Jackson Carlaw, deputy branch leader, addresses the faithful…

…and one of them is reading the paper, for goodness sake. YAWN!!


30 thoughts on “Jackson Carlaw, deputy branch leader, addresses the faithful…”

  1. Unfortunately, yes. That hall was fair hoaching with adoring young Tory firebrands, wasn’t it? I’m surprised they didn’t all faint with the excitement and have to be carried out on stretchers….

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  2. Would you buy a used car off this man?

    On 28 January 2014, in response to a proposal submitted by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to make the Golden Eagle a symbol of Scotland, Carlaw objected, likening the bird to a symbol of Nazi Germany and Roman imperialism.

    Blue Tit.

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    1. No, I wouldn’t, and neither, it seems from his history, would anyone else.

      I wonder if he has any such objections to the symbols of British imperialism?

      Blue tit indeed.


  3. I see they have increased support since last year.
    Must be coming a close second by now.
    They will soon be in the lead, just in front of the heillan coo from soppy sunday.
    Naw on second thoughts, Not possible. They will be in the mud under the heilan coo.

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  4. Of course, we can all have a good laugh at this legend in his own lunchtime preaching to people who would be lucky to possess one working brain cell between them, but the truth of the matter is, just like the Labour party in Scotland in the past, the “nasty party”, are going to be our greatest obstacle to us gaining our independence.
    Not by themselves of course. That would be an impossibility, but with assistance of their fellow travellers, and led by an increasingly aggressive M.S.M, the forthcoming Scottish Referendum campaign is going to be an almighty struggle, against a foe who will use any tactic to deny us our independence.
    So far, at least locally, the response on the doorsteps has been positive, both in terms of the council election questions, and nationally, in respect of the S.N.P, Scottish Government’s performance.
    Let’s hope that continues

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    1. I don’t think that there is any doubt that it will be a hard fight.

      Theresa won’t want to lose Scotland on her watch, especially after Eton Dave saved it for the empire.

      So it will be nasty.

      Despite what the Tories and their wee lap dogs say, the Scottish government is getting on with the day job, and people without strong political convictions, either way, can see that our results are generally better, despite the savage cuts to budgets.

      The BBC’s/ITV’s insistence on giving us English news has helped in that. We know exactly how badly the English departments are doing… Health, Education, Prisons, Law and Order…

      And people here generally know that the service is not bad.

      No matter what they tell you, if you CAN get a bed in hospital when people are waiting 36 hours in England, and you see it nightly on the news, then it may tumble to you that life is better here.

      As the effects of Brexit become clearer (Mr Hammond is going to have to put aside money for compensation to area or companies that are going to be hit hard, and that means less for other stuff… housing benefits for under 21s has just gone) more and more people will see that “getting rid of foreigners”, which it was all about, wasn’t such a good plan anyway.


  5. Note also that the (relatively) young man on the nearest seat, front row, left of aisle, seems to be on his mobile phone. But maybe he is recording the speech for a souvenir……..

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    1. Well, nothing would surprise me about them. Now we are being prepared for even more austerity to pay for their Brexit, or as I saw this morning “Brexshit”.

      They are a seriously horrible lot.


      1. I’ve never had cocaine but if I were forced to sit through a Tory conference I’d be downing it like there was no tomorrow. As for the strip poker… what the hell!

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