon.

          Sky, Rupert Murdoch; BBC, Karen Bradley (no, me neither).


  4. She had the chance to keep Scotland on side by honouring one of the compromise proposals put forward by the SG which would have kept Scotland in the single market and the UK.
    Presumably the same bunch of idiots who Cameron relied on to tell him that Scots didn’t want to leave England’s union have told the same thing to May because she clearly didn’t take the SG seriously.
    She thought she could ignore us and is now in full panic mode because she realises that she has been badly advised (I wonder who that was and what the future holds for said person(s)).
    I think she is playing to an EU audience at present,trying to convince them that she really is mistress of all she surveys and that she must be taken credibly as representing the whole of the UK in negotiations.
    The SG are going to make it absolutely clear to the EU that she doesn’t and that is before things kick off in NI.
    Her only way out now is a hard Brexit,which is what her clowns wanted anyway.
    Lyrics from a song by Jimi Hendrix (Little Wing) come to mind:

    Well she’s walking through the clouds
    With a circus mind
    That’s running wild
    Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
    And fairly tales

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    1. In the massively complex business of extracting the UK from Europe, knowing that there would have to be compromises (NI, Gibraltar, Car manufacturers, London, etc) it would have been logical for her to want to keep the still-popular SNP and their leader on side.

      Nicola was prepared to make all manner of compromises. She didn’t just say so, she had people draw up proposals so that we could continue to go forward together. England/Wales doing what they chose and Scotland pursuing a different path.

      May had rejected it before she read it.

      I can’t understand how anyone could be so stupid as to think we’ll take that lying down.

      I still think, despite what Niko says, that May is a gift from the gods for independence.


  5. Yes. That’s been the Australian position from day one and Westminster must have known this. About a month ago I watched an interview with the Australian High Commissioner and he was very direct. “Australia would have preferred if the UK had not voted for brexit”. No messing, no playing with words, very direct.
    This obsession with past glories frustrates me. Yes, we have some good friends who are commonwealth counties, but at the same time there are many who will screw us for what they can get and remember the less beneficial side of British rule. It will not end well.

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    1. Yes, true. Added to which there countries not have their trade agreements regionally.

      India is now a major economic force. Not a country that we can bully like in the days of the raj.

      Australia and Canada are now involved more with China and the Pacific rim.

      No one wants to see a large economy like Britain’s falter. That’s in no one’s interests. But it’s not all plain sailing like they seem to think it will be.

      Still, they will build their royal yacht. I dare say it will be, like the frigates, a bribe to the shipbuilders in Scotland.


      1. Having the Royal Yacht built in Scotchland? Unthinkable! I can imagine the foam spattering screens all over Little England as I type.


  6. Scottish fishing, agricultural and oil that’s what she wants to take to the negotiating table and without them she has nothing to negotiate with.

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  7. I’ve always gone for the maxim ‘hate is a destructive force that only hurts the hater’. But I have given myself permission to actively HATE that woman! She is evil personified, directed ONLY by pernicious greed that takes no heed of the vulnerable of the society in which she is the ‘ruler’. Had this been the 10th – 12th Century, we would have described this woman as a treacherous, tyrannical, greedy monarch that had too much power with no parliamentary accountability. Actually, on reviewing that description, I’d say that it certainly fits Theresa May in this century too!

    “Our Plan for Britain is a plan for a brighter future. A plan to make the most of the opportunities ahead and to build a stronger, fairer Britain that is more united and more outward-looking.”

    So – what is the darn plan, Mrs!! What are those ‘opportunities’? Tell me about that ‘brighter future – with no vulnerable disabled or welfare recipients taking money out of ‘your’ pockets! Tell me more about that ‘stronger, fairer’ Britain whose poor can’t afford the bedroom tax so are commiting suicide? Tell me how you want Scotland to shore up and be an enabler to your plans with her votes & currency but you don’t want to tell us what ‘the plan’ is. You think we are not entitled to know what your plan is but we should back it! You think ‘red, white & blue’ is all the explanation we are entitled too, and all we need to know while we prostrate ourselves at your feet and hand over our sovereign rights to make things easy for you! Well – our heads DO NOT button up the back, much as she and her pal Ruthie likes to think they do! We did not create the mess that is brexit and we indy supporters are under NO obligation to shore up her ‘red, white and blue’ omnishambles! Perhaps if she’d been just a little more flexible and looked at Nicola Sturgeon’s compromise and discussed it with our FM and not flat out refused the Section 30 request, we might have been more amenable. Perhaps if she’d been just the TEEEENIEST bit nicer to our democratically elected Parliament, perhaps if she’d treated our elected Head of State with a little more courtesy and respect, I’d not be forced to say that I think Theresa May is an ignorant cow who thinks nothing of walking over people to get what SHE wants. How often does that woman think she can ride rough-shod over Scotland as if we are non-entities – how often does she think she can sick her unionist nasties on indy supporters, call us Nazis, call us thieves and people you can’t take anywhere’ and expect us to do her a favour by aligning with her plans? The woman is a NUT-JOB!

    “She thinks that Scotland must pull together with the “rest of the country”. England, I imagine she means. She will call upon the Scots to get behind her plans (what plans?) because “we are one people”.”

    No we are not and she knows it. The gall of that woman to ask Scotland to ‘pull together’ with England, knowing we didn’t vote for Brexit, is astonishing! The arrogance of that woman is just beyond belief! But absolutely telling! She knows that Brexit is going to be difficult without Scotland in her corner. Well… as my Ma used to say “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. Hoping Karma is putting her blue & white boots on as I write…

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      1. I’ve just read that she has announced that A50 will be enacted on 31 March.

        Mike Russell got to know about it on Sky.

        Arrogant piece of work didn’t bother to let the Scottish (or presumably Welsh, NI or Gibraltarian) government know.

        Well, hell mend you May. Really!

        We’ll never get behind you.


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