28 thoughts on “SCOTTISH LABOUR AT WORK”

  1. I wonder if the likes of him are one reason why Labour has been floundering for years: the sense of entitlement and the two fingers up at the people who got his snout into the trough in the first place. Thinking of the Red Barons and Baronesses like Robertson, McConnnell, Flipper, Lidl and so on would almost be comic if they weren’t such a blatant betrayal of people’s hopes. And let’s not forget the £300 a day to prance around dressed like Santa Claus.


    1. I suspect people like him have been part of Labour’s demise.

      The MPs who never door chapped because once seated they had a job for life. I still believe that if they had actually been in touch with their public they would have been for independence: Home rule for Scotland … as they once were.

      But they have doggedly stuck to their unionism, their red white and blue, as the people who traditionally voted for them have seen that they didn’t.

      And, as Eric Joyce points out, we are looking at another Tory win in 2020, and probably 2025. Is that what people want? By 2030 Scotland and the UK will be unrecognisable. The things that even Thatcher hadn’t the nerve to interfere with will be gone.

      And in the meantime, people like Foulkes sit and snooze in the House of Lords, because, let’s face it, none of this really affects THEM. It’s people like Dugdale I fail to understand. OK, she’s on a reasonable salary, but she still has to live in the real world. Can she see nothing except red white and blue?



  2. In fairness Tris, and you won’t find me defending the likes of his Lord drunkenness very often, there is at least ONE thing that can be said about his Drunkenness of somewhere. At least this is proof, if you want to call it proof, that it was NOT him who the former Leader of the HoL was referring to in the documentary thingy on BBC the other night when she talked about a “Lord” jumping out of a taxi rushing into HoL and rushing back out a couple of minutes later, having “signed in” for the day allegedly, back into said taxi and disappearing into the night.

    Come to think about it might as well have been him she was referring to for the work he is doing there mind you the rushing bit might have been a bit much for his Drunkenness of anywhere! LOL

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    1. Yup. He might sign in and then head for the bars and then roll out having done a fair day’s work boosting Scotland’s whisky sales except for a little while in the middle when he enjoyed the privilege of peerage and a very comfortable seat for a snooze!


  3. I hope that we will never, ever, have an institution like that in an Independent Scotland. Indeed, it would be kind of impressive if we just got rid of the whole ennoblement malarkey.

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    1. Well, I can’t see anything like that being a part of any modern country. I’m not sure, but I think it’s the only one in the world like that. Although I seem to remember that in some African countries there is a house of chiefs. No idea where I heard it and no proof of it.

      If there is no House of Lords it seems rather pointless having lords. But I don’t suppose you can stop them calling themselves by their noble names.

      Some of them still do in France after all this time.

      I think the whole thing is rather laughable. Silly old duffers going around calling each other ‘noble lords’ and all, but if it amuses them, as long as it doesn’t cost me a brass bean, I couldn’t care less.

      Just don’t ever expect me to defer in any way to any of their silly titles.


    1. He can stay in England and continue with his medieval title as far as I’m concerned. It just bothers me that these people are being supported by my taxes.


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