N Blue poppiesn dog and catn finlandN dundeeN FoxndogN AustriaN Iceland waterfallN IcelandN Kingfishern mum and babiesn Norther lightsN Iceland's IceN Kravice BosniaN OrangutanN orchidN SnowdropsnsheepN shareN springN Squirreln Teal duckN YellownapeN Wildcat


24 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. No 10 reminds me that I meant to thank you last week for photos of kingfishers with an indication of scale.
    Up until that point no photograph I had seen had anything to give scaling.
    After all, an immature minnow is identical in appearance to an adult.
    I actually *saw* my first kingfisher in my early 60s, and was astonished as I had been under the impression that they were about the size of a starling. (Silly me)
    Also, I was unaware that they were resident in Edinburgh.
    Shows that you are never too old to learn.
    Well… me anyway.


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  2. oh those were glorious, some beautiful scenery there -the humans and the waterfall especially. Loved Mr Fox who indeed was fantastic, the weary mother of twins, and the stunning, if scary, wildcat. But the scenery was breathtaking. Very cheery for a damp Sunday. Thanks Tris!

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        1. LOl Thanks for the correction. I’m forever getting animals wrong. Just because I love them doesn’t mean I know much about them.

          Always happy to be put right 🙂


  3. Speaking of the sheep, can they be washed or do they have to be dry cleaned? (Oldie but a goodie.)
    And the fox reminds me to ask if the Tories have reinstated fox hunting?

    Lovely scenery! The lighted houses in the snow are pretty, and I like the color blue. Any idea what those blue flowers are in the first one?

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    1. Boom boom!.

      No. Not as yet, Danny. But they are considering it and the minister responsible, Andrea Leadsome, a particularly unpleasant old woman, is in favour.

      The flowers are blue poppies (Meconopsis).


      1. Amazing. I did have some, but they died. I don’t think they much care for Scottish climate.

        On the other hand, beautiful Icelandic poppies do really well here


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