Avec les Britanniques, plus ça change, plus c’est la même merde

Ce n’est même pas un seau différent


So when they tell you (and they will over and over in the next few months) that we can’t; that we’re too small, too poor, too stupid, and that full independence is hopelessly impracticable, remember Malta, with a population a little less than that of Edinburgh. And remember too that they lie and lie and lie. It’s part of Great British values.


37 thoughts on “Avec les Britanniques, plus ça change, plus c’est la même merde”

  1. Funnily enough, I mentioned that very country a few days ago on Facebook, in response to a unionist who was claiming that we are “too wee, too poor, and too stupid”.

    I asked the person how they thought Malta managed, but it won’t come as any surprise that they refused to provide a reply.

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    1. Hi Marco.

      It’s one of teh questions that really floors unionists.

      How does Malta manage? And the same could be said for Iceland, Denmark, Luxembourg, etc.

      I imagine that unionists think that Maltese, Icelanders or Luxembourgers must be a lot cleverer than Scots.

      Not once got a sensible answer.

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  2. Where would the world be, what would the world be without les Brits?

    A damned sight happier and fairer place. A damned sight less violent and more respectful of our fellow human beings.

    I look forward to their banishment at the ballot box by the citizens of Scotland regardless of their origins, and very soon.

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  3. That head-line alone is enough to get you deported, Monsieur Munguin! Bloody foreigners, coming over here and stealing our head-lines!

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    1. LOL, or should I say MDR (mourire de rire)

      Je know. Mrs May will have him out at the first opportunity.

      I appeal to Ms Sturgeon to let the little fellow stay autrement I’ll lose my basement cell in Munguin Towers.

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  4. Well at least one (of very many )nats is open about his hatred of Brits ( much used IRA insult)
    meaning the English cos of course the Scottish are British as well obviously the snpers will
    spit venom on that fact.
    Twas just blink of an eye the Brit Scots massively and decisively after weighing up all
    lies BS and alternative facts of the nat infested online media against the evidence put
    forward by the defenders of our glorious UNION.
    Then FREELY YES FREELY and not under duress or msm hypnosis nor jedi mind control
    chose the Union in the snp/nat plebiscite .
    and closed that auld book for a generation or about one nano second that being a generation
    to the snp extremist democracy deniers . .

    and remember Malta was awarded The George Cross at a time in an era
    when the snp wished for the Iron Cross of Germany while many Scots
    gave the last full measure of devotion- for their Union and British Nation


        1. They can take a long time to arrange because they are so short of staff in the Ministry of Justice (which runs the tribunals service, even in Scotland).

          Good that he stopped smoking, I guess.

          We’re wishing him well here, Niko.

          Keep us informed.

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  5. Of course, as a fully independent nation we can not only survive, but prosper. But will we be allowed too, that’s the rub.
    Never underestimate the power of the British State. The forthcoming second Scottish Independence Referendum is going to be filled with the most vile rhetoric from the M.S.M, all designed to thwart our desire to run our own affairs in their entirety.
    Unfortunately, despite their declining influence, the television, radio, and print media, still pose a uniform threat to our campaign, and their role could be pivotal in deciding the outcome.
    They, I believe will be our main obstacle in trying to obtain our independence, firstly, because they have the backing of the establishment, hell bent on denying us our freedom, and secondly, because without their crutch, the unionists wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    So be prepared for one almighty struggle, because if we fail on this occasion, it will be many years before we get another chance.

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    1. However,this time we will almost certainly have the support of the EU who would like nothing better than to see the UK reduced to England (and that includes the Spanish).
      The English based media will,however try to do everything they can to obscure this from Scots by printing and broadcasting lots of EU bad stories and how the future will be much better sticking with Old Blighty rather than a bunch of dodgy foreigners.
      Some will go with that.

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      1. It’s going to be hard to hide the bad news that is bound to come over Brexit. As I said elsewhere on here, Letwin just let it out that a deal might cost more than current membership. As for our dear friends the Americans, don’t expect anything from an administration that puts America first.

        In other neews Britain is on a par with Greece in wage increases..ie at the very bottom of the developed world.

        yes, Spain is angry with England over the Gibraltar situation. I doubt they will want to co-operate much.

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    2. I agree. It will be nothing short of war.

      Last time they tried to frighten us with tales of borders and fighting over the last can of beans. Our pensioners wouldn’t have a pension; we couldn’t use the pound (all 75p of it); we would be invaded by North Korea and aliens from Pluto; every job would move to England and we’d be thrown out of the EU and other international organisations.

      Heaven knows what they are going to do this time as almost every single thing they said last time was shown either to be a lie, or the threats happened anyway, despite our voting to stay.

      I notice that Oliver Letwin has said that we may have to pay MORE into the EU to get some deal on trade than we were paying as a member. (Norway already pays more per capita for a deal).

      And American firms have announced the loss of 2000 jobs and blamed Brexit.

      So if you’re waiting for £350 m to prop up your health service every week, what you’re going to get is, erm, a great fat disappointment.

      And if America takes back its jobs, then look forward to the dole…or no dole (given the generosity of the DWP).

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      1. “Heaven knows what they are going to do this time”.
        That’s what bothers me tris. The vile and inflammatory rhetoric unleashed during the E.U Referendum campaign, is, I believe, a precursor to the type of language that will be used come Indyref2.
        That’s assuming that it stops at speech, and doesn’t become sticks and stones.
        While the last two elections, Scottish and General have , were for me at least, been relatively peaceful while out leafleting/canvassing, it was during the last Scottish Referendum that I encountered, only on a few occasions admittedly, aggressive behaviour from people who disagreed with our point of view.
        But on the next occasion, with the British State giving their attack dogs in the M.S.M, particularly the B.B.C, free rein to ramp up their propaganda to a level exceeding anything seen before, I have a concern that there will be attempts to provoke us into responding in a like manner.
        The British establishment were wounded by the result of our 2014 referendum, they didn’t like it one little bit, and now they will be even more determined to keep us as their cash-cow, especially once the full economic disaster that is Brexit becomes apparent.
        This aint going to be any walk in the park, and they will try to provoke us at every opportunity, because that will then give them the headlines they so fervently desire.
        We can do it, but it’s going to be one almighty task.

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      2. It will be scary.

        As you say they didn’t care what they said or how it inflamed people when they were having their referendum on EU.

        Race hate crime up by 50%. Rhetoric from the likes of Farage and printed daily by the Daily Diana and the Daily Heil quite frankly inciting hatred…then Sadiq Khan comes up here and tells us WE’RE racist…

        But WE didn’t have race-hate murders, did we?

        As I’ve said before when the time comes don’t go out canvassing alone. And take your phone set to camera.


      1. Yep. Niko is an old friend. Unionist to the core, Labour to the core. But w love him (and more especially we love his dog, Taz!)

        He’s an enigma. He can be slightly mad, but he’s been coming to Munguin’s Republic for 8 years and more, and he’s our pet unionist.


    1. It’s the big day over there.

      DUP will be back but it may be impossible to form a government.

      It may mean direct rule from London with that SoS blokey, Brokenbuiscuits or something (who thought he was in for an easy job) in charge. He’s pretty much on a par with Fluffy. God help the Irish. It can’t be long now before the province is returned to Ireland.

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  6. Niko is a Greek from Northern Ireland?

    It does explain a lot…

    And I thought being a part English/Irish/Jewish/Scot from Edinburgh was a pain.

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  7. now this is enigmatic

    given the English torys have said regardless of the outcome
    they will press on with Brexit how does that become fair.


    Before the last referendum both the Scottish and UK Governments agreed that it had to be “fair, legal and decisive”.

    But Conservative Government sources have questioned whether a vote before the outcome is known would clear that first hurdle and pass the the ‘fairness’ test

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    1. Because, of course, the Tories are always fair about everything. It’s just that their idea of fair isn’t really ours.

      Oh well, if they absolutely refuse us the right, and refuse to recognise the result if it goes against them, only another 13 years of Tory rule to go, by which time any of us that aren’t aristocrats, royals or “celebrities” will be dead.


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