When thieves fall out, honest men come by their own

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This stuff has been showing up on my Twitter feed all day.

So now the Tories are falling out with each other and this is not just May versus Hammond. Each has his or her own camp followers.

I expect that that will get worse before it gets better. Will they fight for the next three years, or will Hammond get the push?

And Labour in Scotland is at odds again with its bosses in England. Corbyn, who has said in the past that Scotland cannot afford to become independent, has said that May should allow another referendum. Dugdale is fighting tooth and nail against it happening. Seriously you wonder if they are in the same party. They seem to agree about nothing.

Finally, the Liberal Democrats had their Scottish party conference this weekend and a young man named Chris Wilson delivered a speech against his party’s line on independence. He believes that Scotland should be independent in Europe. I hope you’ll find his piece on his twitter page here. The frosty faces in the largely elderly audience show how courageous he was to put over his point of view.

38 thoughts on “When thieves fall out, honest men come by their own”

  1. As for the stoats and weasels fighting in the Westminster sack – let it all be as repellently nasty as possible, the better to show pro-Union folk in Scotland that we’ll be better out of it. Having the two largest camps at Westminster stabbing their own partisans in the back rather than putting the boot in against the Other Side – it’s a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion, really. I’m very sorry for what my English friends are going through, though – we’re being cushioned from the worst effects of it.

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    1. They are a pretty despicable lot. They are putting their own careers and their own interests above those of the people who pay them.

      But yes, let’s hope they crash and burn.

      I’ve many friends in England and they are going through a very hard time, particularly with policing and the health service. I know some too are worried about all these schools the Tories are determined to build so that their mates can profit form them…whether they are needed or not.

      Although I happily admit that things are far from perfect in Scotland, they are becoming catastrophic in England, thanks to the incompetent government and the opposition that is opposing itself.

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  2. tris

    the blame game again , the truth is why shouldn’t the self employed
    pay a fairer share of nic mr paye does get a choice anyway many fiddle
    their earnings . Picked me daughters car up from mot the garage said
    they had to do £30 of repairs to pass mot , so I gets out card to pay he
    says oh ! you not paying cash i says not got £30 on me pal he says then
    I will have to put vat on it that makes it £36.
    And then they pays themselves dividends and the missus who does
    nowt as well no nics on dividends . And the rest of the fiddles yeah
    no sympathy for the self employed.
    Car expenses out of tax deductions I know someone who cleared
    £300.000 in clear profit and payed £7000 in income tax no nics
    (saying this could get me hurt but ffs )

    And lets be clear the English Tory vermin scum filth are not considering
    the lowly self employed striver whom they hate as much as any other
    worker…no its big time tax avoiders they rush to protect.

    And yet and yet these same English Tory filth sicko scum bags will
    hound a disabled person at deaths door and through it for the sake of
    a few quid a week…
    And David Davis says its Mays our way or the highway last I looked
    be you ever so high Parliament assembled is above any one MP even
    a prime minister.
    Not forgetting in the UK unwritten constitution referenda are not
    worth a warm bucket of conans pish.

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    1. I hope you feel better after that rant Niko, old chum.

      Of course the big deal is that the promised not to put up income tax, VAT or NI. And just like last time, they lied.

      Now there’s a battle. but I understood that the Cabinet and the Queen had foresight of the budget. Why didn’t the old dear stop it before he delivered it to the country?

      David Davis is a muppet and that’s on his good days.

      I’m hoping you get good news about your brother.

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      1. Apologies in advance for this rant but here it is anyway:
        The entire Tory cabinet consists of a bunch of privately educated, pig thick, (most of them) egocentric, self serving arseheads. (All of them) They are loose cannons and consequently out of control. Mays role in this is more or less to at least try, to mask their incompetence by attempting to coordinate, tie up and inject some notion that there is reason behind the havoc they’re unleashing on the country. All this while simultaneously trying to embed her self in the history books as Thatcher 2.0. Ordinary folk dan sath must see this., surely?

        We have got to get out of this Union.

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        1. The trouble is that Mrs May isn’t renowned for being efficient herself. So trying to keep a cabinet of half wits and screwballs together, focused and on message is hardly the ideal task for her.


      2. You raise a very interesting point there tris. Exactly what is the role of the Queen in amongst the mayhem, no pun intended, being foisted on the U.K by a tory Government intent on causing irreparable damage to the lives of its citizens?
        If reports are to be believed, the bill to trigger Article 50 will shortly be sent for Royal Assent. Can the Queen refuse to sign, and if so, what then happens? Has it ever happened before?
        Isn’t her Majesty supposed to protect all her subjects from the worst excesses of our political masters?
        Or, as a republican, am I fantasizing.

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        1. I wonder.

          As there isn’t actually a constitution, we don’t know what the role of the monarch is. It was defined in the 19th century, unofficially as the right “to be informed, to encourage and to warn”.



          But we also know that she can stop laws that involve her personally, as can the Duke of Rothsay.

          These articles are what the government wants us to know. Not necessarily what actually happens.

          I understand that she doesn’t personally sign all laws, and it’s all a bit symbolic. (What would they have done when she was out of the country for extended periods as she used to be when touring Australia and New Zealand?)

          If she made her views clear, then I suspect a constitutional crisis. Tessy v Liz.


  3. It’s like waiting for a number 3 bus Tris. Nothing comes for ages and then suddenly three, or more, come all along at once.

    Labour continue with their never ending infighting towards oblivion.

    Tories carry on their infighting only now it is not just about Brexit but the joke of a budget last week.

    Scotland is on ever increasing tender hooks about independence referendum.

    The £ continues to free fall, slowly for now, against the $ and Euro.

    Everyone and their dog, sorry currently watching Crufts could help myself, is on tender hooks about what Mayhem plans on Tuesday. I believe House of Commons has been put on their alert thingy to expect a speech thingy from Mayhem on Tuesday. Ever since Thursday I’ve been reading/hearing about the idea that she will announce the triggering of A50 on Tuesday.

    I am guessing Mayhem expects, nae demands, that the House of Commons rejects the House of Lords amendments on Monday. Going on previous comments from media about the old Ping Pong game thingy it is expected when HoC does reject Hol amendments then HoL will rubber stamp A50 bill. I assume this is why everyone is thinking she will make A50 announcement on Tuesday cause she knows HoL will rubber stamp A50 bill.

    In short if you didn’t think life was exciting/hilarious enough already come Tuesday we jump up at least three levels of madness in my view.

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    1. Aye, I’ve got it down for Tuesday too. Munguin is selling his sterling and buying Somalian shillings.

      There was never any doubt that they thing would go through. The English voted for it. So they may as well get on with it.

      it should be a laugh watching the blind lead the blind into mayhem…

      Can’t wait.

      I kinda like a bit of madness…

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    1. LOL. They’ll be cool then Ha ha ha ha…

      If by some evil happenstance we are still in this god awful kingdom when I pop my clogs, watch me spend every last bloody halfpenny, even if i have to burn it or leave it to Niko, and leave them with the expense of burying me!

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  4. Tris

    Probably all disappointed they couldn’t punish the poor even more as inflation stole their thunder. Hammond looks like a real prick though, he is smug in that Tory superiority complex kind of way. Scottish Labour and Labour are just the gift that keeps giving even though they are all the same and the young Liberal guy if he has any sense will get out of that party as soon as, I learned very quickly that they are neither Liberal or democratic in Scotland and when the star is that total stain Alex Cole Hamilton you know you are in the Tory party.


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    1. Aye where did Cole Hamilton come from? I’d never heard of him till this weekend.

      He sounds like a Tory. He had a face like a torn scone when Mr Wilson was speaking.

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      1. Tris

        I met him at the one conference I attended, nothing sticks to that guy. He is their leader in waiting and a total vacuous type to be honest. It’s all fake. He worked for charities but high up in all of them. Typical of the type of politician the parties want, robots that won’t challenge anything just keep things as they are.


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        1. So we’re waiting to get rid of Willie and replace him as leader of the 5th largest party in Scotland with Cole-Hamilton?

          Interesting. Ho ho ho…

          Cheers for the update, Bruce.

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