1. She is. She was pathetic with Tessy, but this one was even worse. Still she was up against Eck, and like him or loathe him he has experience and intellect.

      Burd was only up against May. Hardly the same stuff.

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  1. It really is astonishing just how clueless some of those meeja people are… I was amused by the banner thing at the foot of the screen at the beginning, “PM: SNP think independence is answer to every question”, because I thought to myself when I read it that Scottish independence will never, ever show us how to stop Theresa May being gratuitously offensive, strikingly arrogant, openly contemptuous and breathtakingly mendacious towards and about us Scots.

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  2. Oor Eck is an absolute star! Don’t think there are many, if any , anti-independence interviewers who look forward to ” grilling” Eck!

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  3. It does me good to see him in action because I know that he’s most likely going to give the biased interviewer a stuffing. If you compare him to the numptys in the cabinet none of them can touch him, indeed it would be a struggle to find a more able politician within these shores.

    Eck is quality and most definitely, the man! In my humble opinion anyway.

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  4. Even if we were to put up Ghandi or Martin Luther King 11 as supporters of our case,the London based media would see them as people with an unjustified grievance who need to be put in their place.
    We are supposed to be grateful,not resentful in their minds.


    1. Brilliant as ever, I’d say.

      I remember a many-years-younger Tris being dragged to a political meeting to hear Gordon Wilson and Alex Salmond speak.

      I didn’t want to go, and I sat through the first half, which was Gordon Wilson rather boringly droning on about…well, I dunno because I zoned out. Then Alex was invited to talk and the whole thing changed course. He had the audience laughing and, more importantly, listening to his argument.

      I was a fan from that moment on.

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  5. We are so lucky to have politicians of the calibre of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney fighting our corner – and they don’t do it in isolation. With the likes of Chris Law and Mhairi Black just gaining experience all the time, we have a bright future!

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    1. There are so many really brilliant people in the ranks both at Westminster and Holyrood.

      I agree about Chris, who is a really nice person too (he and Munguin have met). Mhairi is stunningly good. I’d add Humza, Johanna, Christina, John, Shona, Michael, Angus… and of course, Nicola. OK, I could go on and I’m going to have left someone really brilliant out. You only have to watch their interventions in Westminster or Holyrood to be impressed.

      And most of them are young. The party has a great future.


  6. Down here in God’s Orange County, where real men play junior football and “poofs” play the likes of rugby and ice hockey, there is a protocol whereby, if a young football referee is showing signs of promise, he is given an Auchinleck Talbot v Cumnock game. If he survives that, he is ready for anything.

    I reckon the same thing holds good on BBC News. The kid’s done well so far, let’s put him/her up against Salmond and if he/she can hit him, then they’re on their way to the top.

    Sadly, the young lady in the clip failed her audition.

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  7. That interview is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I just can’t understand how or why Alex failed to come up to his usual standard in that vital but rather car-crash debate with Alistair Darling in 2014.

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    1. Agreed (on both counts). I’d never dismissed Darling as being stupid; he was, after all, an advocate. But he certainly was a poor communicator. He tended to stutter and blink and look riled, and he completely lacked warmth or charm, which, rightly or wrongly, gave the impression he was winging it, or lying. Alex, on the other hand, was always cool and collected, spoke fluently and coherently and appeared to be completely in command of his brief.

      I was looking forward to Darling being demolished. He most certainly wasn’t. In fact, even I thought he won.

      Now, in fairness, Darling had been working for weeks on that debate, being tutored and with various people playing the Salmond part. I’m guessing it took up a lot of his time. But, apart from being an MP, he had no other responsibilities. Alex on the other hand, was FM. He had a government to run. (And contrary to what they all say, that does mean education, health, transport, law and order, etc, etc. ) Maybe more preparation would have been an advantage.

      That said, maybe it’s as simple as the man was not well that night.

      Whatever, Daling won, and all our hearts sank.

      Fortunately, it didn’t happen again.


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