Is this entirely wise or responsible journalism?

No one really minds their cheap jibes, like the one below. It allows journalists like Pearson to vent and gives her elderly, none-too-bright readers a measure of comfort, knowing that the Torygraph is still the paper of the Greater English nation. It also demonstrates that she’s not much of an economist. But during the campaign and subsequent vote on Brexit, newspapers, and some politicians too, made visceral hate, xenophobia and open racism respectable, and it has left a tension in the air. Intelligent journalism should recognise that it has a responsibility not to fan the fires of hatred. Once fanned they take a long time to douse.

No one imagines for a moment that there is much chance of the gutter press paying heed to their responsibilities (although to be fair the Sun rid itself of Katie Hopkins after the “cockroach” story), but once upon a time, it might have been reasonable to expect the then respected Daily Telegraph to do so.

In the light of Jo Cox’s assassination at the hands of a  hard right-wing Nazi sympathiser, stirred by blind hatred of foreigners, you’d have thought that at least newspapers at the top end would have resisted the temptation to print this kind of headline. There are some very determined unionists who might be tempted to agree with Pearson, after all.

Oh, for the days of Conrad Black. 



  1. Ah. The Telegraph… I used to enjoy ripping the pish out of Mad Auld Cochers and his declaration: “it’s not good journalism, but the union is more important than that.” Alas it went behind a paywall and banned comments (the only reason for visiting). It’s now just a slightly more upmarket Mail without the titillating photos of WAGS and Royals.

    However, the Spectator is still good for a laugh. The ignorance, arrogance and sneering there can’t be bettered. Little Englander rating 9/10.

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    1. About 20 years ago I liked the Telegraph. The crossword was challenging but not impossible and the news coverage was excellent. The ridiculously hard Tory view was largely confined to the leader column.

      The Conrad Black sold it to Daft and Dafter and it went downhill like a stone.

      I’ve a friend who used to travel regularly to London on what passes for a railway. he bought the telegraph in Dundee and finished reading it as he pulled into London.

      Recently he made the same journey and had got to the end by Kirkcaldy.

      Its circulation in Scotland is around 15,000 (many of them to hotels and conference centres. And it’s behind a paywall as you say (like someone would pay to read it???)

      It’s not hugely worrying to us.

      Agreed about the Spectator.

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  2. If this had been directed against Teresa May, the “journalist” in question’s feet wouldn’t have touched the ground until Special Branch had her down the Nick for a chat.

    Is she by any chance a spokeswoman for an ultra-right Anglo-Christian splinter group of Daesh?

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    1. Not harking back to Victorian Empire days like Teresa May and her ilk, seems more like (their First) Elizabethan days, when of course, Mary, Queen of Scots, sought sanctuary with her southern relative. Remember how that worked out for her?

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    2. Lord knows. I meam I haven’t read the article; it’s behind a paywall and the Mad Sark Twins are definitely not getting a halfpenny out of me… She probably meant it as a joke, but responsible journalists should know that at time where there is division, this sor to thing can be dangerous.

      OK to you and me it’s horrific, but we can shrug and say, what we have been saying:crap journalist, crap rag. But to some it is a clear message that “the authorities” think that this is OK.

      It doesn’t matter who it is, May, Johnson, the orange moron, Putin… None of it is ok.


  3. Tris

    The shape of the things to come and we are only on day two of the possibility of another referendum. This type of stuff however won’t stop, it’s ok as long as it comes from the right people. They will be demanding the vote take place in 2050 next, have a 90% turn out and only those voting the way they like can vote at all. Joke paper but they need to be very very careful, soon going down to England will be something that many dread even more and that says it all really.


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    1. That’s a very good point, Bruce. They seem to be stirring up hate against Scots. I don;t know how many times I’ve seen the £1,600 per person subsidy that we are supposed to get off the back of hard working English tax payers.

      I repeat. If we cost them that much money, and they are desperately short of cash, why the hell do they fight tooth and nail to hold on to us.

      It makes no sense.

      But no, I think England for me over the next few years, will be a ‘fly over’ country.


  4. That headline and a tweet she put out appeared to me to be incitement to murder. It’s her name on the byline, however even if a sub-editor wrote the headline that person would be guilty, and she would be responsible for the tweet.

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    1. She’s the kind of journalist that you might expect to be working for the Mail or the Express. it shows what a dreadful chip wrapper the Telegraph has become.

      That was a sickening disregard for people who, as one of the tweets say, were still bleeding. Shame on her.


  5. The Telegraph got rid of anyone competent (in journalistic terms) about 2 years ago.

    What remains is 90% clickbait scum like Pearson and 10% “can’t be sacked because they know too much”.

    They give away far more papers than they sell.

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    1. I wondered about that Vestas. Scottish circulation is 15,000, but UK circulation over 400,000. But I suspect a lot of that goes to hotels and restaurants.

      I see that they employ some out of date ex-MPs including Tom Harris, paying them peanuts, which is just a little more than they deserve.

      Pay peanuts, get monkeys.


  6. Ever since “French Gate” when they published lies about Nicola Sturgeon and the French Consul in Edinburgh,I have stopped thinking of them as a serious broadsheet.
    I occasionally scan their headlines to see what the Tory maniacs are up to now and have noticed of late that they are heading into page 3 world with pictures of glamorous women (or what they consider glamorous) on the front page.
    They are clearly struggling for readership and trying to attract a broader audience.

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    1. I imagine that they lost all their serious readers when they stopped being a serious newspaper.

      If they have to resort to “celebrities” to sell the paper, that kinda clinches it.

      I remember that an old colleague of mine talked about the People’s Journal, of DC Thomson.

      A weekly newspaper aimed at older readers who didn’t look for anything too demanding, its sales declined as its elderly readership died. So they had a bright idea to liven it up. Make it cool. So they introduced a page on local gigs, and a review on new releases (cds by that time). But they still kept Molly Weir and Evelyn Holmes’s columns.

      Old people lost interest because half of the paper was utter rubbish to them. The recipes and knitting ideas gone. Younger people wouldn’t be seen dead with a PJ.

      It folded.

      The Telegraph will go the same way. if you want page three, get the Sun. If you want intelligent comment, read the FT.


  7. If we issued as out first ever currency a couple of million fivers, as a one off special edition, with Mel Gibson on them, I think we could probably fund the first year of independence from that alone. They’d easily sell for a few thousand pounds each


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  8. As far back as I remember – which is not very far these days – it has been known as the Torygraph. I imagine Conan remembers it when it was written in hieroglyphics. N.B. I don’t care if I spelt that rong -English is my third language. Seriously, with a headline like that and an unbalanced reader who knows?

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  9. I can’t begin to imagine what the relationship between Scotland and England will be after the referendum. We saw how badly Westminster and the msm have behaved after winning the last, God only knows what it will be like when they lose the next.
    To be honest I’m passed caring, a hard border has become very appealing, the divergence in political and cultural direction is now stark, the rise of the far right, disturbing.
    Dishonesty, arrogance, corruption and a sociopathic disregard for others are now the hallmarks of uk unionism.

    I don’t think Europe paid to much attention during the last indyref, that’s changed. I doubt they will like what they observe.

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    1. Yep. If it’s a hard brder, then it will be a hard border. We will still trade on WTO terms. It will cost a little, but it may be that many businesses would prefer to locate here so that they have barrier and tariff free access to the 500 million.

      So it will work out.

      Sod it. At least we won’t be off to war every few years and we won’t have WMDs.

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