Dear Willie,

You promise above, in your letter to prospective donors, that the Liberal Democrats in Scotland will keep their word. (Well, I guess there has to be a first time for everything.)

But you know, or you should know that, as much as you stood on a platform of “no second independence referendum”, the SNP and the Greens stood on a platform of having a second referendum if there was a substantial change in circumstances...and they actually cited Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will as one of these circumstances. Scotland voted 62-38 to remain in varying degrees across the whole country. So, I’d say they kept their word to their voters too.

I don;t think that there can be any doubt at all that Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and the Greens intend that Scotland would remain, or rejoin the EU. Given that the Liberals have always been pro-EU, I’m sure you will appreciate the potentially horrific damage that leaving the EU will do to Scottish jobs, the economy,  and the social fabric. And given that there is no effective opposition to the Tories in Westminster (the SNP only having 56 votes; your own party having 9 and Labour far too preoccupied with internecine warfare to bother their backsides about opposing Tories), I’m sure you would agree that Nicola Sturgeon’s prediction that we may be facing Conservative governments till 2030.

The Tories have (and I have to remind you here that they did a lot of it with the help of the Lib-Dems) starved councils and government services of money so that, in England, without the protection of the Scottish government, basic services are simply no longer coping. When the UK withdraws from the EU we know that we will lose its protection in many different areas.

Liam Fox has already talked about deregulating businesses and some of the nuttier element of the Conservative Party (who wield considerable power now) are talking about reducing standards to meet the demands of the Americans. No more EU protection, we will be left to the tender mercies of the Tories. And we all know that they don’t actually have any tender mercies, except when it comes to themselves, the Lords, big business and of course, the royal family.

This may well suit the people in England as that is what they voted for. But it won’t suit us here…and part of your name is “Democrats”, remnember?

I understand too that you are keen to have a second referendum on leaving the EU once Mrs May, Mr Fox and Mr Davis along with Mr Johnson, have finished their negotiations. In fact, I agree that that would be sensible, but of course, it is not going to happen. I’m not sure why a second referendum is good, for an outcome you disagreed with, and bad for an outcome you backed. Any explanation?


You say that the SNP will take Scotland out of Europe. I think you are getting a bit muddled here, Willie. You see that was the last campaign message. Remember…the only way to stay in the EU is to vote no to independence? We are trying to keep Scotland in the EU, and from what we can tell, they want us to be there.

You talk about fighting in the last referendum for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united. Can you tell me how you reckon that you score on that, given all the racism, and violence against EU citizens? And fair? To sick people, dying of cancer and being told to go get a job? Old people not being above to get any social care and ending up in hospital beds for months at a time? If that lot is your idea of open tolerant and united, then I’m damned if I can work out how your brain works.

Now I reckon that the Greens and the SNP, a majority in parliament, have kept their promises. As you can see I’ve  taken this opportunity to remind you of one of the biggest you broke…the tuition fees pledge débacle… and of how your then boss aided and abetted the Tories, with, as I recall, your full support.

Kind regards



43 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

  1. Unfortunately, the Libdums appear to have terminal selective memory syndrome. Their synapses are closing down.
    That brave young lad at their “conference” they should listen to what he said.

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  2. The words ‘pipe, that, in, stick, your, smoke, and, Wullie, it’ come to mind but not necessarily in that order. I could have used a bit of innuendo rearranging the words there but managed to resist it. Heh! Heh!

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    1. Oh, you are good. LOL. My mother will be relieved! 🙂

      Does anyone, even in the Lib- dems take him seriously?

      Munguin was crying with laughter when he read the missive to Pascal.

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      1. If Mayhem wants that woman kept away from her then I have a wee suggestion for her. AVOID at ALL costs traveling to Europe generally and Brussels specifically. LOL

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  3. If the Libdems do manage to get financial donors I hope that before they commit it to fighting self-determination for Scotland they pay off the debt of £800,000 that they still owe to Police Scotland.

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  4. The unionist parties in Scotland just can’t bear the thought of being divided,separated or independent from England’s Tory governments and presumably their policies.
    Better Together,stronger together….doomed together more like.
    Damned right many of us want separation,division and most importantly independence from those bunch of Maniacs on Thames.

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    1. I don;t know why or how your comment was held for approval, Dan. It seems to be happening a lot lately.

      Apologies. Not my doing.

      I think they should remember that pride comes before a fall.


  5. If he doesn’t have a positive case for the UK by now, some more money isn’t going to do it. After all the Joseph Rowntree Trust gave hime £45,000 to develop policies and this is where he is: collapsed in the face of May’s Brexit. They had since last June to come up with concrete plans.

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    1. You’d have thought that they would ahve been the party of idea, radical and thrusting.

      Instead they are the 5th party in Scotland and a tiny rump, back to the days of Jo Grimmond in England and Wales.


  6. Tris
    Wullie as ever seems to be confused about the notion of democracy, or honesty, or decency, well a lot of things really. The sad reality for me is that I have slightly more time for Ruth Davidson than I do Wullie Rennie and Kenzia Dugdale. At least Davidson has a warped sense of honesty about her lies, she at least believes them. I have also seen things in the media regarding the local elections and Tory MSPs imploring Green Candidates not make the elections about the referendum, oh dear. However Willie Rennie is a clown, having met him briefly and heard him speak he is an opportunist who would sell his grannie to get where he wants to be but he shows an incredible lack of knowledge on the political front that is unreal, even my ignorance is a level above his. We need an opposition in Scotland but not from Scottish Labour or the Scottish Lib Dems, they peddle lies and division.


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    1. Actually, I wish we had Annabel Goldie as the leader of the Tories. Now that tehy are the main opposition party it would be good to have someone who had something to say, and who had thought it out.

      Clearly of course, Cameron didn’t like her. Probably because she was seriously clever.

      But she had more to say than SNP bad.

      Willie and Kezia would be out of their depth at a parish council meeting. Ruth is an opportunist who changes her views dependent on what Downing Street tells her. I’ve no respect for her.


      1. And remember, and be sure to point it out to every higher earning Conservative voter you encounter:-

        Ruth’s intransigent stupidity was why the budget got passed with Green support. The Greens price was not uprating the highest tax band by 1% for inflation. Her stupidity cost her supporters a tax cut of £85 a year. Annabel Goldie would never have been that stupid. Ruth’s no surrender mentality hurts her own supporters most.

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      2. Annabel was (and still is) a cool cookie. She knew how to work a minority government. She also had a good personal relationship with the FM. She had a wise head and a lawyer’s brain.

        When he announced that she was standing down I banged into her in parliament. I told her that although I was an SNP man, I admired her and the way that she was the real opposition in Edinburgh. I suggested that for the sake of Scotland she should stay on. But, as I said, I guess Cameron didn’t like her because he couldn’t control her. He wanted his puppet in. And now she’s May’s puppet.


  7. noun, plural referendums, referenda [ref-uh-ren-duh] (Show IPA)
    the principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body, head of state, etc., to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection.

    In my search I’ve found reference to referenda that are mandatory, obligatory, optional, factultative and consultative and I’m sure there others.

    The preferred option for Willie Rennie however is the ‘devisive referendum’. Without a shadow of doubt, it seems to me it’s Willie and his friends in the other Unionist parties that are trying their utmost to make the referendum divisive.

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    1. Yeah, it’s strange. They all talk about division, but all Nicola has said is that Scotland is in a situation where it has new options available to it. These are not options that she, as first minister, thinks are her responsibility to make and so she will give that responsibility to the people.

      Divisions are everywhere in sociiety. They are in politics. With or without referenda, once upon a time Labour and the Tories used to disagree about most things.

      But we disagree about football, tennis, religion, who’s going to be the designated driver, whether to take the train or the bus, where to goon holiday, which channel to watch.

      Live with it, Willie.


    1. Is it just me or will Mayhem be getting rather used to this new game of hers … having the rug pulled out from under her. LOL

      P.S. I hear Mayhem is non too pleased that people are referring to Brexit as a divorce. You know what to do peeps. LOL

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      1. I’m hearing rumours Mayhem is anxiously trying to sweep that under the carpet. She would have swept it under the rug but that somehow got lost … on Monday I think. LOL

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      1. OK. I’m not sure it is fake. I rather suspect that it is a breakaway group, but to be safe rather than sorry, I’ll take it down.



    1. WOW, that’s some result, given that it is going out from Border tv.

      It it is a net poll, of course, then it means you don’t get as many old people voting. That could explain some of the trend.


    1. So, let me get this straight.

      1. We are a huge liability to England and we cost them a fortune in subsidies. £1600 per person per year that tehy have to stump up to keep us flee ridden ne’er do wells, right?

      2. It Scotland leaves the currency will be downgraded, right?

      OK. I’m not an economist but, what?


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