“This International Women’s Day we should pay tribute to someone who has dedicated her life in service to her people. Queen Elizabeth II has demonstrated that hard work and commitment earn you far more respect than demanding that people make way and artificially promote you simply because of your sex.” Eric Abetz.

Eric Abetz is a Liberal member of the Australian Senate, representing Tasmania.

I can’t really think of anything more to say. Except, maybe, well done, Liz, for clambering to the top of the greasy pole of government in not one but 15 countries, based only on hard work, dedication and just that little bit of luck that we all need with our careers.


  1. I never fail to be astonished by the people (British immigrants) of Australia at their grovelling attitude to the Royal Family and their desire to keep a British flag as part of their flag.
    I spent some time in Australia in the sixties and thought that by now the non-British immigrants and the sons and daughters of the British immigrants would have thrown off this ridiculous thing of the past. But obviously not.

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    1. It’s a weird thing, this worship of royalty, the belief that somehow these people are different from ordinary mortals.

      Understandable hundreds or years ago; slightly pathetic 70 years ago. Utterly inexplicable now.

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  2. Alex is a confirmed Royalist int he ???

    anyways watched the original Twelve angry men 1957
    in which twelve male jurors looked for justice.
    brill movie if its was created today the result would be
    guilty and off to the chair forwith…

    In fact in trumpian usa it would be called why have a trial
    he looks guilty

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    1. I’m trying hard to think of someone I know who is a royalist, and the only one I can think of is the old man who lives on the ground floor of our block. He and his wife sat and watched Willie’s wedding to kate Middleton ALL DAY on the telly, despite the excellent weather and positively gushed about it for days after…

      Well, not to me, you understand. One look was enough to tell them that it wasn’t a welcome topic of conversation.

      In Trumpland it would be…You look foreign, or like a democrat…you’re guilty!”

      Have you read this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12_Angry_Men_(1957_film)

      I had to look the film up as I’d never heard of it. I thought you might be interested. Having read the synopsis, it sounds fascinating, and it’s a frightening indictment and vindication of the jury system.

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    1. It’s what I’d like, but, to be honest, it’s not a huge priority of mine. After all apart from costing an indecent amount of money these people don’t in any way impact on my life or the lives of most of us.

      I’d not want to make it a thing before a referendum, because there is still a surprising number of royalty lovers, particularly old people, who vote.

      It’ll happen in the fullness of time.

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      1. Typos are such joke killers. It was supposed to be Oui Senior. Ho hum my day job beckons. Maybe I should look to the insect world for inspiration.

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  3. Dinnae batter yersel Dave; maist folk think ahm up mah ain erse daein aw the Latin stuff.

    Ah really jist work fur Google translate…

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      1. Well I don’t know much Latin out with the botanical names for plants which doesn’t help with conversation but if you supply the malt whisky I can do a fair rendition of Maggies Flannel Drawers with actions and everything.

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  4. As I say to my daughters, “work hard and you can have any job you want”. Apart from head of state of course, I mean one day one of them could even marry a Catholic!

    As said above, roll on the day we live in the Republic of Scotland.

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    1. I’m glad I never wanted to be the head of state, because the equal opportunities act wouldn’t help me there.

      I have it on good authority form a certain animal, that he wouldn’t say no to the presidency of Scotland.

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  5. If anyone wants to celebrate the 90 year long holiday the old boiler has been enjoying, let them fire away. The rest of us might look on mystified, but at least the celebrants are keeping themselves to themselves – I hope – and getting their kicks in private.

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    1. Aye 90 years of, erm being treated like royalty … I could live with that.

      Actually I couldn’t. i can’t stand the idea of anyone being either “above” or “below” me.


  6. I’m sorry I got to this story late, a bit of info from me I’m from Cumbernauld and born in Barlanark and have lived in Tassie for 30 years married to a Tassie girl.
    Anyway Erica Betz as my mum and dad call him is a Senator for Tassie but he is first on the list for the tories which means any lunatic could get in. Tassie has a big farming vote and they all vote tory from birth to death.

    Abetz is a religious fundamentalists nutjob and a great fan of Tony Abbott the other Australian religious fundamentalist nutjob that gave phil the greek a knighthood a couple of years ago.

    After all that Ericas great uncle was the Nazi ambassador to Paris from Nov 1940 to July 1944

    Sins of the father and all that

    Saor Alba gu brath

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    1. Hey Stu.

      Nice to hear from you.

      We have the same list system for some of our MSPs and you’re right. Any nutter can get in by that system (you only have to look at some of them).

      Interesting that he has connections to the Nazis… a bit like Phil himself… or should I say Sir Phil!.



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