Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!

Theresa May would have done well, as we may have mentioned before, to resist the temptation to dash to Washington before Donald Trump had found out where the bathroom was in the White House. Her undue haste showed her to be inexperienced and desperate by comparison with her more knowledgeable and mature counterparts across the world.
Inviting Trump to have a state visit in the first week of his presidency, given his reputation for faux pas was nothing short of moronic. It is normal for a state visit not to be arranged until some time, a least a couple of years, has passed.
Trump has apparently made a list of conditions to his visit. Reportedly he wants to play a round of golf at Balmoral on the queen’s private course with her watching. Additionally, he has allegedly warned Prince Charles not to lecture him about green matters, unless he wants a fiery response. He wants to meet and have a photo opportunity with Kate and William and their children, just like Obama did.
But the above tweet, dating from 2012,  may have put the kybosh on that plan. The tweet related to photographs taken of Middleton sunbathing nude in the south of France that year when she and Willie were on yet another holiday
“Kate Middleton is great – but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude – only herself to blame,” he additionally tweeted. 
Also, the petition to deny him the State visit, now probably the largest ever on the London government’s website, has topped 1.8 million signatures and today the Speaker of the House of Commons took the extraordinary step of making a statement in the House saying that he would not invite Trump to speak in parliament.  The state visit, he said, was a matter to be agreed “well above the pay grade of the Speaker” (although as he is the most senior commoner in England, I’m not sure that there IS anyone above his pay grade), but, speaking in parliament was something that was an honour, not a right, and it had to be earned. Normally an invitation to speak would be issued by both Speakers (Commons and Lords). Bercow’s statement was greeted with cheers from sections of the House, and clapping by the SNP, who this time were not told off. Denis Skinner rose to say “Well done”.
I can only imagine Mayhem is fuming. All that creeping just to be smacked down by Bercow. The whole thing is becoming a massive embarrassment.
I wonder if her rush to meet with two other deplorables, Erdogan and Netanyahu, will come back to bite her as swiftly. Hardly any wonder decent heads of government snubbed her in Malta.


alexander-mackinnonAlexander MacKinnon

He may or may not be a solicitor, or a businessman, or a stockbroker in Glasgow. [Edit]

He was travelling first class on the Virgin service from London to Glasgow and was offended by the presence in the carriage of a foreigner.  He didn’t feel she and her 4-year-old son should be allowed to share First Class accommodation with the likes of him.

Perhaps he felt that the air that British First Class passengers breathe would be in some way tainted were foreigners allowed to breathe it. (I wonder if he has ever been abroad and, if so, did he hold his breath for the entire time?)

Anyway, instead of just thinking these things to himself, he actually told her she should be in ‘Common Class’ (You see, he’s so superior he doesn’t even know where the lower orders travel.)

MacKinnon is originally from London and was a boarder at what the record describes as the “exclusive” Milton Abbey School in Dorset, where boarding now apparently costs £11,780 per term. Just a wee suggestion to this exclusive school: maybe they’d like to review their courses on behaviour when mixing with other human beings.

MacKinnon was arrested and charged by transport police. He appeared at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Tuesday and admitted a racially aggravated public order offence. He was fined £1154, plus £50 compensation, a £150 victim surcharge and £85 in court costs.

Nothing to him really. However, hopefully, the bad publicity will mean that his law firm will wish to dispense with his services and that no decent person would now engage them to act for him.

He was drinking wine from a bottle on the journey, not something you’d necessarily expect of fellow passengers when you are travelling First Class. We can assume then, that he was drunk at the time of the offence. But that’s not an excuse for breaking the law.

The woman he verbally abused is a Glasgow-born lawyer. She had been visiting her husband who is currently working in London.

Shockingly, there were around 12 other people in the first class carriage, none of whom said or did anything to protect a young mother and a very small boy from the abuse of this unpleasant foul-mouthed old drunk. (He swore violently at the 4-year-old!). Shame on you people. I’m pretty certain that had they been in Common Class, as MacKinnon suggested they should be, someone would have told him to sit down and shut up. I’m sure I would have. It’s not like an old drunk could have posed any kind of physical threat. Shame on you First Class people.

I’ve put this up on Munguin’s Republic because I think it is fair and right that as many people as possible see the story. After all, the fine and expenses in themselves will hardly be a disincentive for someone like him to change his ways. Bad publicity and public opprobrium might do the trick.

I don’t know what company he works for, but if anyone does, please feel free to share it.

I dunno about you but if I’d forked out for First Class seats I’d not want to spend a long boring journey in the company of an abusive bigoted old soak drinking from a bottle as if he was on the Buckie. how about you?


Gordon and Joe

I was very sad this morning (Friday) to read of the death of Gordon Aikman.

Gordon had been Director of Research for the Better Together campaign until, early in 2014, he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.

He was 28 at the time.

Given that the diagnosis came with a prognosis of 18 months or so of deteriorating quality of life (he managed to live longer…indeed he tweeted a message at the beginning of the year. Hello 2017, I didn’t expect to see you”), he threw himself into making the most of the time he had left, campaigning with politicians for more research into MND and raising money. And he still found time to get married.


He launched a Just Giving page with the target of half a million pounds has now raised more than that. This is what he wrote on it:

I’m dying. And fast. 

That – in short – was what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. It is not the news you expect when 29 years old. 

MND is a progressive, neurodegenerative condition that eats away at your body until you can no longer walk, talk, eat or breathe for yourself.

There is no cure. Soon it will kill me. That’s why I am doing all I can while I can to raise money for MND Scotland: a great charity that funds research into the disease.

It’ll be too late for me, but we can and we must find a cure for the next generation.

With your help, I can turn a negative into a positive. Please dig deep and donate what you can today. 100% of your donation will be spent on cutting-edge research.

Thank you 


As Humza Yousaf just tweeted, the best way to honour his memory is to make a contribution if you can.

I’ll miss you, Gordon. Your writing was always clever and wise and spirit lifting, even when it was, as it inevitably had to be, sad. You were an inspiration for so many, and you’ll continue to be. Heaven knows whenever I have an ache or pain and feel sorry for myself, I’ll think about you and slap myself out of it. I suspect many other people you’ve inspired will too.

RIP, Gordon.


I’m not at all certain that that is what we pay you £60,687 for. Maybe you should spend less time on that a bit more on reading up on economic theory, given that you are the shadow finance person in our parliament. It read that Ivan McKee made a bit of a fool of you in parliament in these matters.

Grateful thanks to Gerry for the clip of Mr McKee taking Murdo down.



Perhaps one of the most respected intellectuals of the day appears to have changed his mind about independence for Scotland.


Anyway, I fell about laughing last night at Michael Fallon, the Secretay of State for Nuclear Bomb Faux Pas.

You’ll remember his last visit to Scotland? Mr Fallon, although I should rightly refer to him as Sir Fallon, or something, given that he was one of the suck-ups (no, Conan, that is supposed to be an “S”) to which Cameron gave a gong for…well, for being a suck-up, when he (Cameron) fled in the aftermath of the disaster he led the UK into.

Anyway, I degress… The last time that Mr Fallon, sorry SIR Fallon, appeared in Scotland he gave an excruciating interview to Bernard Ponsonby (which Stuart Campbell captured for posterity here) in which he ended up being rescued from his ineptitude by a sour-faced lassie (presumably some sort of spad) young enough to be his granddaughter.


Round and round and round it goes; where it lands no one knows.


Most statesmanlike Mr, erm, SIR Fallon, er, sort of.

Anyway, with considerably less wit and political nous than a hibernating tortoise, the seriously plummy SIR (for services to licking, just in case you forgot) Fallon chose to tell the Herald that the UK government could refuse to allow a  second referendum on independence. Y’know, never mind the manifestos of the Greens and SNP in the last elections… Mr SIR Fallon has spoken.

OK. Even for someone as spectacularly unspectacular as the good Knight Commander of the Order of the Bathtub, it was a bloody stupid thing to say. Of course they could; we all know that.  Duh! The power is reserved to Westminster. So why would he say it, unless he meant they would refuse?

And if they did? Well, I can only imagine that a load of Scots would cross the floor from No to YES. Nothing like being told what we can’t do to ensure that we do it.

Way to go, Good Knight…well, Knight anyway.


Oooops, embarrassing!


Presumably someone with a slightly wiser head, maybe his granddaughter-type spad, or maybe his pet cat, pointed this out to him and in a Good Morning Scotland interview, he appeared to soften his stance. He said instead that Edinburgh should  “forget all that stuff and get on with the day job”. ‘All that stuff’ being independence… and ‘the day job’, trying to keep Scotland afloat in the sinking ship that will be the UK after the Orange One gets his little hands on our trade?

“We didn’t see the need for a second referendum,” he said. Oh well. If a Knight of the Bathroom doesn’t see the need for it, we’d best just knuckle under to what he says… he’s a Knight, after all. “Know your place, Scotland”.

On yer bike, ye big muffin.