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Yep, that’d work!




      1. That was always a joke. Even Gordon Brown, suggesting a federal Uk said “as federal as you can get when one nation comprises 85% of the population. Britain is England with some wee bits tagged on.


  1. I hear that a 3 state solution is being punted in Eire. Scotland gets indie, absorbs N I leaving Eire and greater Scotland in EU. Wonder where the OO knuckle draggers would want to stay.

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    1. It makes sense. then every country gets what it wants, or what it voted for.

      After all we are told that it was a decisive win at 52%. so 55% in NI and 62% in Scotland can hardly be called trivial, can it.

      Oh yes, the British Empire strikes back, of course it can.

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    1. I imagine she never has her nose out of the Daily Mail, which in turn means that she is hardly likely to know much other than Labour/SNP bad, Tory/UKIP good.

      Well, that, and the size of Jordan’s bra and how Binky Felstead is pregnant (nah, me neither, but the Mail is rattling on about it).

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      1. The Battle of Glasgow Green, 1919. 10,000 troops, machine guns, howitzers and tanks at ready.

        But even before that, when workers in the mills in Dundee wanted shorter hours, the mill owners, including the family (Grimmond’s Mill) of that ‘great Liberal’ Joe Grimmond, ordered up 22 machine pistols, just in case.

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        1. That’s where we are heading. We’ve heard people rejoicing at the fact that we can relax standards in manufacturing and health a safety, not to mention recycling. The off-shore sweat shop and rubbish tip of Europe.

          When you think about it, at least some of these people had just fought in the great war… you know, the one the Tories made so much of in 2014, talking about “our brave British boys”.

          The way they treat people…


    1. LOL. LOL. LOL.

      Orange Order. Is that something to do with the POTUS’s face?

      Yes, true, it brought disorder…only it was more like 30 years, and an awful lot of misery.

      I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen here. We’ve managed 70+ years of discourse without having ever resorted to violence. Even in the face of Nazi salutes and Union Jacks being rubbed in our faces.


  2. Why are the Tories so desperate to ensure that their loss making northern subsidiary isn’t allowed to float itself off as an independent enterprise?
    Most unusual behaviour from them and goes against all their historic actions in such circumstances.
    Their declared love for subsidising us is extremely laudible but not credible given the nature of the beast so we must assume they are lying about something.
    May has declared the branch management to be incompetent and signalled her intent to take control back to London which is guaranteed to antagonise the share holders north of the border.
    How they react to this provocation will be interesting.

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    1. Well, I suspect she can try that, probably by repatriating power bit by bit, then at some point she can declare the Scottish parliament to be outrageously expensive for a parish council which only decides on what colour to pain the railings at Holyrood House, and disband it.

      Ruth can get a safe seat in England and Fluffy can take over running the Scottish colony. (Bless him. I’d not give him much more than 12 hours before disaster struck.)

      They never wanted devolution. Maybe they think that it’s a good idea to get rid of it.

      Well, you can laugh, they think hard Brexit, Trump, Netanyahu and Erdogan are good ideas… so anything is possible.


      1. Well, you can laugh, they think hard Brexit, Trump, Netanyahu and Erdogan …

        Maybe not, globalization was the midwife to our present resurgence of right
        wing demagogues who are all Nationalists after all…….

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        1. Yes that’s true, from May to Trump to Wilders to Le Penn, all right wing nationalists. And we have to remember that May is being driven by Trump and Farage/Nuttall.

          They are all nationalists that believe THEY are the best.

          The Scots are the exception. We want to be a part of Europe. They think they’re better than that.


  3. What next from these idiotic Daily Mail readers: “Scotland’s got WMD’s on the Clyde, we should invade”.

    Scotland be wary, Scotland be brave!

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  4. I cannot think of anything more likely to concentrate minds in Scotland than for May to refuse an independence referendum. I think even the prince of unionism, oor Niko, would be in two minds, as opposed to his present single stroppy one. Go on, Theresa!

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    1. au contraire mon ami ( see am learning french in the republic )

      I live for the day of indy ref 2 and see the snp broken backed losers
      once again and forever then cast down to oblivion and Labour my Labour
      party rising phoenix like to take once again their rightful place as the true
      leaders of the Scottish peoples…

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    2. The stroppier and more Britannic May gets the more she pushes people to independence.

      Dunno about Niko though, John. Although he doesn’t seem like the Daily Mail type.


      1. Tris, I think Niko has a better chance of his beloved Labour Party being successful, in a resurrected form, after Independence. It is so obvious this is the only route for them in Scotland, he should actually redirect his energies to the Independence cause. Yes, I did see pigs flying today – the red wine helps. Ian

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        1. Red wine always helps.

          Niko… it’s a point. Labour is finished in Scotland as part of the UK. Third by a long way and losing support every day.

          In an independent country it would have a chance.

          Think about it, matey.


    1. Oh, I know.

      I means seriously, what the actual…

      The Empire strikes back.

      Rule Britannia, Britania borrows ships from France… eww er.

      They are very nearly as funny as that orange fella in the Gold House.


    1. LOL NO. Anabelle Goldie was the one really sensible Tory. I met her once and she was, not only sensible, but intelligent, amusing and charming too… and strangely (I say that because I know she came over as a Margaret Rutherford lookalike on tv) very attractive.


  5. An English pal of mine reacted with great amusement to Annabelle391’s little gem. She said: “We should send in the gunboats! Oh, why bother, we’ve got nuclear submarines on the Clyde already”.

    She has a wicked sense of humour. I shall award her a Scottish passport, assuming the new Scottish Home Office will let me nick one, on the grounds that she actually knows and understands how we independentistas feel about things, and sympathizes. This is, sadly, all too f*cking rare.

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    1. Bravo to your English mate.

      Yep I imagine the Ministry of the Interior in Scotland, or whatever it will be called, will issue her a passport, which will be a deal more use than a UK one.


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