Theresa May is in Glasgow today, with only a marginally larger crowd than Mr Corbyn managed to draw in Perth, telling Nicola Sturgeon to get on with the day job running schools and hospitals while she occupies herself with more important matters.

But it seems that rather than holding Mr Trump’s hand, coz he can’t do stairs, she might like to look at the state of her own schools and hospitals.

And while she is at it, she might like to take a quick glance in the direction of her police forces  (here and here) and prisons and what ails them.

Mrs May might do well to heed her own advice and get on with running England’s public services which have been allowed to rattle down under Tory and Liberal mismanagement.

As far as I know she hasn’t come up to tell us we’re racists.

After the sycophantic interview with the BBC, where Union Jackie Bird seems to beg her to refuse Nicola Sturgeon the right to call a referendum, she probably thinks she’s on safe ground in this country.

Still, I see Ken Dodd got a Knighthood. So that’s alright. We can all be tickled!



  1. Far too many people here in Scotland have been duped into thinking the Scottish Government is incompetent, a walking disaster – still, I don’t know what can possibly wake them up to the fact that we are doing at least as well as can be expected, given the circumstances, and things are much, much worse in England.

    I’m just listening to Theresa May, speaking in Glasgow, spinning the lie that Scottish schools are the worst in the UK, and worse than in Poland and Estonia. The SNP, she said, are obsessed with independence. The whole “day job” narrative. What can we do to debunk this pernicious nonsense? That was going out on Classic FM, so that’s what everyone in the rUK is hearing. No opportunity given for any response, of course. Oh, and the SNP are lying about Brexit too. In what way was not made clear.

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    1. She’s a piece of work, isn’t she?

      Of course, she’s talking to her following… not that it was a particularly big crowd for the prime minister, but of course, the faithful BBC are covering it, not because it’s the Tories, but because she’s saying nasty things about the SNP. Jackie Bird must think she’s the very dab, getting to interview her. She positively simpered.

      Well, bad luck to her. SHE has lied about Brexit. It will be a disaster because firstly it’s a seriously bad idea to leave the world’s biggest trading block when you are a trading nation and you don’t make much except weapons… and then she’s appointed some of the most stupid ministers possible to get the job done.

      All through this both Davis and Fox have proved that they know less than Munguin pet canary about how to go about Brexit… and Munguin doesn’t even have a pet canary. She thinks Donald Trump will do a trade deal with her within three months.

      Jeeeeeez. Of course, maybe he will, but can you imagine the trade deal she will get in three months when he knows that she is desperate. He may be a figure of fun with the hair and the golden showers, but he’s a businessman and he’s absolutely determined to bring everything home to America.

      She’s also held talks with Erdogan and Netanyahu …She certainly keeps some dubious company.

      Although the Tories are probably more popular than they used to be in Scotland, they are still not that popular. A lot of right-wing Blairite Labour voters have gone home to the Conservatives, but they are at half the number of seats of SNP. And the crowd was hardly stunning for the prime minister of the union and THEIR leader.

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  2. From the pictures I’ve seen so far of Mayhem’s little jaunt tae Glasgow I’m just glad that the Xenophobic Tory party is on the rise in Scotland. I’d hate to see the audience figures if it were … say … in decline! LOL

    To quote Jamie Ross:

    Rule one of political conferences don’t book halls which are obviously too big!

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    1. I see Jamie’s point.

      I dunno about Labour though. Judging by the turnout for Jeremy, they’ll have to look at the back room of the Haggis and Feathers in Auchenshoogle next time round. Or maybe it will be an old phone box by then.

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      1. As the Auchenshoogle OAP club ended up listening to the droning tones of Jeremy last week there is no way that ANY room, hall or even phone box will be available for the branch office to use for their conference in 2018!

        By the looks of the “audience at the SECC it looks like the Auchenshoogle Nature and Conservation club arrived OK. Unfortunately when they saw the Word Conservative they mistook it as a sign that this was the conference they had been heading for … Conservation in 21st Century Scotland.

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      1. I’m reminded of the Soviet NKVD who used to place an armed commissar to the rear of a unit to make sure no-one “faltered”.

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  3. Sorry to keep banging on… I was just reading a full text of Ms. May’s speech. it’s impossible to know what to spit carpet tacks about most, really. Here’s one that really made my eyes bug out. The SNP have been “Starving the health service by refusing to match the spending increases on the NHS in England.” Eh? Alternative facts, anyone?

    I don’t think that, in my precarious state of health, I dare risk reading any further.

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    1. I don’t know about the figures, but I know that while it’s not perfect the health service here is incredibly better than the health service in England.

      I’ve a lot of mates in England (I grew up there) and they report utter chaos. One friend in particular has had a really rough time waiting for treatment.

      In some places it is so bad that doctors are offering a better service if you pay. And my dentist friend tells me that there is virtually no NHS dentistry. Pay or have toothache.

      I suspect Mrs May was being economical with the truth. That’s what they do at these conferences. Tell the faithful what they want to hear. She should have just stood on stage and said I hate Nicola Sturgeon with a passion (because she better and much cleverer than I am) .

      In recent times I’ve had absolutely superb treatment from my surgery. A London friend has had a terrible time.

      Don’t read any more. She’s talking to her people. They want to hear what a dire mess Scotland is in. Just like a lot of the Labour people last week wanted to hear Sadiq telling us we were a bunch of narrow racists.

      It doesn’t make it true.

      And… you can always bang on here, but if you’re not well, please try not to get too worked up about it.

      Theresa mayhem, hand holder to the Orange Muppet is hardly worth making yourself ill over. As prime ministers go she makes David Cameron look competent.

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  4. Hmm the problem with you lot is you don’t understand the difference between democracy and democracy..
    Which is easy peasy Scottish democracy is shite
    English Tory democracy is wunnerful and Marvelous

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  5. I think actually that the persistence with a “National” Six on BBC is a stonking own goal since it gives us regular insight into problems South of the border, i.e.NHS, schools and police. When I am leafleting, a local Yoon sallies out to inform me that the Scottish NHS is no longer able to treat serious illness or offer major surgery and people have to go to Newcastle. I can ask him next time if he has watched the BBC News lately.

    My concern about a Scottish Six under the present regime is that it would deprive us of this information and we might be presented with a glowing picture of affairs elsewhere. Jeremy Hunt as the most inspirational facilitator of medicine since Hippocrates, anyone ?

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    1. Funnily enough we were just talking about that this afternoon.

      First there is the internet which more and more people use to get heir news.

      By and large the newspapers are English. The BBC news is nearly all English.

      We are bombarded with English news.

      No one will watch the 9 o’clock news.on a Scottish part-time channel. Then they will be able to say that it has been a failure.

      They don;t do these things to please us. They do them to hurt us.

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      1. I agree that the amount of coverage of exclusively English matters is irritating and irrelevant but at least it is sometimes good to see other people’s dirty washing.

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      2. I think I’m more cynical than most, because I just can’t bring myself at all to welcome this underfunded “new” wheeze of a whole new part-time BBC channel just for us hairy-legged wee Jockanese – there’ll be damn all point watching it if it’s the same tartan-flavoured Britnattery we get out of Pacific Quay already, only more of it – maybe we should be grateful it IS going to be part-time, because it would be really offensive for them to waste Scottish TV licence money on making the tartan Britnattery wall-to-wall…

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  6. According to my better half,judging by the state of her footwear,someone has been holding her feet to the fire.
    I also think her heid has been too close to the fire for too long as well given the deranged nonsense she spouts.

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    1. I’m the last person on earth to notice what people are wearing, but that woman is an exception for me. As my granny would say, “she hiz the tiste o’ an ingin'”.

      She’s not done herself any favours today.

      And the NI election results are a slap in the face for Brexit.


  7. I don’t see why we should take any lectures from Treeza about not keeping our eyes on the ‘day job’!

    Whilst she has been in purdah over Brexit she has also been in purdah over the collapse of the E & W National Health Services, Education and transport.

    I am not entirely convinced that she is terribly good.

    For anything at all.

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    1. On balance she may be slightly better than the people she was up against for leadership. Certainly Gove and Leadsom and 200% better than the idiot Fox.

      I doubt Johnson would have been much better, although he is a great deal cleverer, and he would have been a lot more fun.

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